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In 2006, the US markets gladly welcomed the Sony Playstation 3 console and the fans all over the State rushed to the electronic stores to get their hands on the new device.

Day after day the price was aiming to the roof and the PS3 became one of the best sold products in 2006 and 2007.

If you want to buy a Playstation 3 now, you can do it from an independent seller, or by using classifieds and auction sites. Signing up as a pre-ordering registrant is very easy but also expensive.

For the fans that wanted to be among the first owners of PS3 in November 2006 unfortunately pre-ordering way the only solution. One console was reserved for each order requiring a deposit or in some cases an upfront payment.

Even so, many people unfortunately didnt make it on the pre-registration list and they were forced to find other ways to purchase the item. Back then in November, many fans checked the official website minute by minute or slept in front of electronic stores just to buy the console on the day of its release.

Some of them kept the product for their personal use while others listed it on and Ebay.

Time has passed and now you can buy a cheap Playstation 3 from many online independent sellers. For example you can use Craigs list because there you can find a large number of local sellers.

On Ebay and you can find cheap consoles but only if you spend some time on research. The auction sites are a viable alternative but if you dont know the rules it would be best if you watch a tutorial first. The legitimate sellers are hard to find but on the Internet there are many re-sale stores and valuable sellers offering competitive prices to choose from.

Your budget is very important and thats why overbidding just for the sake of it is forbidden and can be really dangerous.

Either way, Craiglist, Classfieds and local bulletin boards are the best place to start when youre shopping for a cheap PS3 console.

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  1. What is the cheapest website to book airplane tickets on?
    I am flying to austin texas somewhere between july 10 and july 16 and I can’t find any good prices and i was wondering which website had the cheapest fares. Plus which website if any didn’t charge an additional $200 for an unaccomponied minor.

  2. The usual answer is that it’s now cheapest to buy directly from the airlines, but there’s no way to answer your question until you give us the key detail of where you’re flying from.

    Assuming you’re at least 13, the airline won’t consider you an unaccompanied minor, although you’ll probably need to have one of your parents show up at the airport since they often want to see the credit card before giving you your boarding pass.

  3. What is the best and cheapest website for buying ammunition online with a credit card?
    I live in Pennsylvania and can buy ammunition online. I want to purchase .38 special cartridges.

    Which website is still active and will allow me to pay with a credit card (I don’t use or want PayPal), has the cheapest prices and cheapest shipping and handling?

    Thank you!

  4. cheapest website?
    hi my name is james, and i was getting ready to start a website. does anyone know any inexpensive websites online that i can do it myself?

  5. What is the cheapest website for a 1 week holiday to Tenerife, Las Americas for 4 people departing 24th Nov?
    What is the cheapest website for a 1 week holiday to Tenerife, Las Americas for 4 people departing 24th Nov?

  6. What is the cheapest website to buy heartgard heartworm medicine for dogs over 100 pounds?
    What is the cheapest website to buy heartgard heartworm medicine for dogs over 100 pounds?
    Thanks for the advice, but , I do buy from my vet… I just print out where it is the cheapest on a website and bring it to my vet and they match it! :0)

  7. you may find it cheaper to put it together yourself, particularly at that time of year which is the slow season (as much as there is one) in the Canaries. In Nov 2008 there were returns with Monarch from Luton for £100 each all inclusive and you could probably do better. Do watch for the extras such as luggage and meals (Take sandwiches!)

    find budget flights from your nearest airport and look online for apartments – split between 4 they can be quite a good deal and allow you to save a fortune because you can make breakfast, cups of tea and keep beers cold!

    the bus from the south airport to Las Americas is only a couple of euros, the only thing to watch out for is location because this is a big place and you don’t want a long walk with luggage, so make sure you know where you are staying in relation to the bus stops. There are stops along the main highway, at the Las Americas bus station, along the road to Los Cristianos and at the Los Cristianos bus station.

    hope this helps!

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