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Finding a trustworthy web company to design and build your business website is near on impossible. There are so many web companies out there and they are all very quick to baffle you with their web talk and scare the life out of you by their costs! So how can you find a company that legitimate and able to offer you a good quality professional looking website at a decent price with no quibbles i.e. no rip-offc

First you need to know what you want and to do that properly you need to learn a little of the lingo. If you’re starting with nothing i.e. no site at all, you will need a domain (the bit. These cost from as little as 2.99 for two years, some domains are more expensive than others. Just search on Google or any other search engine for domains and you will get plenty of sites offering domains. Then you will want hosting, this is the space on the internet where the physical files of the site will sit. Hosting can start from 40 a year.

So far that’s all pretty cheap. Now you want a design. If you just want a small business website with say 6-10 pages and you don’t want the ability to change the content on the site then you just want a basic html static site’. This should be the cheapest type of website and should only set you back a couple of hundred pounds tops.

If you want the ability to add new pages and change the content then you will want a content managed website, known as a CMS (content management system). Many companies have built their own and will offer you their all singing and dancing CMS system. But this is where you should beware. Many are not built with the search engines in mind. A simple static html site I spoke about before is fine for search engines, but more technical sites such as ones that have a CMS are built using different code making them dynamic. This code might make the website not visible in the search engines meaning all the new pages and products you might add will not get found when search for in Google for example. Try remembering one simple word SEO’ (search engine optimisation). If a content management system is SEO friendly then you know it will show up in the search engines.

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  1. how to make my own website, at a cheap price, (UK)?
    i want to build my own website, i need a domain name and i would like to design the pages myself or get help with it and how to use it and upload videos and images and making tabs

    anyone know where i can do this at a very cheap price in the UK?
    i dont want free websites they are unreliable and can shut down anytime.

    it should include a blog and comments page! thanks

  2. Do you need a website design?
    Im a semi professional Website designer. i will design a website for cheap. with free hosting for one year.

    visit my website

    creative-stuart .co .uk

  3. UK ONLY! I need a cheap website designer, I have searched google but I would like personal recommendations?

    I need a website designed, a hosting service and a domain registration, how much does this cost?

    Can you recommend a company you have used in the past?

    What can go wrong?

  4. CHEAP design your own tshirt-uk site?
    I’m looking for a uk website where I can design my on top-preferably a tank top-all the ones Ive looked at are sooooo exp!one was like nearly £54!only want them for leona lewis concert so only going to be worn once,Ive looked on ebay and no joy,anyone know any cheap sites to do this?

  5. Converse website ‘Design ur own’ much more expensive on da UK website than USA?
    Yo Bros! I wanna design a pair o’ converse on da ‘design ur own’ option on da converse site. I tried it on da usa site first & it woulda cost me 60dollars but I is in london so they wont send it over to da uk. so then I designed it on da uk site instead but they said it would cost 60 pounds which is 100 dollars! Anyone know why its so expensive & if i gotta go back to da usa site to get it cheaper or is there anotha way?

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