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Tricks For A Good Business Website Design

To create a business website design that will attract many potential clients and would be your ticket to a successful small business, there are some design concepts that you need to consider.

Create A Theme That Is Consistent

Your website theme is what will dictate the atmosphere your clients will likely feel while browsing your site. That is why it not only important to conceptualize a good theme but it is also crucial to have continuity and harmony between all pages of the site. They may not look exactly alike but they have to at least consistency with the colors used or theme.

Use color combinations that are easy to the eyes and covey the feeling you want to send. Plus, consider that many computers are set to see only 256 colors, make sure that any computer will be able to see the whole effect of your website.

Use Proper Alignment

The proper alignment of your texts and images will be important in making your site attractive and easier to the eyes. To make an attractive website, make sure there are clean lines and a visually pleasing format. Plus, a clean looking business website design conveys professionalism, which can be a good image to impart to your clients.

Use Of Color Contrast And Text Weight

One good technique to make your site easy to the eyes is to use correct color contrast and text weight. Some websites may contain great information or products but they fail to consider the visuals, making people who visit their sites loose interest and not finishing their browsing. A good example of a bad use of contrast is using blue font in a black background. Not only is the combination dark and dull, it is also hard to read. A website that is hard to read will only frustrate its viewers and will have very few people coming back to it.

There are parts wherein you have to make use of bold fonts, especially if conveying or stressing a point.

Use Text As An Image

Using a lot of text as image may not be a great idea for your website as it eats a lot of space, a few selected uses of it can be good for your website. Use it on important areas such as the title. It will create a nice effect and a nice break from all the other images that you plan to put in your website.

Planning a business website design may be tricky but following these simple guidelines can make it a lot less of a challenge.

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    What company out there provide a website design service for business?

  2. I was thinking of starting up a website design business or an avertisment site.?
    im thinkin of startin an online business, i dont want one with too much work.. possibly 1-2 hours daily, i was thinking of a website design but that would be a lot of hassle, right? my other option woulb be an adverstisment site where people could pay for me to advertise theire company on a website, which do you think would be better, are there any other options ?

  3. Where can I find the best price and service for small business website design?
    I run a small company and need a simple 5 page but yet a very professional looking website. I looked at some of the web design companies and the sites they design for the price is not up to the mark.

    Any suggestion?

  4. How to market website design and development business?
    I have started business of Website design and development i have made two websites but i dont know how to market my business i have made my now what to do i dont know…..pls help me

  5. Good Business Website Design and Color Scheme?
    I am going to design a business website that target entire world specially USA. I do not know what color people like most?

    Please tell me some good business websites that has good color theme?

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  7. hello dear,
    Both has their importance if you want to start with web site designing then you have to perfect in designing or you have to hire some one for designing and other thing is that for this designing you have to also find out the clients. In case of advertisement website you have to first developed your website and then you have to make it so much popular that people like to provide the paid ads on your website.
    I will suggest you to develop a website and then earning from Google adsence and affiliates.

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