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Star models wearing bikinis swimsuits

Moda Star knows that their sexy swimsuits and sexy bikinis make you look good. So, how they pay you to wear them instead of you paying them to buy them. They are always on the look out for new models to bring out the best in the amazing Moda Star bikinis line. At Moda Star Swimwear, you’ll find the hottest new designs from the Moda Star Collection. Their suits are sexy, sleek and new for 2008 and 2009. Inspired by Brazilian design Corpo De Aqua, Ujena, Exotica, Blue Sky, the beach, swimwear and beautiful photography all over the planet, the Moda Star Family created and idea that is about to make a grand entrance and spawn a world wide impact.

Their first private label clothing line was designed and manufactured in the spring and summer of 2008. They have successfully created an excellent foundation system of bikinis made up of 10 different bikini styles and over 15 different fabrics. They have developed a mix and match style system that with our current product can yield over 150 various items. Also, we have designed a few different body wraps to accommodate the bikinis. Inspired by Brazilian design Corpo De Aqua, Ujena, Exotica, Blue Sky, beautiful photography, and the beaches all over the planet.

Through Moda Star’s affiliation with Bella Chica and Moda Star Models, we are able to place for aspiring models on projects across the globe. Our models will do more than just stand there, they will build professional portfolios, interact with fashion industry leaders and gain invaluable exposure.

The Moda Star staff is experienced in working with models, photographers, clothing designers and other industry experts. Let them answer your questions about print, runway, fashion, video and editorial modeling. It will be easy to find the right swimsuit for your body shape. Triangle shapes can define the waistline and create curves. Choose suits with piping, side shirring, or princess seaming. Another trick is using side detailing. This draws the eye toward the center and adds definition. Streamlined silhouettes can also be created by using side striping and color black to frame the face.

Moda Star Models was created during the Summer of 2006. With the cooperative efforts of acclaimed Swedish photographer Patrik Book and award winning web design and marketing entrepreneur Greg Richburg from California, Moda Star Models became a reality.

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  1. Does anyone know how one can get recognition as a award winning designer?
    Hi everyone,

    I’m a Web and graphic designer and does anyone know how can i get recognition as award winning designer? or how can my company get a recognition of award winning company in designs?
    I just want to know how can one win a award for designing. I have not won any awards nor my company but we are ready to participate and will try our level best to win the award. We want some kind of recognition which helps in boosting our business

  2. help with phrasing this sentence?
    suggestions on how i can tidy this up?

    Atrful Design provides award-winning Web design solutions and offers top-notch customer support, unmatched by any of our competitors.

    But don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at what some of our satisfied customers say.

  3. What awards can a small business win? For example, Inc 500… Also what awards can a web design company win?
    Web Design companies have the Webby awards and small businesses can win a spot in the Inc500 but what other awards are there?

  4. Here are other Web Design awards the American Design Awards, World Wide Web Awards, Website Design Awards, American Association of Webmasters Awards, Favourite Website Awards, Golden Web Awards, Design Licks Awards, Nem5 Awards.

  5. Asking about salary during an interview?
    Obviously this is a VERY HOT TOPIC! I had a huge heated debate about it on Facebook. The main topic is this: Asking a potential employer about the “salary range” of a job. Right or wrong?

    I will tell you now that in my 25 years of experience I have NEVER not known the range of a job I applied for, either before I applied and they had the range posted, or during the interview, either by they divulging this issue themselves or answering the question at the end of the interview when asked if I had any questions about the company or position.

    However, due to downsizing, I’ve been unemployed for 2 years. The economy has been more than rough. I’ve searched and searched for jobs, 50% of the jobs I find offer $10-$15 per hour to do my job!! Most employers who have responded to my application tell me I’m either perfect for their job or overqualified but they ask me me. So far, I am astounded by how low my position’s salary range has dropped to. It has dropped more than 25% of my previous salary!!!

    But maybe in this crappy economy things have changed? I interviewed the other day for a graphic design position with an engineering firm who is new but growing extremely rapidly. They are looking for someone capable of wearing many hats and understanding engineering, marketing as well as graphic design and web design. My qualifications exceed their expectations. I have over 14 years of experience in marketing and graphic design for engineering firms. I have been a proposal manager as well as a Senior Multimedia Expert. I have never missed a deadline on proposals and I have award winning designs.

    So in this interview, like countless others, I asked at the end of the job – “What is the salary range,”.

    The interviewer said,”This will be divulged if you are offered the position.”

    When I asked,”What benefits do you offer – specifically the health insurance.”

    The interviewer stated, “The usual, not sure, we are changing that right now.”

    All I wanted to know was if they offered Kaiser!! SHEESH!

    So what’s the deal? In this new economy are corporations so ABOVE all us professionals that it is no longer acceptable to ask the salary range? I have NO idea what the position offers and the screening process for this job takes 3 interviews!! Why waste my time or yours! They didn’t even ask what my salary history was.

    Bottom line, appropriate to ask or not, I don’t think I WANT to work for a firm like this! Cha……!!

  6. I think your statement is excellent, a little informal, but that’s fine. However, I would use the Present Progressive at the end and say:

    “But don’t just take our word for it. Read what some of our satisfied customers are saying.”

    Your statement makes perfect sense as written, so it’s entirely your preference.

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