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The web world relies on quality content and presentation to bring out the best in the service or product that a client has to offer. Big and small businesses alike should discuss a quality website design agency not only to boost the appearance of your website but to offer creative services for any kind of product or service offered in the market. A website design agency such as Hill Aevium focuses on the marketing aspect of the business. It probably goes without saying that it does it with great precision and efficiency, too. When wanting to enhance your online presence in the consumer market, the best creative agency will give you an edge when it comes to website design and advertising tools. This is where Hill Aevium may be of service to your business.

The company does not only generalize in website design but it focuses on all advertising aspects as well. New product creation is one of the most influential aspects of a successful marketing campaign. Hill Aevium promises to give your business the best and most creative way to launch a new product in the market. This kind of service is much sought after in this day and age of advanced information technology as proper promotion, marketing and brand packaging are all the key elements for generating sales and profit.

When searching for the best website design agency in the market, it would be important to ask around and look for the agency with the most impressive list of clientele. An agency with the best creative marketing team will also be most advantageous for your business. Whatever industry or niche your business caters to, you could be ensured of a solid presence in the market with the services that Hill Aevium provides. For more information, check out

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  1. Need expert help deciding on best price/performance desktop computer parts (Oct 14th, 2010?
    My goal is to choose parts that give the best price/performance in the upper end of the spectrum.

    I have selected parts based upon rating from as well as visiting Tom’s Hardware website as well as some Overclocking forums and benchmark forums. I have come up with the below list:

    CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Thuban 2.8 GHz
    Reasoning: (Using this website: it shows that this is pretty much the only CPU that has a high performance and costs below US$ 200. It costs only US$192 where I live (Taiwan)

    Reasoning: (Using this website: it shows that only this video card along with the Nvidia GTX 465 and ATI Radeon HD 5850 are viable options as they are similarly priced. According to reviews on various forums and websites however, they recommend this one as better than the GTX 465 (1 GB version) and gives the best price/performance. Also, bothe Nvidia videocards offer 3D options, which is useless now, but might be useful a year or two from now, something that ATI cards don’t have.
    I am however, open to suggestions as to why HD 5850 or GTX 465 is better. (please give in depth reasons).

    RAM: G. Skill 4GB (2GBx2) DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC312800) Ripjaw Series
    Cas Latency:7 Timing: 7-8-7-24-2N
    Reasoning: Truth is I am going with recommendations on a forum (don’t remember which), the persons reasoning is that DDR3 2000 does not have any significant performance advantages over the 1600, plus 1600 can be overclocked, and with good ventilation lowing the timing of this G. Skill memory will give very adequate performance when compared to the higher and pricier DDR3 2000s. There is a whole article written on why DDR3 2000 offers almost no performance/too little performance advantage over the DDR3 1600 to even be considered.
    I checked, and G. Skill is the only memory that offers this timing (relatively low) at ~UD$94 compared to all other major brands.

    Power Supply: Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750W
    Reasoning: Again I am going with Newegg best rated power supply, which is the an 80 Plus Certified, the only gripe I have with this one is that it is not Modular so it will make a mess inside the case and cause bad ventilation. I am open to suggestions on this one because it Taiwan they charge almost UD$190 which is twice as much as in the US!! I would really like to have a second option here.

    Motherboard: I wanted to get the MSI NF980-G65 AM3 (nForce 980a SLI)
    Reasoning: AMD CPU with a Nvidia Video card I just didn’t have a lot of choices here. This motherboard is kinda pricy and it is not locally available in Taiwan (god knows why, we manufacture these things…) however, so I am definitly open to suggestions on older and good models as long as the motherboard is not going to become a bottleneck for the system (CPU and video card are in comparison, semi high-end). Also if someone can explain to me how the motherboard affects overall performance, I will be eternally grateful. I don’t find a lot on the new talking about motherboard, its mostly on the other computer parts.

    Thermal Compound: Arctic Silver 5
    Reasoning: It’s what everyone recommends

    CPU Fan and Heatsink: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus 120mm
    Reasoning: Most recommended and cheap (~US$30) on newegg. However, I read negative reviews about it and they claim that it is hard to install, its heavy and can stress the board and stuff like that. So taking that into account, is there a better option? Open to suggestions.

    Case: Cooler Master HAF 922 ATX Mid Tower
    Reasoning: Lots of recommendations both on newegg and other websites. I like the design of the case and it is reasonable in price (~UD$ 100)

    Sound Card: ASUS Xonar Essence STX Virtual 7.1 Channels 24-bit 192 KHz
    Reasoning: I always went with Creative products many years ago, and the last card i have from them is the X-Fi Fatality but I absolutely hate their drivers (I think its their drivers causing all the problems in my system, slow start up ,hanging and stuff like that). So I am DEFINITIVELY going to go with something else this time around. This is the highest rated card I could find. I know this one is NOT bang for the buck, but because I already have a set of Klipsch 5.1 surround and Seinnheiser HD 650, I wanted the best sound card available as I am a little bit of a audiophile. This one, I would seek recommendations if BETTER card is available.

    I already have the keyboard, mouse, screen, HD, etc. so those I will not be replacing.

    All the experts that see this post, please kindly advise (correct) me of my choices, I want to make the most educated purchase possible. Thanks in advance for all your help!!

    Yun De Wang
    Maplestoria – Thanks, at least I am assured that I am not way off mark on this one. 🙂

    Buford T. Justice – Did you have a good meal? Haha..

    Your input is greatly appreciated. You are right, the HD 5850 does run most games better than the GTX 460. However, when I did some researched, it seemed that GTX 460 (and GTX 465) handles DirectX 11 much better than HD 5850 (nVidia cards better at tessellation). The last time I built a computer was almost 7 years ago, so I am a little out of touch with the current tech, but won’t most/all future software/games run on DirectX 11 environment (then Dx12, 13, 14, etc.)? If so, wouldn’t it be wiser to kinda “future-proof” the hardware a little, at least for a couple of years?

    Oh and, could you recommend two or three motherboards that fit my build? The one I want is not sold in Taiwan, I would have to imported from the US (a hassle).

    Looking forward to your reply, thanks!!

    Yun De

  2. That’s a really nice build overall. The Radeon 5850 is actually a bit faster than the GeForce GTX 460 in most games. You can check out a direct performance comparison here:

    The GTX 465 is actually slower in Crysis but faster than the 460 in other games:

    I have a Radeon 5850 myself and love it. I also happen to have that exact same Corsair power supply. I bought the 750W model in case I ever wanted to add a second video card in the future, but if you plan on sticking with a single GTX 460, the official requirement from nVidia is only 450W. You could save some money by going with a 550W or 650W Corsair PSU.

    The motherboard itself doesn’t so much affect performance as does the subsystems it supports. What I mean by that is that the most expensive socket AM3 motherboard supporting 1600MHz DDR3 and with the standard audio, Ethernet and storage controllers will perform within a few percentage points of the cheapest. With motherboards it’s more about build quality and extra features. More expensive boards tend to be built with higher-quality components like Japanese capacitors, and tend to be more stable and have better overclocking capability. But in terms of absolute performance the motherboard doesn’t have too much to do with speed all by itself. At least not in my experience.

    I like the case and cooler. While aftermarket coolers do tend to be on the heavy side, decent motherboards like the one you chose are more than sturdy enough to handle them — the motherboard manufacturers know that no one who knows anything will leave the stock cooler on top of their new CPU and motherboard combo. And the Xonar series from ASUS are the best sound cards you can buy today. With most people asking if they should buy a discrete sound card I tell them no, because most people can’t tell the difference between the built-in 7.1 sound on new motherboards and a discrete card. But it sounds like you would be able to. I don’t know of anything better than the Xonars now that Turtle Beach stopped making high-end sound cards.

    Well, my food’s getting cold so I must be going. I think you’ll be very, very happy with that new system. Good luck with it!

  3. Can I Steal his website?
    I am just wondering, a lot of websites have those copyright signs on the bottom of their pages, however a lot of websites have ones that say: copyright 2010 or 2011, and some don’t have copyright signs at all! I am not planning to, however is it possible for someone to legally steal content, and/or designs from uncopyrighted or expired copyright signs? This is a serious question, 10 points for best answer.

  4. What is the best AT&T flip phone as of July 2009?
    My contract at AT&T isn’t up until August of 2010 and I’ve recently lost my phone. The salesman at AT&T said that we should purchase an AT&T phone on ebay and insert a new sim card.
    I want to get a flip phone, nothing too fancy, but with a little style and a sleek inner design.
    I will mostly use it for text messaging, the occasional phone call, and taking pictures.
    I looked on the AT&T website and found the ‘Nokia 6650’ that looked good, but it had some poor customer reviews.
    So, I am asking you kind people of Yahoo! Answers to help me in my decision.
    Thank you in advance!

  5. Copyright on websites is free and automatic, meaning that they are ALL copyrighted, regardless of whether they bother to tell you that or not. However, not all elements of a web page can be copyrighted. For instance, certain parts of the code may be “essential operations” that nobody “owns”, and parts may have been copied from OTHER websites, which means the current website owner can’t enforce them anyway. Using copyrighted works without permission can get you sued for a big pile of money, even if you don’t actually make any money doing it. Making money infringing copyright is also a federal crime.

    The guys who say “copyright expires 75 years ….” are simply wrong. The law in MOST countries provides for copyright duration of 70 years after the death of the author, or 70 years after a commercial publication, but the USA law provides either that or 95 years from date of publication, if the author was not an independent individual, but rather a company employee.

    Also, the 70-year rule does not apply to ANY work published prior to 1978, so saying, “find a website older than 1937” is moronic on multiple levels: 1. there aren’t any, 2, if there were, and they were copyrighted (i.e., published with copyright notice), then their copyright would be for 95 years from date of publication, and 3. the copyright would have required renewal at 28 years (1965) in order to have not expired prior to the laws giving 95 years of duration.

    Finally, not to put too fine a point on this, anything published in the USA prior to 1923 is, in fact, no longer copyrighted and you can actually use it any way you want, except sound recordings, which are copyrighted forever, under state laws, or until 2067 when the federal law pre-empts them.

  6. I would recommend the Motorola RAZR2 V9 / V9x from AT&T. It is discontinued, but should be cheap. It is an excellent phone.

  7. What occupation best suits my situation?
    Im from South Africa and I have a 3year diploma in High Frequency Electronics. Its basically the basics in cellphone radio systems(how the base stations communicate to the cellphone), microwave, electronic communication and electronics. Im not a specialist they just taught us the basics. I passed everything with flying colors.
    Recently i have decided that I want a career in computers too, networking and wireless networks. I want to keep my field I studied in related to the computer world. I am also going to complete my Bachelors Degree starting January 2010 in telecommunications.
    Ive been downloading and doing courses like A+, N+ etc from the internet and trying to broaden my computer knowledge.

    I want to know what the best position/career suits my qualifications and interests. And how do I go about starting it? Should I apply for a computer job or something to do with electronics? Im also learning website design with Dreamweaver and image manipulation with GIMP. I want to do all but I dont think I’ll get “THE” job I want.

  8. Computer Security, or Computer Networking, they are the highest paying jobs right now. And I know it’s not about the income. But your career has to be something that you are interested in, otherwise, you wont like it, and you won’t do a good job on your work.

    As far as learning, you must take classes, but if you’d like to know further about it before, or during taking classes, there are thousands of books that you can read, that helps you on your career.

    I am a high school student in the States. I know that I am highly interested in Computer Security and Networking, and that’s someday it’s going to be my career. & I’d like to work with the government so BAD!!

  9. How should I list my honor societies on my Resume?
    Currently the pertinent part of my resume reads like this:

    honor society 1 May 2010 – Present
    honor society 2 February 2010 – Present
    honor society 3 May 2009 – Present
    honor society 4 April 2008 – Present
    honor society 5 March 2008 – Present

    I feel like this was the best way to list what was keeping me busy in college while I was still there. Now that I’ve graduated, however, I’m wondering if I should just rope all of that into my “Achievements” section and lose the dates all together. What do you think?

    Also, while I’m here I figured I might as well ask what kind of skills people generally list under their skills section (or equivalent). Currently I have Microsoft Office, Basic website design and management, Basic IT and Basic Spanish. I can’t really think of anything else except, perhaps, my typing speed…

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