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Affordable Web Design and Hosting Services – A 7-Point Buyer’s Checklist

Setting up a website, most importantly, requires affordable web design and hosting services. Although the terminologies pertaining to web designing and hosting look complicated, finding out affordable services for the same is easy once you follow the crucial seven checklist. The key is to understand each term that pertains to hosting. Once you understand the purpose of a web hosting service, you will be able to find out the hosting service that would do justice to your requirements.

1. Your Website Goals
When approaching a web design and hosting service, make sure that you are clear with the goals of your website. Furthermore, a website involved in ecommerce, would require a different approach of hosting. A web design and hosting provider will be able to give you perfect services only when you are clear with the goal of your website.

2. Hosting Plans
Hosting as well as the design plans vary with the hosting service providers. In order to get affordable web design and hosting services, it is important to be able to compare the plans offered to you. The checkpoints may include factors such as cost, customer service of the company, as well as the reliability quotient.

When comparing the prices, make sure that you begin with the low costing hosting plans, and gradually climb up the ladder. This will give you the insight about the difference in the costs as well as the reasons why these differences have developed. The reliability of the provider is another crucial point. For an ecommerce website, the host needs to be a reliable medium without which the business will suffer untimely loss.

3. Cost Efficient Web Hosting
There will be many companies claiming affordable web design and hosting services, however, you should make note that your services will equal the amount that you are willing to pay. Make sure that you do not purchase a low cost deal for a commercial website, as this would risk the foundations of your business in the eventual progress of events.

4. Customer Reviews
Customer reviews and testimonials act as a crucial factor for deciding upon a hosting or designing service. A single disparaging comment may reflect a poor performance of the company however, that may not be the case. This is the reason that you should review the company and its profile for picking them for your project.

5. Company’s Terms and Offers
Hosting companies often develop an illusionary image when it comes to the bandwidth, storage, as well as email addresses. Make sure that you are clear with the pretext with which the term “Unlimited” is used.

6. SEO
Search engine optimization is one among the most important clauses that you need to check when it comes to web design and hosting services. Understand that a website can only be successful when it is in context with the rules of SEO. Make sure that your web designing services cover the key rules of SEO to make your website gain a good base over the web.

7. Customer Service
The last checkpoint may sound as a cliché; however, you will be able to decode the efficiency and credibility of the company based on their customer service. A good company will try its best to satisfy its clientele, which is an important feature that one should go for.

About the author: Andy Doan is a software developer that founded ICONVEX in 2001. Andy’s vision was to create a full-service web design and IT firm that produced premium-quality services at very reasonable prices. Today, ICONVEX is a fast-growing firm located in Southern California which serves customers across the U.S. and the world. For more information visit: iConvex or Strategic Web Design


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    I am looking for a web based ERP software to use for a job shop. I would prefer a software that has bar code data collection and is integrated with quickbooks online fo accounted. We are a small shop so it would need to be affordable.

  2. How can an affordable talented web development team find business online?
    I am interested in discovering where businesses would go online to find a very affordable web/graphic designer for logo work, web site construction and PHP development. During recession We realise the importance of fast efficient developers with a sharp understanding and clear communication abilty, but am unsure where to find compatible clients intent on benefiting from our outstanding services. Can anybody advise me?
    many thanks

  3. I need an affordable web publishing program for Macs AND PCs?
    I need an affordable (under $100) web publishing program that has versions for MAC and PC. I need it to be able to work with templates, too – particularly when updating multiple pages, instead of having to do them one at a time.

  4. Where can I find good affordable web design or development in Vancouver BC?
    I need a great affordable price for web design in the lower mainland (Vancouver BC). Please let me know your experiences and who I should go to.

    I want to go local only and help out companies in my region. It all comes back some how. So no outsourcing to the states or Asia. Only Vancouver BC Canada.

  5. There are some on-line business networking sites where businesses like yours are members and where, when you’ve built up some relationships, the people in your network recommend you to their network. (Send me an message and I’ll send you an invite to one that I belong to.)

    Don’t forget the opportunities to promote what you do off-line. Again, one of the best ways is recommendations through networking. Check out what groups there are locally. We know an IT guy who uses this as a way of increasing his business and it works very well. People in his network will call him when they’re with one of their clients who mentions they’re having IT problems.

    Good luck!

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    many thanks

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