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Java Server Pages: Best Choice For Web Developers

Java Server Pages (JSP) technology enables web site developers and designers to build and maintain informative dynamic web pages in the web sites development process. JSP technology is the integral part of Sun Systems JAVA technology family. It promotes rapid development of platform independent web based applications. It separates content development from user interface, thus enabling designers to change the page layout without making any changes in the dynamic content underlying a web page.

Advantages for Developers in custom web development Process:

A few years ago, developers had to develop dynamic web pages by using servlets with HTML code. With the introduction of JSP by Sun Technologies, development of website saw a revolutionary change. Here are some benefits of JSP to web developers:
Web site developers can easily use JSP without having deep knowledge of JAVA language. A developer can easily employ JSP technology without learning to write JAVA scriptlets. Developers can easily maintain web pages with the help of JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) expression language. The JSTL is used instead of any other scriptlet languages. Web developers can easily extend the JSP language through “simple tag handlers”. Tag handlers utilize a new and simpler tag extension API. This ensures a reduction of excessive codes needed to write powerful web applications in the development of website.
Custom web development firms are equipped with a technical base of expert java developers. These firms create Java oriented websites for offshore clients by employing latest technologies including JSP. Developers create unique programs that can freely run on any web browsers and web services because of its multithreading feature.

Today, servlets are the first choice for web sites development. JSP is an extension of Java servlet technology. Servlets fit web server framework and are used to extend a servers capabilities with minimal support, overhead and maintenance. The blend of JSP technology and servlets provide a perfect alternative to other types of web programming by offering ease of use and ease of administration.

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  1. Looking for a cheap and affordable web designer / website developer to design site with custom graphics & php?
    Looking for a cheap and affordable web designer / website developer to design me a web site using custom graphics and dynamic php. So I basically need a small business website designer who can make me a website for under US $300.

  2. This guy can develop any kind of website

    And he charges on average $200 – 250 for a fully custom web site!
    He’s got years of experience, college education and just tons of skills. And you can do dynamic php as you requested with a database if you need that and he can work with flash, develop beautiful custom graphics, etc.

  3. What company’s provide affordable web site design for an e-store?
    I am starting a business online and I need to be able to process orders and have cusotmers view my inventory. If you could shed some light on this issue it would nice. I think I need a bridge type proram to cordinate my Excel database and Web site. What program can I use for this?
    I am looking to spend about $500 USD. on this website… will that be enough to build a complete website?

  4. I need to find a affordable web site I would like to display my jewelry, does anyone know of any?
    I make custom jewelry,I show them at arts and craft events
    but I always wanted my own web site, but I can’t affprd to pay out a lot of money.

  5. The excel program will not be suitable to link straight to a website. You would be much better having your information in something like Access (at least) as it will cause less product that having a website link to access and that is linked to excel (in a very round about way) What were you thinking about spending for this venture, I can tell you whether I think you will get a decent site, as web design is my job, and i can give you an unbiased opinion.

    MM it is a minimum budget especially if you are wanting to process orders. There are two ways to process orders online – your sites linked to your bank or a payment gateway(there are loads in america) who approves orders on the spot. Or offline – where you have an EFT machine to process the credit cards by typing in the cc number. Either way hold costs. Banks will charge you per transaction and having a EFT machine you will pay a fee to get it installed.

    A second cost is hosting (where you have all your websites files) Try not to get the designer to host the website, try to keep that separate – as some designers try to trap you if you ever want to change hosting companies. There are thousands of hosting companies so that wont be a problem.

    I suggest perhaps to get the site developed in India as they are by FAR the cheapest designers. BUT find someone close to you who will be willing or is able to make changes to the website. As India is cheap but I know a number of people who had problems later down the track when changes were to be made. If you go down this track make sure that you get the FTP details so that anyone who works on the site aftewards can get access to the original files.

    Alternatively if the site is straight forward there are a number of package sites out there where you just add your products details. is one of those sites. To set this up you will need to organise hosting and upload the files. Follow the instructions that come with comersus. If it seems like to much.. off to india you go.

    Hope this helps

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  7. Where I can get the most affordable Web Hosting Site?
    Hi! I just like to get an information wherein I can get a Web Hosting Site in an affordable cost or even for free for 1 year. We need to create a Web Site for my baby to make an appeal to kind-hearted individuals and institutions who can help us in raising funds for my son who needs a liver transplant.


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