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Voltas-Global Engineering Center




VOLTAS GEC functions to provide professional and complete Design & Engineering Solutions in Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health & Safety Systems (MEP Solutions).

VOLTAS GEC has a significant international presence, where it has provided design & engineering solutions for projects in the regions of Middle East, Asia and Africa. GEC leverages the wide experience of its work force and the use of state-of-the-art tools, to provide cost effective MEP Design and Engineering Solutions to its clients. GEC provides sophisticated and optimized MEP solutions for its clients to create energy efficient, modern and safe building environment for the end users. GECs ability to deliver coordinated MEP design solutions on time and at competitive prices, results in direct benefit to the clients through reduction in project completion time and increase in their project profitability.

VOLTAS GEC is actively present in the following segments:
Mixed Use Development Projects ( Commercial Offices, Residential Towers & Shopping Complexes )Luxury HotelsHospitalsIndustry & Infrastructure FacilitiesDefense FacilitiesPower Plants & Sub-stationsAirportsDistrict Cooling PlantsYAS RETAIL MALL, UAE
1 Being a strong believer of Value Addition for its clients, VOLTAS GECs wide gamut of qualitative, cost-effective and on-time delivery solutions aid clients in direct reduction of their in-house design development and work costs.

2MEP Deliverables by VOLTAS GEC

On the basis of its sound technical knowledge and engineering talent, GEC delivers a wide spectrum of MEP Services to its clients.

3Heating / Cooling Load Calculation, Pump Head Calculation, Fan Static Pressure Calculation, Air Distribution, Chilled Water / Condenser Water Piping, Kitchen Ventilation, Car Park Ventilation, Staircase and Lift Pressurization, Precision Air-Conditioning, Clean Room Application, Cold Room Application


PLUMBING & DRAINAGE, Hot & Cold Water Supply, Drainage & Sewage, Storm Water Drainage, Sewage Lifting Station, Pump System, FIRE PROTECTION, Hydrants and Hose Reel, Smoke Exhaust and Pressurization, Sprinklers, Fire Fighting Pumps, Wet Riser / Dry Riser, Gas Based Extinguishing System


Power Supply (HV / LV), Power Distribution System, Lighting and Lighting Controls, Lightning Protection and Grounding, Emergency Lighting, Extra Low Voltage, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Master Clock, Security & Access Control, Public Address, Data and Communication, APOLLO BRAMWELL HOSPITAL, MAURITIUS

Client operating costs are significantly lowered, as also a tangible improvement in the occupants comforts and indoor environment is brought about, through GECs energy efficient design solutions and optimized selection of equipment.

Operating Costs:




Clients benefit from GECs design solutions that are an optimum mix of cost and performance.

Value Engineering:

Client project designs, as existing, are optimized by GEC to reduce cost and increase efficiency of the system.


Client projects are benefitted by accelerated installations and rework elimination by GECs providing them with coordinated MEP engineering solutions.

Construction Costs: GECs clients are vastly benefited due to the KEY DIFFERENTIATORS which make GEC a preferred MEP Design & Engineering Services provider. These are:

4 A group strength of 100+, comprising of Design Engineers, CAD Operators and Support Staff, having strong skill sets, experience, dedication and thediligence to deliver high quality output. A highly trained & customer focused workforce that undergoes continuous skill enhancement andtechnology up gradation as a set norm. High Quality, time bound and cost efficient deliverables following the strictest confidentialitystandards. Flexible delivery models for assisting clients to meet vital business needs, quickly and in a cost effectivemanner. A modern work facility, equipped with latest and state-of-the-art design tool to execute projects on-site as well as off-site with equal efficiency.A very efficient document management system ACONEX, to ensure streamlined information sharingwith customers. Dedicated software and IT infrastructure support from Tata Consultancy Services, a group Companythat in itself is a world-renowned IT major. Proven track record through impressive participation in projects, worldwide.


GEC fulfills client expectations of Value Addition through its Value Norms.


All activities and processes at VOLTAS GEC are designed to achieve internationally accepted standards of designing & drafting. Checks & balances are diligently installed, monitored, re-assessed and continuously reviewed every step of the way in the designing & engineering system development. With all the requisite quality control measures in place, GEC ensures that its service effort is not compromised or diluted in any way or for any reason.


GEC is always geared up with an assured capability to handle complex project requirements having aggressive time targets. All the resources and their respective efficiencies at GEC are directed to ensure timely delivery of services and solutions to clients.


Clients are provided with an edge to be more profitable in their ventures through reduction in costs resulting from GEC solutions. Having all the right resources in place and utilizing these optimally, GEC ensures cost-effectiveness at all times.


There is an instilled sense of security in clients, who work with GEC without being apprehensive about its capability to protect Intellectual Property and other relevant confidential information. GEC strictly believes in ethical corporate practices. Appropriate Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreements that are in place, act as a strong deterrent to misuse of client data as well as project related information. Every possible care is taken to avoid information leakages in either a deliberate or an inadvertent manner.


An approach, which begins and ends in providing services to clients, with a focus on true-to-the-purpose deliverables, has been a hallmark of GECs performance in the field. GEC takes every effort to justify and retain the faith shown by clients by remaining reliable in its services.

For more details of Voltas Global Engineering Centre:

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