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The Winning Features of an Interactive Web Site Design

Interactive web site designs are in huge demand nowadays. Everybody wants a website that is both appealing and attractive to the users. Looking at the innumerable benefits of interactive websites, it sure is a way to go.

The best part about these types of sites is that they help users to get a more satisfying experience which in turn, helps you to attract a better traffic. Following are some features of an interactive web site:

News column

News column with latest headlines flashing on the screen makes a website look more interactive. However, this valuable feature can be a worthy addition when the website is regularly updated and it has something fresh to share with its users or customers. Usually, this feature is added to the home page but it can be added to other web pages as well. The news column can be updated by the web site owner with the help of a password protected web browser.

Personalized postcards

This feature is useful for image oriented sites such as travel sites. The travel domain usually calls for an interactive flash web site design and you can offer a good collection of postcards on such web sites. Users visiting the site can choose postcards and email them to their friends with a personalized message. This feature goes miles in spreading the word about the web site and also gives the user an option to do something useful.
Online calendar

An interactive web site design can have a graphical calendar which can be used by users with valid passwords. Here, users can mark out important appointments or events for a particular date and time and to get alerts. This dynamic feature is quite useful for people who spend a lot of time on computers.

Online guestbook

An online guestbook, which works like a normal bulletin board allows visitors to share their comments related to their experience while visiting a site. If required a guestbook can be made password protected, or subject to site-owner’s approval, to enable the web site owner to exercise complete control over what is shared on the web site. This useful feature helps in creating a positive image about a site.


A newsletter with an automatic subscribe/unsubscribe to a mailing list feature allows for more interactivity amongst users. This advanced web site design feature allows users not only to subscribe to your newsletter and get information about your products, but at the same time also helps in building a mailing list.

Site search engine

This innovative feature allows users to search for relevant information quickly on your site. One just has to enter specific keywords to search web pages within a site. The search result is shown with a link to each matching page. It is a better tool for searching a website within a less time span.

Financial calculator suite

This is a customizable mortgage calculator gadget designed especially for web sites. It has helped in making calculations an easy task for everybody. It allows users to experiment with the configuration of the products or services provided by a site and in understanding pricing structures.

Discussion forums

This is a place in a website where users can discuss about the website and/or about products or services offered by it. Depending upon the security related issues, discussion boards can be completely open or private. This advanced website design feature makes visitors to visit your site again and again.

Apart from the above mentioned interactive web site design features; there are many more features that can be used with any flash or non-flash web site design. Now interactive web site design might look more appealing to you, but a lot depends upon the company you choose to hand over your project. So choose well after proper research and due diligence.

About the author: Cyrus Bilimoria is a web site designer and amateur writer with wide experience in developing advanced web site design. He specializes in flash web site design and affordable web site development.


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  4. Looking for new web site development software?
    I’ve been out of web site development for nearly 5 years and the skills are rusty. But I need a professional package for developing websites. This is for a not-for-profit consumer advocacy site so cost and efficiency are important.

    I can do some hard coding but don’t have the time to code from scratch so some form of WYSIWYG is needed. I don’t have time to relearn HTML or update my CSS skills. However, proper site layout and design is a skill I still have… I just need a hand in putting it to the web.

    A product with site management capabilities. Such as directory management, image management, CSS development, localized development with publishing (to server) capabilities that doesn’t require fancy extensions to be installed on the server.. I’ve used Homesite, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Visual Studio (back in the days). I’m not looking for a major coding tool but looking for something along the lines of those I’ve listed.

    i’m open to opensource or simplified freeware. I’ve found CoffeeCup but am not sure about Visual Site Designer.
    Is Microsoft still pushing Web Expression? How about Adobe? Anything affordable?

    I even qualify for academic pricing so that may open some options.

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  6. There are some on-line business networking sites where businesses like yours are members and where, when you’ve built up some relationships, the people in your network recommend you to their network. (Send me an message and I’ll send you an invite to one that I belong to.)

    Don’t forget the opportunities to promote what you do off-line. Again, one of the best ways is recommendations through networking. Check out what groups there are locally. We know an IT guy who uses this as a way of increasing his business and it works very well. People in his network will call him when they’re with one of their clients who mentions they’re having IT problems.

    Good luck!

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