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Some Essential Necessities Of Band Website Design

If you are in a band, you will want a website. It does not matter whether or not the band is large or small, whether it is nationally acclaimed or yet to make its debut. The internet is the apparent discussion board where you appeal to visitors and convert them into loyal fans. You keep up a correspondence with your followers and enhance the traffic to your concerts. However, there are a lot of bands on the market, every with their very own websites. So, you want a extremely cool band website design to face out within the crowd. On the same time, it must be informative and easy to understand.

The important options

While presentation is certainly the important thing to a very good band website design, it needs to contain all of the pertinent information also. These are the features that you have to have:

You should incorporate your music someplace in your band website design. Individuals love free samples and that is sure to extend traffic. There must be a streaming audio or video however make the playing optional.

Blogs are a must. Speak about music or backstage or anything else. It’s a nice platform for interaction along with your fans by comments and posts .

Embrace your contact information. You need to get extra bookings. Be certain that the quantity supplied is manned regularly.

Present an occasion calendar and hold updating it. This can assist your followers to know when and where the concert is and the visitors will increase. Embrace details about the time and place of performance. This will even improve your SEO.

You might want to suppose outdoors the box to provide you with a extremely cool band website design. Create one thing funky and unconventional in keeping with your band image. However it ought to be pleasing to the attention and straightforward to navigate. You can use options like massive headers to catch the eye.

Finally, a very good band website design incorporates information about the band, its members, the type of music, the devices used etc.

Some pointers

You may rent a professional to design the web site for your band.

If you wish to create your own band website design but feel such as you need some help, you possibly can attempt buying the music website templates from the many designing companies. You can then customize it to your satisfaction.

You should examine the totally different band websites to get an concept of the design. You can then create your own band website design, however don’t forget to incorporate the necessary data outlined above.

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  1. What’s a good price/web design firm for an artist (band/musician) website?
    How much should an individual expect to pay for a modern-looking, well laid out band website containing information such as bios/tour dates etc without being overly flashy?

    And can anyone recommend any web design firms that do this sort of site well?

  2. You could pay someone several hundred to several thousands of dollars for a custom site. If you don’t need it to be custom you can always pay for a band website template and edit it yourself. Usually you can get them for free – $50 or so. It does take a little work to customize but the results are gratifying.
    Your other option is to go with something like Mr Band which is a band website/hosting site which does it for you or another one

  3. I already have a website but want to design my own pages. Is there a simple, free WYSIWYG program?
    I am computer literate but not a programmer. I would like to design my band’s website and would like to find something simple that we can use to put together our site to include pictures, bios, a calendar and links. All suggestions are welcome. I use Windows XP.

  4. Does anyone know of a good tattoo design website with Christian cross arm bands?
    I’ve already got a Christian cross arm band design that I made, but I would also like to find some other arm band designs to get ideas from. Please, don’t direct me to sites with naked lady tattoos…I’m a Christian and would prefer not to see that. Thanks for your consideration.

  5. Help with finding an online website to design shirts?
    I need to design t-shirts for a band, and I need a website to use. I need to be able to design the shirts on this website, but I want it to be able for the customers to order the shirts themselves instead of ordering a mass of shirts. Any websites that you know of?

    Thanks for your help.

  6. There is a site called

    And its excellent!! Its like myspace for tattooed people! lol. You can go on their and post your own pics and then rate others. They also have a drop down menu so that you can pick which category you want to browse or rate. There a tons of tattoos on this website, and I’m sure you’ll find something that interests you!

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