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No matter which industry a business is in, a website is essential for its success even if it is not actually selling anything online. The first thing that people do today is connect to the Internet when they want information of any kind. A business needs a website to inform potential customers about the products or services the business offers. An award-winning Orange County web design firm can prove to be of great help in this regard.

However, many people will tell you that creating a website is very simple. It is true that there are web design templates available online. You will be able to find step-by-step instructions on how to create a website even if you are not very skilled with the technical side of website creation. However, you want the investment in your website to create more business. It is this aspect of website design that an experienced web design Los Angeles companies can begin to help you more than the typical do-it-yourself efforts.

A website has no meaning on its own. What is more important is that people should visit it and find it more easily than others. Web design Los Angeles companies can provide an intuitive and clear design that is also easy to navigate.

As it is, increasing traffic to a website is incredibly difficult. You will have carefully consider online marketing strategies, like search engine optimization (SEO) and backlink generation to direct traffic to your site. Even more difficult to achieve is the attention of visitors so they do not leave the website. Statistics reveal that web surfers are impatient people that do not like wasting time on something that does not appeal to them at first sight. Web design Los Angeles companies have the necessary skills to create designs with a visual appeal that will retain visitors.

Another important aspect of a website is content. A website, no matter how good the visual impact may be, fails to retain the interest of a visitor if it does not have meaningful content or is difficult to navigate. Orange County web design companies know from experience where to place links since they are aware of the paths visitors instinctively follow.

Urban Geko is an award-winning Orange County web design firm that offers to undertake website creation projects with creativity and originality. Visit for more information about the services offered by this web design Los Angeles firm in Newport Beach, California.

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Viktor Morris is a website designer and an active blogger who writes on different topics related to Orange County web design, web design Los Angeles and new technologies coming up in this field. Viktor keenly follows the latest technologies used for Orange County graphics design and reports on new and exciting developments in this field.


8 thoughts on “Award Winning Website Design Companies”

  1. How to stop company from taking credit for my work?
    I designed and developed a new website for a newspaper that I do freelance work for. Since I did this web work in fulfillment of a school project, I didn’t charge them for it (my payment was the learning experience). I found out that the website I designed for them won an award, twice. The first time, they didn’t even tell me that the site had won. The only way I found out was through a brief article in the paper. The second time, they told me the site had won first place, but only after I went up to the office (I only go visit them when they need me for the site) to launch the second generation of the site (which I also designed for free, as a school project and spent many hours on).

    They didn’t invite me to the awards ceremony (which was the SAME day that I was in the office to launch the second generation of the site), and the article in the paper about the award mentions my name along with the editor and content producer, but it makes it sound like the editor and content producer were equally involved with the design & development of the site when that wasn’t the case.

    Worse, when I went to check the list of winners for the award on the award organization’s website, the editor had put his name by our paper for the website category. Other papers put “staff” to suggest that others were involved.

    The thing is, they act generally disinterested/passive when I’m working on the site design, but once they start winning they take most of the credit for themselves and are suddenly thinking of possibilities for it. Does that seem right to you?

    What can I do? I don’t want to come across as boasting, but at the same time I want credit for my work. The sad thing is, the people at this paper have been really nice to me and have given me sooo many opportunities. That’s why it’s such a shocker that they would do something like this. Is it because I am a woman and they are threatened? I could never put my name on something that I didn’t create all by myself and accept an award as though it was all my work. I don’t see how some people can do that without feeling shame. That website was a team effort, and he should have invited all people who were involved in its production to the awards ceremony to share the award.

  2. Hypothetical situation: A private business buys itself from its owner, what happens?
    Let’s say there’s business A. The owner of the business A has his personal finances seperate from the business. There is no board of mangers, nothing of the sort. The owner realizes his work in the job is superflous and gets rid of all management positions, and as his last act as owner, has the company buy itself from him, and then steps down from any role. What is the status of the company?

    (Note: Some may wonder how a company could exist without management. We’ll go with this hypothetical situation within the hypothetical situaiton…
    The business is a website that makes movies by popular design. All funds go into a paypal account on the website, and expenses are automatically deducted by the business software and processes. As far as the movies made, directors submit scripts, and fans visiting the site vote on their favorite one. The winning director is awarded 50% of the sites advertising revenue for the month to get their movie started. Almost the entire process is automated, possibly no employees at all, just a self-perpetuating business without employees, management, etc.
    What would be the legal status of the business? Is there anything that covers a situation like that?
    Okay, extending the hypothetical situation a little…

    The net-business was once incorporated, but all the shares owned by only 3 people. All 3 realize the business can run itself as a website program, were generally bored with it but didn’t want to end it, and agree to have the business buy the shares from them all one day as one single contract and they walk away.

  3. Not in your fantasy world where a company seems to have neither shareholders nor directors. If the business isn’t incorporated, it has no separate legal existence from the owner, so the argument founders immediately.

  4. Good way to make more money? NOW? Skilled person, small salary, little time.?
    I’m a UF grad, living in Romania, working for the family business, making some money but not enough to break even. I bought a house here, fully paid, but I am barely scraping by. I graduated with a Poli Sci degree, good skills, fluent in 3 languages (studied fr, eng for 18 years, ro native, beginner spanish), skilled writer (award won in high school, polished skills in college), researcher, I work in import/export for gas and heating plumbing parts (12 years experience unofficial, 2 yrs official as middle manager and exporter contact). Worked with Chineze, Czech, Turkish and Ukrainean partners. Also in school, double majoring at local uni in Law and Management, 2nd year. VERY LITTLE TIME at hand. Worked in commerce all my life, literally grew up around an office and shop. Access, Word, Powerpoint, Excel for breakfast, computer literate xp win 7 vista etc. Limited html skills. Designed databases for work to improve productivity, built a company website, client lists, organized a call center… folks can’t pay me more, I could make more money moving to a different city but I can’t.
    Also: good patience and attention (used to paint and build models), strong back and good carpentry and handyman skills (except electrical and paint), tools to boot. I’m not lazy by any measure. I work 8-10 hours a day, spend weekends studying and working in the garden.
    I’m 26, GRE scores in the top 10%, iq of 143 at 24… my hair is turning gray from stress.
    I’m just … stuck right now. Can’t switch jobs because the company would take a big hit, my folks are retiring and I need to take over in 3-4 years, but until then… what? Can’t quit school because i’m too stubborn and i’d lose my funding.
    I think I could squeeze 2 hours of extra labor daily, so that’s 14 hours each week. I don’t really have a day off.
    At this point, I’m willing to rob or sell drugs, except i’m the stupidly honest type, although i’ve got the people that I need for this (ghetto background, this IS Romania…). Debt free, clean record, driver and truck driver’s license, limited truck experience… also a PADI license, but i live in the mountains. lol.
    I just don’t know what to do. I need some extra cash each month, something that pays 250-400 dollars extra. Got 1000$ left in my bank account, I haven’t been able to save in a year and a half, all that money went toward the house, building, repairs, etc.
    What can I do? Where can I go to get some info? MLM is BS, Website building… don’t get me started. Freelance stuff? Carpentry? Odd jobs? Articles? Translation? What can I do? Tutoring is out of the question, can’t afford the commute, I live in a village outside a major city. I’ve got 2 hours of previously free time at hand… well, sleeping time, but I can get by on 6 hours a night. Hours between 6 or 7 to 8 or 10…
    Anyone out there with useful, PRACTICAL, directly applicable hints, or advice to point me in the right direction… please. I don’t need to make a fortune, or get rich quickly, I just need 250-400$ more a month, so I can pay all my bills and put a little aside to get my gf a car and finish my house.
    Generally knowledgeable, trivia hound, good hands from working in the shop and sparring… also, since my work is mostly online, Romania is cheap so a little goes a long way. Not looking for handouts. Just an honest way to make some extra cash.

  5. Any current books available listing award winning website designers and/or website design companies?
    I want to have an outstanding website designed by one of the top website design companies or website designers. Are there any books that are very current (i.e published in last few years) listing these top companies by state? I live in Westchester County, New York and want to work with the best.

  6. Daca tu ai scris toata postarea asta inseamna ca stii engleza si s-ar putea sa te iau sa lucrezi cu mine la un site. Contacteaza-ma

  7. Welcome to the real world; it is nothing like academia.

    You were hired to do a job. (Whether you got paid for it or not is immaterial.) The product produced by that relationship becomes the property of the employer, unless there was some specific agreement to the contrary.

    Moving forward, however, you can protect yourself.

    First, at the bottom of your web pages, take the credit to which you feel entitled. “Created and Designed by Persona Generica”, with a link to your personal web site.

    Also, since you are continuing to do work, put this credit line on the future generations of the site. If the employer does not like the idea, then tell them that you either get credit or get paid.

    If you are winning awards for your work, then take this as a lesson learned and move on. You will have a great future.

    Good Luck

  8. A book is a terrible place to look. By the time it got published it would be outdated.

    You live in the greater NYC area. The best web agencies in the world are at your doorstep. You need a list of the best interactive agencies in NYC. The big boys are AvenueA/Razorfish, Organic, dotglu, etc. etc.


    -DMA has a list of members and you should look each one up and find a portfolio you love and hire that firm.

    -Find a cutting edge site you like and find out their design agency from their footer on the bottom of the page.

    -Look up a list of the webby award recipients and their respective agency for additional lists.

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