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Membership Web Sites; Here Is How To Set Up And Profit

I’d like to tell you about one of the most profitable methods the average person can use to make a nice extra income on the Internet. Membership web sites are hot right now, and for good reason. If you are an expert in the field of jewelry making, for instance, you can provide articles and videos online about how to make jewelry. People who want to learn your skill can sign on to your site, pay a fee, and view your instructional content.

How do you know if your topic is one that people will pay forc One good way to find out is to do a little online detective work. Check for online forums that relate to your topic. Join and participate in the forum – it will be a great source of customers if you decide to move forward with your membership web site. Another good place to research is the ‘Answers’ type of web site that let users post questions and experts provide answers. If you find there are many people seeking information about your topic, you have found gold.

How do you set up this type of web sitec The easiest and fastest way is to use a blog software platform like Word Press, and then add a software update or plug-in, that handles the membership housekeeping. You can collect your payments, control access to your content and keep track of all of your member’s stats using this kind of setup.

If you are an expert in your field, and want to make a little extra money online, look into creating one of these membership web sites; they are a hot Internet trend now, and are a great way to profit online.

About the author: As an expert in using membership web sites, I’ve evaluated several of the membership blog plugins. Read my reviews and recommendations.


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  1. Is there a good, but cheap web site design program that is easy to use for a newbie?
    Im looking for a good but easy to use for a newbie, and cheap web site design program. Im tryinf to build an online store. I have a domain name and am being hosted, I just have to do it. Help ! ANYONE?

  2. Look, if you want to make a good website, forget the cheap and easy software. Professionals don’t use that just because it’s more difficult!!!

    Go to and learn how to do it like a professional. This is the best site to go.

    Also, use Inkscape ( to do the design.

  3. where to find a company that makes web site design with really cheap prices?
    companies makes web site

  4. What is the best site that offers web design for cheap?
    I am looking to pay somebody to build a website for me. What is the most well known site with the cheapest prices?

  5. Looking for a cheap and affordable web designer / website developer to design site with custom graphics & php?
    Looking for a cheap and affordable web designer / website developer to design me a web site using custom graphics and dynamic php. So I basically need a small business website designer who can make me a website for under US $300.

  6. This guy can develop any kind of website

    And he charges on average $200 – 250 for a fully custom web site!
    He’s got years of experience, college education and just tons of skills. And you can do dynamic php as you requested with a database if you need that and he can work with flash, develop beautiful custom graphics, etc.

  7. heck i’d make one for you dirt cheap

    how extensive do you want it to be?

    are you going to pay someone to maintain it , or do that your self?

    those are the questions you have to ask yourself

    if you are smart you can just find a site you like, copy, paste, and “modify and alter” the source code, and walaa

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