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Cheap Online Colleges to Study Graphic Design Degree

If you have always loved to draw and are good with computers then graphic design may be a career path for you.

Below is a list of affordable online colleges that offer graphic design degrees and some basic information about graphics designing and the job market.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division is well known for its online creative approach to arts education. Graphics design graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment in areas such as computer artist, advertising designer, layout artist and freelance artist among others.

International Academy of Design & Technology Online: International Academy of Design & Technology Online offers career focused graphics design degree program where you will gain the real-world skills and knowledge to turn your passion into a rewarding career.

Westwood College Online Campus: Westwood College Online Campus offers courses that incorporate sophisticated audio/video technologies to ensure you receive an engaging virtual learning experience.

American Intercontinental University Online- American Intercontinental University (AIU) Online is committed to providing all students academically, personally and professionally for successful and rewarding careers.

Academy of Art University Online: Established in 1929, Academy of Art University is the largest private art and design school in the nation.

Rasmussen College Online- Rasmussen College Online offers a variety of degree programs as well as certificates and diplomas in a variety of career areas including Graphic and Web Design.

University of Phoenix Online- University of Phoenix offers convenient and accessible online classes. Your career goals are within reach much sooner than you think with University of Phoenix online degree programs.

Strayer University Online- At Strayer University Online you will receive quality higher education designed for working adults. The online programs are designed to provide you with a foundation for career and professional success.

Education in Graphics Design

An Associate of Arts degree and certificate will prepare you for entry-level positions in graphics design or you can earn a Bachelors Degree with an emphasis on graphics design. Whatever route you take make sure you keep a portfolio of a collection of your best work to shown prospective employers.

Qualities of Graphic Designers

Graphics designers must have the ability to communicate well with their clients in order to create a message through a visual form. Consumer tastes are always changing and you will need to keep up with current computer software and applications to be successful in this field. Creativity and the ability to work under pressure are also essential in this field. Equally important is a good business sense, management skills and sales ability especially for the self-employed.

Job Outlook for Graphics Designers

The market for graphics designers looks promising. Individuals holding a bachelors degree and knowledge of computer design software will have the best opportunity. Graphic Designers are likely to find work in advertising, computer design firms and publishing. You can also work in print, electronic media, and film, creating everything from business logos to the overall layout and design of newspapers, magazines and brochures. Some graphic designers teach, open their own firms or specialize in one specific area of graphic design.

Salary of Graphics Designers

According to the American Institute of Graphic Arts, median annual total cash compensation for entry-level designers was ,000 in 2007. Staff-level graphic designers earned a median of ,000. Senior designers, who may supervise junior staff or have some decision-making authority that reflects their knowledge of graphic design, earned a median of ,000. Solo designers who freelanced or worked under contract to another company reported median earnings of ,000.

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  1. What is the best graphic design tablet that is cheap?
    I am looking for a cheap graphic design tablet. I am still in high school so I would like avoid spending too much money on this. So what is the best product out there for a good price?

  2. What is a good (cheap) graphic design program to learn the basics on?
    I have a mac and I’m interested in creating a catalog using existing imagery. And I need to be able to customize backgrounds and add print to the images. It would be a big help if somebody could point me in the right direction. Thanks!

  3. Can somebody recommend me cheap Aa graphic design course?
    I want to work and pay up my own college bill too. It would be nice if it was somewhere in the US. By the way i am from Sikkim, India.

  4. What Are Cheap Starting Graphic Design Programs?
    I wanna start just fooling around with pictures, shirts, logos etc. I don’t really want to spend tons of money, or get anything super illegal. (Not Photoshop Please)

  5. Gimp is open source and great. I use it all the time.

    It is very similar to photo shop.

    Or if you want to use something that is similar to illustrator then you can use inkscape.
    Again this is free and open source. I have only just started using it and it is really good.

    If you are not familiar with how to use photoshop or illustrator then it can take a bit of getting use to these. Just fiddle around with them for a while and you will get the hang of them. Also go to youtube for some really good tutorials.

    Hope this helps, Peter

  6. The student edition of Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium is only $299. It is the gold standard for graphic design. You edit your photographs in Photoshop, create graphics in Illustrator, and put your text, photos, and graphics together in InDesign.

  7. hi I am shiv
    R u indian —————-so see this best ———————
    in US
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  8. Tim D is right. I have a tablet but don’t really NEED it.

    I think if you want to spend some money, you’d be better off investing in a scanner or scanner/printer combo. Then just draw what you want on paper, scan it in and use the trace function in Adobe Illustrator.

    I hava wacom graphire BTW.

  9. Cheap Graphic Design Software Plus Low Cost Training?
    I’m looking for a site that covers tutorials and real-world ideas with graphic design software that can get the job done fast. I’m on a tight budget and I need absolutely focused advice to help me be more competitive in the design industry. All advice appreciated. Thanks.

  10. Combining free software with real-world training is the best way to get on top of the design industry – especially if you’re just starting out, or are on a small budget.

    Just as having a saw doesn’t make you carpenter, it’s really about creativity, perception and patience that make a good graphic designer. In my own experience since about 2001, I’ve used freeware like Gimp with a mid-range tool like PhotoImpact and higher ones like Photoshop, to get the best results for my clients.

    So if you want a low-cost training resource, this is my personal recommendation to you:

    It’s an awesome resource for people just starting out and offers a real-world insight into your place and potential in this industry. I’ve seen my design business literally take off after I learned the methods in this book.

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