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Best 5 Ways to Gain a Higher Rank On Google

Webmasters would do their best to get listed on Google’s first result page. However, a vast majority of them do not embark on the right techniques necessary for achieving this end.

A single strategy will definitely not get you listed among the first 10 rankings on Google’s result page. You need to work on all possible elements of your website in order to increase the chances of being listed.

Explore the top 5 factors listed below that influence your website’s ranking on Google’s search results:

1. Accessibility of the Website

It is senseless to embark on optimization of your web pages when your web pages are not accessible by search engines.
The accessibility of the search engines to your website should be made possible by your robots.txt file. If this file has errors in it, then a lot of search engines will not access your site, or even list it.Also, the underlying HTML codes of your web pages must be free of errors, the correct response code should be returned by your web server. Your web page contents should be such that the search engine spiders can read them.
Prior to your web pages optimization, verify if the contents of your web pages are readable to the search engines. This can be achieved with a spider simulator.

2. Site Architecture

Google is only interested in displaying relevant sites in the search result page. Ensuring that there is relationship between the pages of your website is a good way to be ranked among the top 10 positions in Google search results. Therefore, don’t structure your website in a way that makes it look more like a collection of random web pages.

The arrangement of your web pages should indicate to Google that your site is related to a central topic. It is necessary that the pages of your website be linked. A web visitor should be able to access your site with few clicks.

The categorization of your website contents should be made easier for search engine by the way you structure your links and directory.

3. Keywords

Among the top secrets of earning a higher ranking on Google, is the right choice of keywords. A wrong selection of keywords means total failure of your campaign.
Different pages of your website should be optimized for different keyphrases. It is better to have more pages of your website optimized. Begin with highly targeted keyphrases that have different keywords e.g. “get a cheap web designer in Chicago”When you have attained good ranking for your targeted keyphrases, move on to the ones that are more general e.g. “web designers in Chicago”.
Generally, the conversion rate for targeted keywords is much higher when compared to general keywords.

Again, consider the nature of visitors that will be attracted with the keyphrase based on whether they want to make an actual purchase or just need some information.

4. Uniqueness of Website Content

If your website contents are a mere duplication of articles and links from other websites, then don’t even hope to earn high rankings.

Distinguish your site from the crowd by creating high quality and unique content; also ensure that the articles are centred on your general topic. Your website should contain useful resources.

5. Other Websites that Link to Your Website

One of the top factors for ranking high in Google is the links from other websites. But ensure that such links are from relevant and quality websites.

About the author: John mahoney is a freelance author who writes about various subjects.To know more about mahoney please visit


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  1. I need a good, cheap web designer that has worked with Myspace before?
    I need to update and make my band myspace page look professional. I was looking at some websites that offer this service is they range from $1,000-$15,000. I am looking to do a lot cheaper as I am not a big band yet but know nothing about how to make my page look nice. Does anyone have an idea of who I can use? Thank you so much!

  2. Does anyone know where I can find a good cheap web designer?
    I am an aspiring adult model and I would like to create my own personal paid membership site. And I don’t know the first thing about web design.
    Can anyone help me out?

  3. Where can I find a cheap, effective web designer?
    I’m a independent comic book creator. I don’t make a lot of money selling comics but I think it would help to have a website to spread the word more. Obviously I can’t afford a professional super web Designer, does anyone know someone?

  4. Looking for a cheap web site designer experienced in Flash?
    If anyone knows of a really cheap web site designer who knows flash please let me know. I would like to see a portfolio of their work and know how much they charge. Can anyone help me?

  5. I want to hire a cheap blogger web designer?
    I want a custom blogger web design but I suck at coding, does anyone know a website or somewhere I can hire someone on a budget?
    i was thinking like a cool banner with a picture of me in the background with doodles…something nice.

  6. Unfortunately any web designer worth their salt is going to charge you a good amount of money. Sure, you can find cheaper hacks, but like everything in this world, you get what you pay for. You pay for a $100 website, your going to get a website that looks like you paid $100 for it.

    I would recommend posting on your local craigslist. You might find a web design student that would be willing to do it cheap.

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