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Affordable & Cheap Hotels of Striking Bangkok City

Bangkok the capital of Thailand has gained the acclamation of a cosmopolitan city which is packed with the entire ingredients to stimulate the senses of the most jaded travelers.The city is jam packed with award winning hotels, restaurants along with extensive entertainment and a varied range of attractions.

Bangkok is considered as the gateway to Thailand offering an irresistible spell of enchantment.This city is also known as the ‘City of Angles’ or Krung Thep in Thai and the city rightly goes with the name which is surely a magical place to visit.The word Bangkok is derived from the words i.e.the Bang which means Village and Kok that means Olive which collectively means the ‘Village of Olive’.Bangkok used to be a very small fishing and agricultural village and people used to use rowing boats as their means of transportation.

Bangkok became the capital of Thailand when Ayuthaya fell to Burmese armies in 1767.The then king Rama I moved capital to Bangkok in 1782, as there was a threat of the Burmese attack from the west side, on the Thonburi side of the river.The city of Bangkok started growing rapidly during 19th and 20th century in both eastward and towards the north.In1932, the first bridge was built over the Chao Phraya River.During the period of World War II, it was occupied by Japanese.

Bangkok offers a range of attractions which are quite interesting right from the religious shrine dedicated to the male phallus to a forensic museum which preserved the bodies of new born babies to the remains of a mass murderer.

Finding best and perfect hotel of your choice in Bangkok is one of the easiest things in the world.As the city of Bangkok is flooded with all sorts of hotels and offers a wide range of hotels of every style and price category.5 star luxury hotels such as Conrad, Shangri-La Hotel, Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel etc offer all the excitement right at your doorsteps.Hotel Ma Du Zi Hotel Bangkok is one of best rated hotels in luxury segment and no other hotel can go past it.This is a very trendy, elegant and luxurious gateway which offers first class accommodation services suiting all the business needs.The rooms of the hotel are equipped with a range of amenities and facilities such as the air-conditioner, coffee and tea maker, high speed internet, refrigerator, safe, tour desk, currency exchange and the list goes on.The 41 rooms of the hotel are meant for providing the most comfortable and tranquil experience which will make your stay in Bangkok an unforgettable one.

During your stay in Bangkok, one can find a range of cheap hotel and most of the hotels offer catching deals which one can not afford to miss.Various budget hotels such as Ibis Siam, Unico Leela, Viengtai Hotel, Woraburi Sukhumvit hotel are hotels providing best and quality accommodation at the most discounted rates with a fine touch of traditional hospitality.The hotels of Bangkok reflect traditional touch of excellent service and hospitality along with the world class facilities.

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  2. You can try at Medical Supply places (some of them are located in Super Wal-Marts now). Another thing you can do is to call several days before you know you are going to Disneyland to see about reserving a wheelchair for your trip when you get there.

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  6. every casino has a wide range of dining options from inexpensive to very expensive…there is usally a brochure in your hotel of the restaurants

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