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United World School of Business in Hyderabad: A MBA Institution with a Difference

United World School of Business is one of the fastest growing business schools in India. As more economic developments are coming the demand for qualified business professionals are now more than ever. United World School of Business is offering world class MBA courses to help Indian students to benefit from the changing market trends.

India has never lacked in talent but its education system remains more or less orthodox over the years as compared to the other countries. But as the demand for more professionals with first hand knowledge of market trends are growing, Indian business schools have felt the need to realign their course structure to match with the emerging trends. United World has decided to deliver more practical knowledge based courses to its students.

United World offers its MBA courses through its nationally and internationally located campuses. Unitedworld has its campuses spread across India in cities like- Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahemadabad, Delhi and Hyderabad; as well as they have their presence in Singapore. The United World is becoming a popular name in MBA Singapore.

All its campuses are located close to the business centers of the cities. A brief description of its primary campuses are as follows.
The Delhi campus: Delhi is not only the political capital of India but over the years its importance has also grown as educational center. Like some other business schools, United World also has its office in central Delhi. The campus is located in Gurgaon, the fastest growing corporate location in India.

The MBA Delhi campus would cater to students of Northern India as well as international students.

The Hyderabad campus: United World is making a difference in MBA Hyderabad with its advanced courses. The United World campus in Hyderabad is established to help students capitalize on the fastest growing Information Technology industry in the city.

The MBA courses offered through the Hyderabad campus would likely to cater students of both south India and international students from- Singapore, USA, Australia and Middle-East.

The Kolkata campus: As the importance of service sector is growing in Indian economy the importance of Kolkata is also likely to grow. Kolkata enjoys great supply of talent and the objective of United World is to prepare this talent to meet the changing business standards.
United World as also constructed the India’s first ‘Intelligent Campus’. It allows the students to receive personalized supports 24X7 both on-campus and off-campus through their laptops and mobile phones. They also have the monitoring system to monitor performance of their MBA courses students on a daily basis.

United World School of Business thrives to become the platform for India to provide the country with highly skilled business professionals so that as the market would change India wouldn’t face with the dearth of skilled management professionals.

There are many business schools available for students and more is likely to come but the challenge remains in choosing right MBA courses. United World has come live in collaboration with Indian academicians and senior executives and therefore maintains the right balance of theory and practice in their MBA courses. United World also enjoys strong association with various MNCs from different domains to offer great placement opportunities to its students.

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