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July last year (2011), here is a report of a survey conducted. The aim was to determine the satisfaction with web designers. The conclusions and effects are now known. There are some interesting things surfaced. For example, 40% of respondents no longer the same web designer to choose!


A good website is essential for a company. Lets you build a website by a friend or do it yourselfc Or switch you use a professional agencyc And what should a good web designer then meetc Through the Web Design Survey 2011 is mapped. Many professional visitors for building web design, enables only one third of our visitors to another party. The rest do it yourself. The main reason is that you can build yourself a website. Audience divided if we individuals (no website) and professional aside, the figures are obviously different. Yet it is true that 47% did not turn professional to make the website. About knowledge and service the specialist knowledge and the alleged service are the main reasons for choosing a particular web design agency.

Hard features such as delivery time, price and accessibility play less a role in the choice of a desk. This applies to those who already have a professional web design agency promptly, if those who do not (yet) do. Many dissatisfied customers approximately one third of the respondents are not satisfied with the services of web design agencies. The least satisfied one is about delivery, 44% are not happy. Web design agencies score the best accessibility, but this is still 29% dissatisfied. Service and knowledge issues especially knowledge / quality and service are issues for the web design agencies. These characteristics are very important to find, but it is not very happy.

Little loyalty:

But just over half of the participants in the future for the same web design agency to choose. 40% will not do. Other services half (50%) of buyers other services has decreased. This is all about hosting and website statistics. Here it is generally satisfied.


Netherlands, DIY country, is also to make our websites. Many make the website itself or even a change in knowledge. Professional offices by the target in only 53% of cases hired. They choose an agency in particular to the expected knowledge and service. This applies to both buyers and do-it-yourselfers. Web design agencies of Singapore would carry more than their profile with things like delivery, accessibility and price. As many as one third quantities of the buyers are not satisfied with the services of web design agencies. Slightly less than half choose in the future not for the same office. A sign on the wall!

As many as half will next web design services to other, this is especially for hosting and related matters. Full-service firms seem to have an advantage, who and what the web design survey 2011 was completed by 367 visitors in Singapore. Approximately half are self-employed, employed in fourth and fifth as individuals respondedc Note to publish these results may be freely distributed provided, that a link is included.

About the Author:
John Smith is a creative author for Visual Artistics, professional graphic design and SEO company in Singapore. He has been writing articles on Graphic Design Singapore and Logo Design Singapore since very long time.


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  1. Web Design: Building a site weith memberships and store?
    I need to build a website were people can be a member: Log in, create a profile, provide us with shipping info, contact info, etc… This site also needs a shop/store section. I want my costomers to buy through the site. How do I program these and how do I adress this from a legal standpoint?

  2. Web site design and building for stock investment?
    Anyone know of companies that build investment type web sites, preferably in california. The site will have stock prices, technical indicator’s, charts, etc. Willing to tallk with freelancers also.

  3. What program or book is best to learn web site building/design?
    I can build a simple one-page web page, but I want to learn how to build and design an actual web site, with all the bells and whistles. Unfortunately, no classes exist in my area. I have intermediate computer skills, but no programming experience. Any recommendations? My budget is about $200.

  4. Suggestions about building an advanced web design course?
    I need suggestions for an advanced web design course that will be implemented for a college course. Some examples are divs and CSS layouts, creating a blog, image gallery or simple ecommerce site. This course is targeted for designers in mind, without or little programming experience. Any of your suggestions is very much appreciated.

  5. Start at the beginning! Make sure they understand the internet and it’s standards. You would not believe the number of people who fail to grasp the standard box model. And how many people can’t differentiate tag markup and programming.

    Also be sure to cover the use of tools and modules. There are many great software sites out there that require very little modification for many projects, but many first time developers want to create from scratch costing more money and causing more trouble than it’s worth.

    Also, you might introduce planning. There are many developers out there that try to create a website only to realize that the client didn’t want xyz, but abc. Proper planning and documentation can save thousands of dollars and hours of wasted work.

    Also, code reuse is very important. There are times where a quick and dirty answer is needed to meet a deadline, but if there is the extra time, creating a slightly more elegant solution will prove essential for future projects to survive.

    Another point is data mining. Many industries underestimate the importance of data mining. A simple web tracker can provide a mine full of information if only it is tracked. One such industry is the marketing industry. There is little accountibility in this industry. Most of this is due to lack of tracking the information. One of my projects provided a tracker to a company, and it was immediately apparent that the company was focusing it’s efforts in the wrong market area. As soon as the changes were made, their business tripled over a month. Always look for new ways to approach data.

    One final note, many developers start out wanting to target every platform and every system. This is not feasible in the real world. Usually your target demographic does not need or want this. There are certain platforms that are a must, such as IE and Mozilla/FireFox, but I have had many companies tell me that they want their employees to use one or the other. In those cases, it is easier to focus on the one platform. On the flip side, don’t discount a system because of it’s age. There are a suprising number of people still using IE 4. (and even a handful using IE 3 omg) I cut my support off at 4 for practical reasons, but as an example, I was working on a project about two years ago, and I had a customer complain that they couldn’t access a critical part of the site, I started testing everything, and it wasn’t until I found out he was still using IE 4 that the problem made sense.

  6. It will take a fair bit of time to build that site: it is similar to any kind of e-commerce.
    There are packages you can use, such as joomla, drupal or os-commerce.
    However, these packages are still for advanced coders who know what they are doing. But to be honnest, a progammer who knows what he is doing does NOT use these packages: too big, too inefficient, difficult to adapt to a particular case.
    They do write it themselves.
    A small job like yours can be completed in about three-four weeks (by a pro), and would be charged around 12-1800 us$. (That would be my estimated quote).
    On the other hand, if you want to write it yourself, get a start with a login system: download “login script” from (free). Read it, understand it, and you will have a good starting base.
    Good luck!

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    that issue all new in it with three languages.
    i need a person to help me in building it design, for that i thank him and make a long time advertisement writing (design built by….)
    who is ready let contact me by
    thank you

  8. I’m sorry, but no one but a beginner who needs a porfolio, would build a web site just for being able to advertise it was built by them.

    How to Make a Webpage:

    Full Web Building Tutorials:
    The Web Book (free):
    Beginner’s HTML Tutorial:
    How to Create a Webpage:
    So You Want To Set Up Your First Site, Huh?:

    CSS Tutorials:

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