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Migration From LTO-4 To LTO 5 Ultrium Tape Technology Made Easy And Cost-efficient Through Backward Compatibility

Backup storage has become critical in today’s competitive, internet-driven business environment. The IT managers have to meet the regulatory compliance demands, manage the exponential data growth and ensure in-time data availability. The IT managers call for LTO (linear tape open) format that raises the bar on durability, storage value and cost effectiveness. LTO tape format’s successive generations offer almost twice the amount of capacity than their predecessor.

LTO 5 tape generation has entered into the terabyte-class. LTO5 ultrium is the first LTO generation, whose native capacity exceeds one terabyte. LTO ultrium5 tape can retain massive 1.5TB information. The previous version LTO4 media tape’s capacity also extends beyond 1 terabyte, but in compressed mode. 1.6TB compressed data can be backed up onto LTO4 ultrium cartridge. Therefore by adopting the LTO5 ultrium tape technology, you can meet your backup needs with reduced number of tapes, which means significant reduction in IT costs and lesser tape handlings.

The LTO5 technology offers breakthrough technologies and also inherits the cutting-edge features of LTO ultrium 4 format including WORM and the hardware-based AES encryption. WORM functionality does not allow over-writings and modifications, thus ensuring superior integrity of stored data. The LTO5 tape drive efficiently encrypts the data without affecting the overall storage performance. The LTO5 tape drive’s data transfer speed has been increased by 15 percent, which reaches up to 140 Mbps. The prior generation LTO4 tape drive achieves a maximum speed of 120 Mbps. Media portioning is an exclusive feature that makes storage and retrieval operations with LTO-5 tape highly flexible, fast, easy and efficient. Good news is that the LTO-5 backup system operates just like a removable storage device, making it an attractive backup solution for demanding data centers, CAD/CAM files, modern information systems and video archiving. In addition, the LTO5 media technology is ideally suited to enterprise-class applic
ations, medium sized organizations, large financial databases and popular servers.

LTO technology provides you the luxury of media interoperability among different branded LTO devices along with backward compatibility. So you can easily extend your LTO investments and enjoy greater ROI. Sony, TDK, IBM, Dell, Imation, HP, Maxell, Quantum and many other tape industry’s leading companies are manufacturing LTO media tapes. There is a high risk of inadvertent or malicious data corruption with the on-line data. Therefore it is better to store a copy of data at a remote site. All of these LTO5 ultrium tape brands are extremely durable and can tolerate harsh working conditions, bumps and unintentional drops. Therefore, the IT managers are provided complete peace of mind and confidence that their data is safe and available.

LTO5 drives are formulated to restore & write data to LTO ultrium 4 tapes with superior reliability. Moreover, data can also be read from LTO3 media tapes by using the LTO5 tape drive. LTO5 tape solution’s high backup rate of 1TB/hour saves your precious time, whereas the massive storage capacity results in easy data management and efficient use of floor space.

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About the author: Frank Miller is the Marketing Manager of Backuptape and markets LTO 5 tape and LTO4 media. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology. Frank Miller 3984 Washington Blvd #503 Fremont CA 94538 Tel: 888-686-8273 Fax: 888-449-5050 Email:


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