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Social Media v/s Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Optimization is taking the online marketing world by storm. The latest to hit the digital medium, SMO is the new buzz that every business and marketer is employing.

The use of social media for business promotion and e-branding has been a complete run-off-the-mill success. This online marketing division is giving stiff competition to veterans like search engine optimization and paid advertising forms. But the latter continues to be a major traffic puller to the sites along with fruitful paid advertising techniques.

On the other hand, SEO is an effective online marketing division which employs the basics of online marketing and helps in high positioning of websites on search engines. They ensure better positioning, better visibility, better online presence and most importantly, relevant traffic to websites.

The introduction of SMO lays greater emphasis on the use of social networking and the power of inter-connectivity for sending a profit-ensuring message across. It has several advantages over SEO inclusive of the power of networking, use of audio visual media and it’s sharing, sharing of information, relationship building etc. With the growth of social media in the recent past, it has been instrumental in brand promotion and spreading brand awareness as well.

On the other hand, search engine optimization and PPC have several advantages over Social media. They use search engines as the target for increasing user traffic. Since search engines are more common than social networks and that more relevant Meta tag optimization is possible. Search engine marketing also provides the face to a brand. It makes businesses visible through banner ads, sponsor links and other forms of paid advertising. More importantly, it also brings to use audio visual medium like Videos, Photos, etc.

Hence, both the divisions are important for site promotion and marketing.

About the author: Nirvana Canada is an online marketing and web design company based in Vancouver. It offers a wide range of web solutions to various businesses across divergent industry verticals. They offer both off page and on-page optimization along with social media services as part of their online marketing services. They also have a wide clientele for their quality and affordable website development and design services for small and major businesses.


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