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How Business Logo Design Artists Can Be Open to Ideas

To stay updated with the latest trends in designing, a logo artist should be receptive of ideas, design styles or approaches. Being rigid will not take him far in his career. If you have an all embracing attitude, it will help you in dealing with clients in a better way. As a business logo design artist, you should know to accept disagreements easily.

When you design a logo for a client, you should be patient and modest in your approach. This post will throw light on some some of the ways you can be more open to suggestions.

Avoid Jumping to Conclusions

Do not jump to conclusions simply because you don't like an idea suggested by your client. Try to look at things from a different perspective. If you have doubts, take time in researching. The way you have designed might not be perfect. Remember that a logo can be conceptualized in many ways.

Are You Right All The Timec

You will have reason to repent if you act smug. Yes, you can commit mistakes too. Learn to accept your mistakes, and incorporate the corrections suggested by your client. This will not only make you open to ideas, but also build a long client-designer relationship.

The client has hired you not only to avail affordable logo design services, but also to get the best out of you! Therefore, live up to his expectations.

Be a Good Listener

Are you a good listenerc This is the prerequisite of successful logo design. You need to listen carefully when the client explains the design brief to you. There might be points that you don't understand. Raise your queries after the client has stopped speaking. Do not interrupt him while he is explaining.

Keep Egos at Bay

There are some designers who cannot accept the fact that their work can be flawed too! They cannot accept criticisms positively. In order to be open minded, you should accept criticism, and make the design alterations as suggested by your client.

Do not let your egoistical attitude come in your way. Being positive will help you polish your skills, and improve more.

Respect People's Ideas

Brainstorming is an integral part of logo designing. Therefore, keep an open kind in a brainstorming session. Learn to respect people's ideas or suggestions, even if they are trainees. Brainstorming is a collective effort, therefore you should pay equal heed to all opinions.

Manage Arguments Diplomatically

While explaining to your client, there are bound to be disagreements. It is not necessary that the client will like all your ideas. What should you do in such a situationc Freak out, shout or indulge in a heated discussion! No way. Keep your cool, and manage arguments diplomatically.

Try Experimenting

As a designer, you should think out of the box. Be open to explore new ideas and concepts. Try to learn new skills and implement them in your logo. Be experimental while designing. It will help you to think differently, and impress your client.

Come Out of Your Shell

If you are afraid of breaking free of conventional designsc If yes, this is the right to come out of your shell, and incorporate the latest trends. There is no point of hiding inside a cocoon. Come out of it, and face the challenges. It will help you in designing in innovative ways.

Avoid Being Shy

Before saying yes to a client, ask all necessary questions pertaining to the project. Do not hold yourself back feeling that your client will laugh at your silly questions. No, they will not. Therefore, delve deeper into the client business by asking more and more questions.

Come Out of Your Comfort Zone

There are times when it's necessary to walk that extra mile. Yes, you have to come out of your comfort zone to take the design to the next level. Sometimes it is necessary to learn things the hard way.

Brave Uncertainties

In your quest to seek answers, there will be questions that will be left unanswered. Even if you get the answers, they might not be fully correct. You will have to accept such situations, and brave the uncertainties. Use your own intellect and power of judgment to aptly design your client's business logo.

Do you agree to the above pointsc Feel free to share your ideas.

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10 thoughts on “Business Logo Design”

  1. Could someone give me some ideas for a desserts business logo design ?
    I am about to start a business for making desserts and i really suck at art or logo designs. I wanna design a logo for the business so i can make a Facebook page and fliers to hand out

  2. Simple, what’s the name of your business? What do you consider your “signature” product?
    Look for pictures on the internet to get some ideas! Always, keep in mind that your logo (as well as your name), must be short, simple, attention-grabbing, and easy to remember. Using vibrant colors, like complementary colors, is usually a good idea too, or you could use more pastel colors (since it’s a dessert shop after all). Remember that the logo must go with your shop!

  3. How can I find customers for a new logo design business?
    I have set up a new design business (web and logo) called Steve’s Web Design. I’m offering a heavily reduced price on my logos so I can build up my portfolio at £100 a logo! But I can’t get hardly any customers. How can I get more using the internet. I know you can spend tonnes advertising and I have put some in the free classified ads such as Craigslist but for no results. Please tell me how to get started.


  4. how can i find business for logo design?
    i am a small home business and looking for business in creating logo design, problem is all established businesses already have a logo design…how do i find new businesses that don’t already have logo design? is there a register that contains this info and is accessable? all help very appreciated!

  5. One way of enticing your clients to bring you more clients is giving them incentives. You can offer them some discounts on their next design jobs.

    As a marketing tool you can also create a portfolio of your previous design jobs. This you can use to present when you are selling your service. Your must at least have a portable and online portfolio for selling purposes.

    Be always on the look out for new businesses in your surrounding. They might need to use your graphic design services to market themselves in the area. Get their addresses and send them mailers like postcards telling them about your services.

    Usually new businesses need business cards, brochures, letterheads, forms and many other marketing materials.

    You must also be friendly to other people in the industry and related industries. For someone who still needs exposure it also helps to provide your services free of charge on your spare time.

  6. can you Help with Business Logo Design?
    I need a kind hearted soul with a flair for design, to create a logo for my new company.

  7. Finding logo contest for my business logo design?
    I am looking for talented logo designers to design a logo for my new start up business. Do you know of any logo company who are good in logo creation? Please share with me

  8. I suggest you just go for logo contest because you’re starting a new business and have yet to know your identity. Let the logo designers interpret your business and you’ll be surprise with what they can design for you.

    If you go for traditional way of logo designing where you hire one designer, you will only get one idea from just one logo designer. For corporate logo, its best if you launch logo contest and see designer submit their logo design entry. Its also a custom logo design since each designer create the logo for you.

    If you are sure of running a logo contest for your start up business, you can try . They have a community of professional designers ready to participate in your logo contest. Moreover, they will design a logo according to your creative brief and produce multiple revision. So its up to you to hire just one designer the traditional way of run a logo contest and set the prize you desire.

  9. No there is no register. A company with a logo might want a new one. A company without one might never want one. You need to advertise your services and have the people come to you. Promote on webmaster boards and design forums.

    Happily answered by Alan.

  10. i am a designer! i can do you a logo, doing 2 at present…i have 16 years design experience…check out my 360 page!

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