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How Can I Build my Own Websitec

There are millions of people who are getting the urge to build their own website. When an individual asks themselves, “How Can I Build my Own Websitec” there are no easy solutions. However, there are a number of products on the market today that can help even the most computer illiterate individuals to start up their own website.

One of the easiest ways to build my own website is to use a pre built template. These templates can be found for free from many different sites. Users simply need to download the template that they like the most, input the information they want to change and upload it to their web hosting account. This process does require a small amount of technical knowledge but can be done by most individuals who are able to check their email. Templates often come in a wide variety of colors, formats and styles. Users can pick from a template that is already designed or they can contract with a professional web design company to have a template designed completely for them. This process is up to the user and can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Another option that many users who say that they want to build my own website is to use a content management system. A content management system or CMS is one of the many methods in which individuals can manage pictures, text and other content on the Internet. There are a number of different content management systems available for public use. Some of these systems are more user friendly than others. However, when a user wants to use one of these content management systems they may need to understand basic computer programming and coding. Not know what these are can cause the individual to delete a piece of computer code that is critical to the program being able to work.

Yet another option that some users choose when they say that they want to build my own website is to use an easy to install option provided from their web host. There are many individuals who have web hosting companies that install easy to use templates or forms that can be used to build an entire website. The downside to using one of these forms is that it may limit the individual in what they are able to do. However, it allows a user to get a website up and running extremely quickly. It is up to the user to decide whether or not they would like to use one of these services.

Deciding to build my own website was one of the best decisions I ever made. Having complete control over everything that you make is great. You also save a large amount of money and are able to ensure that you are happy with the end product. However, if you do not understand the basics of computer programming or want to save time, consider one of the other options for designing your own website that are listed above.7

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  1. How can i build my own website?
    Hi i was just wondering how to build a website not a website you go on annd click build a website i dont whant my website linked to how to build a website. What i mean is people type in wix then type in a website then it shows up..NO i dont whant that i whant my very own no links no nothing? But how? And it is not going to be a buisness website and it has to be FREE!!! Thanks.

  2. How do i build my own website using my own hosting and close to unlimited space?
    I want to build a website using my own hosting. How do i go about this? Do i need a server? Give me specific details. I need a website with alot of space such as yahoo and myspace.

  3. Build a REAL website with the tools you need to run your business. Integrated shopping cart, calendars, maps, flash, design tools, image editing, search engine submission, site search, forms and even databases.

    Don’t get fooled into thinking Yahoo or GoDaddy or any other company like that can help unless you already know A LOT about building a site.

  4. How to build our own website that can be made accessible to all?How much would it cost?
    I would like to build a website that can be made accessible to all my friends n others.Suggest me any source to create a site with free of cost if any.

  5. What is the easiest way to build our own website?
    I would like to build a website on my own or say would like to design the site, can I do it with ms front page. What is the best and easiest or user friendly software do it.

  6. How do you build your own website?
    I am wanting to start a small buisness selling things on my own website so I don’t have to pay stupid prices on ebay etc.
    So does anyone know of any really good sites that I can build my website on preferably a free one as not much money.

  7. The three steps involved in owning your website are
    1.Domain Name : Grab the domain name your have selected asap as getting the suitable domain name is first important thing. Domain name wil lcost $7/pa for .com, .net, .org and around $3- $10/pa for other domains
    2. Web hosting : required for email and website will cost $50/pa for 100 mb space on Linux/Windows Server
    3. Own website is great idea and basic one will cost $50 and dynamic website will cost depending on your products and services you are offering

    Contact for complete guidance on how to go about your website

    Ravi Kaushik

  8. When you attempt to built a website, there are two main options you can choose before anything else:

    1. Do I want my own domain (e.g.
    2. Do I just want a place on the internet that is mine (like a MySpace except there are no restrictions, e.g. Freewebs, Geocities)

    If you’re looking to just have some fun or learning in doing so, I’d recommend the second option, which opens up many more options to make the website more user friendly. Most big hosts of #2 kinds offer detailed templates and infinite help pages to personalise, without ever needing to even learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript code. This option is also (generally) free.

    If you’re a bit more serious or picky with how you are hosted (found with an address and the quality of your servers) – then you’ll be looking to spend somewhere between $50 and $200 per year – Geocities has a paying option and I personally use With these however, you will generally not get as much help, though I think if you try and use freewebs to make a paid account, they may help you with templates still.

    I think the easiest way to build, regardless of which method, would be to use a WYSIWYG (What is you see is what you get) program – like DreamWeaver. Dreamweaver will allow you to draw your page with textboxes, pictures, position etc. (similar to MS Front Page or Publisher) and has many user-friendly tools that help you publish and edit every minor detail.

    If you’re in it for the long haul though, I’d suggest that the time spent learning HTML and CSS code will be invaluable. The personal satisfaction gained from looking at a webpage built in notepad is phenominal – though I wouldn’t recommend it at first.

    As for Microsoft Office software solutions – I wouldn’t recommend them at all. They seem to be good at first, but when you begin to use them you’ll probably find like myself and countless friends that they’re very non-user-friendly for anything beyond the most simple of webpages.

    If you want to see my website, go to:

    Please ignore a few bugs at the moment I’m sorting through.

  9. There are a lot of free website builders. Check next:,

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