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There is an important relationship between web design and the choice of the Content Management Systemsystem. Many options are available for content management systems. Proprietary, open source, licensed and the ones that you build from ground up. Lets focus on open source content management systems. We will also discuss, from our experience, the best 3 CMSs available to your next web project.

Why use a Content Management Systemc Here is an example. You hired a web design firm to build a website for you. In the About Us section, it says ABC company has been providing XYZ services for 26 years. Now, one year later, you need to update the content to read ABC company has been providing XYZ services for 27 years. The pricing of most of the products has gone up and the website needs to reflect other updates.

You call your web design company. 2 possible things can happen: 1st, no response – most web design companies are busy with on-going projects; 2nd – they write you back and say they can finish in 1 week and the cost is 0.

Either way, you wonder I have such basic simple text edits, maybe updating 1 photo or 2. I wish I can do it myself.

With todays technology, at least 500 million people in the world know how to login to Facebook, post comments, interact with friends and participate in online game rooms. Would it be wonderful if updating website content is as easy as posting I am happy today on Facebookc Your dream has definitely come true. Some content management systems are designed to be as easy as logging in and posting on Facebook.

We are suggesting our best 3 ranking in 2010. Each of the following CMSs has its strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on what kind of web project you are dealing with. But here are some quick answers.

*Drupal (ranked #3 on Best CMS in 2010) Drupal is an open source CMS, developed in 2000. Drupal team has been taking a steady approach on improving its open source platform and developing new modules. Currently, Drupal has over 8,000 modules developed in its community. Drupal took the longest (among the 3) to take off, mainly because a lot of end users find it with most difficult learning curve. Websites built with Drupal are regarded as not as good looking as other open source CMSs. However, Drupal is famous of its strong support community online. So, you got back up.

**WordPress (ranked #2 on Best CMS in 2010) WordPress started in 2003 and was noticed by its simple design front end and extremely easy to use administrative backend platform. WordPress CMS has been thought of as the most perfect platform for blogging. One of the very unique features that does not come with the other open source CMSs is its automatic back-up and restore capability. An end user can easily restore the last versions saved. WordPress is a wonderful platform for blogging and creating websites with a simple design layout and small site map. However, the downside of WordPress is its limitation on module development. If you need special features on your WordPress website, you will need to inquire help from experienced PHP coders.

***Joomla! (ranked #1 on Best CMS in 2010) Joomla! was transformed from Mambo in 2005. Immediately after release, Joomla had a sharp take off due to its noticeable user friendliness of the administrative backend platform and the extensive amount of modules, and most importantly its capability in enabling search engine friendly meta data without the knowledge in HTML coding. Joomla! can be used to design simple homepage or to build fortune 500 cross database platform. Its popularity is still climbing.

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  1. Grand Web Designs still running Small business website competition?
    They were accepting applications from small businesses in UK to win a free website design in our local paper in Chester to celebrate some award they had won. Is that still running?

  2. Any current books available listing award winning website designers and/or website design companies?
    I want to have an outstanding website designed by one of the top website design companies or website designers. Are there any books that are very current (i.e published in last few years) listing these top companies by state? I live in Westchester County, New York and want to work with the best.

  3. Will you direct me to the best [i.e., maybe award winning?, etc.] photography websites on the Internet?
    My aim is to build a website to feature and sell my photographs. I would like to be directed to (photography) websites that are very smart design-wise and also captivating so they hold the attention of the visitor. Mention of anything from a single site thought to be outstanding or a directory of award-winning sites (Yes!) or your suggestion are all welcome.

  4. Website design awards?
    I am looking to see some “award winning” websites, and a quick google search reveals there are many many awards given out… Does anyone know if there is something approaching an “official” award, one which people particularly care about? One which is recognised as having some gravitas?

    Ideally I am looking at retailing websites, specificially B2B distribution of manufacturing / trade goods (in the UK, but I suppose this is an international field) – so flashy film promos etc. are of no interest!

    Any help, or any good websites that fit this description would be much appreciated!

  5. if you join the forum, they will email you their weekly contest winners, and their photos are AMAZING
    there’s another one called that’s pretty amazing too. it has photography contest, photoshop contests, etc.

    for personal sites, this guy’s is insanely goood.

  6. A book is a terrible place to look. By the time it got published it would be outdated.

    You live in the greater NYC area. The best web agencies in the world are at your doorstep. You need a list of the best interactive agencies in NYC. The big boys are AvenueA/Razorfish, Organic, dotglu, etc. etc.


    -DMA has a list of members and you should look each one up and find a portfolio you love and hire that firm.

    -Find a cutting edge site you like and find out their design agency from their footer on the bottom of the page.

    -Look up a list of the webby award recipients and their respective agency for additional lists.

  7. Hi, does any one know of any award winning “driving lessons” websites?
    I’m looking to design a website for an instructor but would really like some good ideas. Any feedback would be great like:
    1. What would you like to see on a driving lessons website?
    2. Which colours (colors) would appeal to a site of this nature? etc…
    Thanks for your answers/tips. 🙂

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