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How to recover your files if windows won't boot

One of our friends came to us the other day asking if I could have a look at his laptop as it would not boot up. It was the same old story of not having backed up their files for 4 months (well at least they had backed up something). My friend had just had a baby 3 months ago and all the pictures of the new born were on the hard drive. This is what we did so that he could access his hard drive and copy all his important pictures on to an external hard drive.

1. Get yourself a usb flash disk (2GB will be enough)

2. Download the iso image of ubuntu and safe it to your hard drive

3. Download a copy of UNetbootin

4. Put your USB flash disk in to a USB slot on your computer (and delete anything that is on it)

5. Run the .exe of UNetboot

6. Select Diskimage and make sure ISO is selected in the dropdown.

7. Browse to your copy of Ubuntu that you have just downloaded and select it.

8. Make sure USB Drive at the bottom is selected.

9 .Select the drive that it is to be installed in.

10. Press OK

Once the operation is done it will ask you if you want to reboot , you don’t actually have to reboot.

Now take the flash disk and put it in your laptop, when the computer starts select the boot sequence from what ever F key is used by your laptop and select boot from USB.

Voila you should now see the Ubuntu operating system working on your laptop. You can now transfer all your files!!

About the author: Mike Boulton works at wey2creative in Weybirdge , Surrey.

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