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3 Easy Tips For A Domain Names Search

Every successful online business venture today starts with a thorough domain names search. A domain name helps represents a company, small business or freelance professional. A domain name also helps bring more traffic to your site and represents your brand. The domain name also serves as a signpost on a busy alley and the name that you want your customers to remember for them to come back to your business. Choosing a business name is one of the most important business decisions that will affect your company for a long time. Here are three easy tips to help you find the right domain name for your business.
Domain Names Search Tip #1: Draft a short and simple domain name.
A domain name that is filled with too many words or one with overly creative word spellings will do little for your business since potential clients will not be able to remember your website address. The shorter your chosen domain name, the easier it will be for your clients to recall and remember. In this highly technological and internet savvy world, it is crucial that you make it easy for people to refer your company site. Get a domain name that sticks to peoples heads and very easy to remember.
Domain Names Search Tip #2: Incorporate keywords in your domain name.
A keyword rich domain name makes your site more search engine-friendly. Search engines like Yahoo!, Bing and Google are awesome place to advertise your business. An online marketing plan begins with a keyword search. Try to incorporate 3 keywords into your domain name. There are free online tools today to help you with the search such as Google Adwords Tool. Many experts recommend that you dont go beyond the 4 word phrase. You dont want your domain name to be too long nor too short.
Domain Names Search Tip #3: Get a relevant domain name.
Draft a domain name that is relevant to your industry or the services/product you are selling. At this time, you need to think what people may need from your store. For instance, if you are planning to be a distributor for mobile phone accessories, you can have a domain name that is spelled as Make sure you check the competition as well. You dont want to compete with big businesses that are using the keywords that you intend to us, especially the ones with thousands of back-links anymore.
Shop around for the best domain registrars with great deals. Make sure you check and review the company before signing up for a deal. Selecting a domain name is a crucial part in your marketing strategy and is something that shouldnt be taken lightly. Always remember the 3 S in getting a domain name- short, SEO friendly and significant. Choose a domain name that represents your business, brand and image. This is a good foundation for future sales. The future success of your online marketing strategy will depend on a good domain names search.

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  1. What is the best and cheap domain and web hosting ?
    My maximum budget is £10 a year and i am looking for a cheap web and domain hosting. It would be great if you could find me a great one i have heard of 50webs which is a free web hosting and with a combination of a domain it is going to be great therefore i would like you you to give me some suggestion.

    10 Points for best answer

  2. Can anyone suggest a cheap web hosting/Domain reg plan ?
    Could you suggest a domain reg / web hosting /site building plan suitable for a small business which does not expect loads of traffic.The site is basically just a few pages of a ‘ Pricelist’ viewers will scroll through.

  3. There are a lot of ‘cheap’ hosts out there but it’s even cheaper if you go with an American host as they won’t charge you 15% VAT (would of been cheaper anyway due to currencey rates). Most of the host also give away free domain names with their packages.

    I personally recommend iPage but you pay on a yearly basis.

    Any consideration, I’d say Just Host or even Host Gator.

  4. Where can I get cheap web hosting with domain name and EM?
    Are you able to purchase cheap web design and hosting services from China. Any good contacts would be great.

  5. cheap web and domain hosting info required?
    I am looking for a cheap web and domain hosting.
    i am planning to use word-press and HTML site and want to host 5-10 domains and too many(country specific) sub domains, but initially i will start from 2 domains.
    the hosting/domain service should not have down time and must be not slow plus must have good customer support as i am new to internet hosting and domain registration.
    Both web and domain hosting can be can be different companies.
    I have low budget and i am planning to earn online so as to finance my studies.


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  7. What is a good, easy and cheap web hosting domain site?
    I wanted to create a website for a small business. I don’t know much about html, so i just a very easy to use and simple web site builder with the cheapest plan I can get. I don’t need anything fancy, just the bare basics of website building and a domain name for cheap. Any recommendations? 🙂

  8. They all go through bad patches it seems but some are better than others. Try a few and use their 30 days trials.
    Stay away from hostgator, bluehost, go daddy. I tried them all and they are a waste of time they deserve all the bad feedback they get.

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