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4 Mobile Website Design Best Practices

Needless to say – 2011 will be the year of the mobile web. Designing a mobile website which translates into a seamless and user friendly experience for your target customers is important.

Here are 4 mobile website design best practices

1) Keep it simple

At the most basic level, users expect immediate access to legible information about you, your company, your cause in the mobile web. This is called Mobile Brand Relevance.

You must know that your current Web site generally used for computer browsers is not compatible with that of mobile phones. To start with you can build a smaller version of your current website.

2) Mobile Optimization

The mobile web demands a unique user experience to meet user expectations and demands. Here are some pointers on what optimization actually looks like, beyond big buttons and clear pictures:

Auto-sensing the users access device and routing appropriate content, based on the user device. ur mobile’s system recognizes the device requesting your url and serves up the content formatted appropriately for about 95% of smartphones including iPhone, Android, Palm and newer RIM/Blackberry.

Fewer clicks than a desktop site

Prioritization of content based on user demand

Faster load time

3) Rich, interactive experience

Mobile gives you the chance to place video, audio, pictures, opt-in solutions, real time updates, emergency notification, advocacy and so much more.This is no different than the web experience. However, the same web experience and format does not translate to the mobile channel. Going back to relevance, the mobile experience is not generated by the simple migration of online content to mobile. It demands a unique feel and experience (That’s why we built ur mobile’s CMS solution, services and toolset).

People use or will access your mobile web more frequently than your online web. People simply don’t forget their phones when leaving the house, but they are looking for ways to leave their laptop behind. As a result, they connect with you more frequently if given a pleasant experience via your mobile presence.

4) Seamless Integration

Your mobile website should not be a solo. Provide a seamless integration and experience across all digital channels. For ex Target has expanded it’s weekly web coupons to the mobile web.

About the author: ur mobile’s tools empower you to design, build, launch and manage your mobile website in no time.

ur mobile provides mobile web tools for companies or non profits looking to design, build and manage their mobile web presence. The mobile web is the fastest growing communication channel in history. With ur mobile’s content management system, rich application library and developer friendly platform organizations, their designers and developers can build robust mobile websites to take advantage of this exploding market.


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  2. What are the courses in Web development and programming?
    I have just given my class 12 board exams (March 2011). I went for IIT-JEE and other entrance exam coaching. I did pretty well in their class exams. But I have lost interest in all other subjects except for Computer Science and Web development.

    I have always been the best guy in Computer science in my school (….or call it college). So I started searching for various courses in Web development but found none (I am really bad at searching anything at Google).

    My mother is a programmer. So I started studying Java from her books. I would say I am pretty well at it and can design programs like game loaders, updater, text editors, etc One such example is ( is my website.)

    This is a game loader and updater for a game designed by a friend of mine. I made this in around 4 days.

    The point is that I am really interested in Web development and programming. What courses should I go for. I am pretty sure that I am not going to get selected in any of the IITs 😛 What about NIIT?
    Does DOEACC have courses in Web development?
    My website is under development. So its is obvious that it is lower than that of a mediocre level!

  3. How Do I Change My Facebook Profile Timeline Back To The Old Profile Page?
    Ok so originally I had the normal profile page.
    Then a couple months ago, websites showed how to preview the new facebook timeline profiles – I followed the directions and it worked great. However, after a few days, I realized that I did not like this new design, and so I decided to change it back using a website’s directions (which worked). For the next month or so, it was the old design, which I liked best. However, just today, my profile changed back to the timeline again! This happened to none of my friends! At first, I thought it was that Facebook was finally launching the timelines officially, but that has not happened yet. I can’t figure out how to change it back again and I don’t know why it changed the 2nd time by itself. After researching, I was seeing that deactivating your account makes it change back. But I DO NOT want to do that. What is going on and what should I do??? Please Help!!!
    abraXus – How do you know that for sure? Because I thought that wasn’t happening for a while. Also, how come it didn’t happen to any of my friends?

  4. Can I Steal his website?
    I am just wondering, a lot of websites have those copyright signs on the bottom of their pages, however a lot of websites have ones that say: copyright 2010 or 2011, and some don’t have copyright signs at all! I am not planning to, however is it possible for someone to legally steal content, and/or designs from uncopyrighted or expired copyright signs? This is a serious question, 10 points for best answer.

  5. Sleepers. Kevin bacon/Robert Dinero + a few others.

    More like juvenille correction.

    Story – kevin bacon likes piglets.

  6. you cant change it back

    facebook started converting everyone’s profiles to the timeline version last night

    so in the next few weeks, everyone will be forced to use it

    so you might as well just get used to it

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  8. Banana, looks like this was built, custom. If you look closely at the components, you will see there is steel or white iron tubing (one material) then there are would or metal cast 3×3 or 4×4 posts cut at varying heights for support (another material). The real give away are the platforms that appear to be nothing more than laminated plywood. The head board also looks as if it were just padded and attached with cleats for security. All is VERY cool. Love it. However, I think it’s something you would have to show a carpenter and get a bid. Another reason I’m pointing all this out is it’s so highly customized to the space. This couldn’t be sold retain and just fit anywhere. There are too many ceiling heights out there etc. Good luck!

  9. Copyright on websites is free and automatic, meaning that they are ALL copyrighted, regardless of whether they bother to tell you that or not. However, not all elements of a web page can be copyrighted. For instance, certain parts of the code may be “essential operations” that nobody “owns”, and parts may have been copied from OTHER websites, which means the current website owner can’t enforce them anyway. Using copyrighted works without permission can get you sued for a big pile of money, even if you don’t actually make any money doing it. Making money infringing copyright is also a federal crime.

    The guys who say “copyright expires 75 years ….” are simply wrong. The law in MOST countries provides for copyright duration of 70 years after the death of the author, or 70 years after a commercial publication, but the USA law provides either that or 95 years from date of publication, if the author was not an independent individual, but rather a company employee.

    Also, the 70-year rule does not apply to ANY work published prior to 1978, so saying, “find a website older than 1937” is moronic on multiple levels: 1. there aren’t any, 2, if there were, and they were copyrighted (i.e., published with copyright notice), then their copyright would be for 95 years from date of publication, and 3. the copyright would have required renewal at 28 years (1965) in order to have not expired prior to the laws giving 95 years of duration.

    Finally, not to put too fine a point on this, anything published in the USA prior to 1923 is, in fact, no longer copyrighted and you can actually use it any way you want, except sound recordings, which are copyrighted forever, under state laws, or until 2067 when the federal law pre-empts them.

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