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Open Source Asset Tracking – 3 Benefits

It is not only the large companies that face problems of stability and competition but small and medium enterprises also have to go through the same. It is a priority task for the company to keep track of assets especially businesses having humble beginnings. The assets of a company keep undergoing changes with time. The best solution to fulfill such needs of a company is open source asset tracking.

1. Management Control: There are a number of benefits of this tracking system which come in the form of software. This software will help the company to keep a track of their assets which includes both tangible assets like property and infrastructure as well non tangible like human resources. The open source asset tracking allows the company to maintain a certain desired level of performance by managing certain aspects related to particular assets like warranties related to a particular asset, user data, the appreciation and depreciation of assets, asset receipts and management of costs related to them. Any kinds of management problems are taken care of by this software and any compromises as a result of the cost management, financial planning and capital budgeting will be kept at bay. When these factors come under control managing other aspects the business like finished goods and raw materials also becomes easy to manage.

2. Cash Flow Management: Managing cash flows is another task that small and medium enterprises face difficulty with because of the lack of abundant resources. By using the open source asset tracking, you can better analyze the productivity data that is available with you. The company is thus able to maintain and improve its efficiency as a result as the software uses the data accumulated in the database of the company.

3. Tracking of Hardware and Software: The open source asset tracking will allow you to identify all the unlicensed installations and also enables you to track hardware and software installations from corner to corner of the management system. It is important to understand the markets fully and from all the aspects. The competition in the industry today is so intense that missing even a slightest bit of detail can lead to catastrophic consequences. Therefore it becomes imperative to have the right information about the assets of the company and the capital. This will help them to match up to the competition. The assets of the company need to be articulated to properly understand the needs of the business. A consultant can be hired to get a feasible solution to issues related to asset tracking.

In case of change in the markets, the most devastating effects are on the small and medium businesses. Their profits and revenues and trends are affected more than their bigger counterparts. Larger companies have the power to withstand some of the brunt of sudden change in the markets but smaller sized companies may not be able to make it through. Thus asset tracking will help in better functioning of the company and also be better prepared for the market competition.

About the author: Andy Doan is a software developer that founded ICONVEX in 2001. Andy’s vision was to create a full-service web design and IT firm that produced premium-quality services at very reasonable prices. Today, ICONVEX is a fast-growing firm located in Southern California which serves customers across the U.S. and the world. For more information visit: Open Source Asset Tracking or Strategic Web Design


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  1. What’s the best (and affordable) web host for a graphic design portfolio?
    I’d like support for WordPress (PHP and MySQL), as that’s the system I have the most experience with. Any suggestions?

  2. Who should I turn to for affordable and reliable web hosting of a student design portfolio created in Flash? ?
    I graduate in May 2009, and I want to stand out against the competition!

  3. Anyone know an affordable web hosting domain and design templates in Torono (local)?
    Need all in one – with a content manager component that I can update?

  4. where can I get affordable but professional web design and hosting?
    Me and my associates sell new cars for export all over the world we are currently using someone else’s website to showcase our vehicles and we really want to eliminate that middle man and have a webpage of our own, the page needs to be professional, updateable and elegant we sell luxury vehicles only but a local company quoted us $3,635.00 for designing and $35 a month for hosting, any change or modification would be done at $100 an hour, I’m pretty sure there are far more affordable choices out there.

  5. You can try Fatcow. They provide affordable web hosting. Great customer support. Fatcow is a well known website hosting server providing excellent hosting solutions for the past many years. Their features are easy to use even for a novice. When you host your website on any website hosting server, the knowledge on how to manage a hosting server is very handy.

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  6. I recommend one of these:

    Powweb is on a 50% sale – $3.88/month ($46.56/year), and you get a free domain from them.

    Godaddy doesn’t offer a free domain, but you can get one for $2.19 if you’re buying hosting from them, plus they also have a 20% sale at the moment.

  7. Well, that is definitely on the expensive side. I’d say a little too expensive. 🙂 And you can definitely get top class hosting at a fraction of that price.

    It is always a good idea to eliminate such middlemen. A friend of mine did the same thing with his healthcare business and enjoys the flexibility it gives him. Look here to get professional people bid on your project (don’t give them a flat rate, ask for a quote).

    Don’t go for web hosting from the web designer company. They can use the hosting from somewhere where they pay $10 per month but would charge you much more. Check out Inmotion on the following list:

    They are great for businesses. Sign up for one of their business hosting plans and you’d be done at a very reasonable price for a top notch web hosting service.

    I am sure you’d save a lot doing it this way.

    All the best.

  8. Affordable web design company in Edinburgh?
    Can anyone recommend affordable web design company from Edinburgh or Midlothian. I do not want to pay hundreds of pounds for a small business web design. I need to have a domain and hosting included in the price and would like to now the price of website design up front. I now the quality web design in Edinburgh may be rather pricy but I need something affordable.

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