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Commonwealth Games 2010 – a Huge Expenditure

Commonwealth Games 2010, New Delhi the greatest historical mega sports event of all time for elite athletics & their sport from all around the world which is held International and players from members of Commonwealth Nations participate together. Delhi is the city under siege, rejuvenating and transforming itself into a world class sports center, the missionc Make Delhi ready and able to host the Commonwealth Games (CWG) in October this year which is coming up to a Huge Expenditure in the history of sports event in India. 28 more days to go and tourist have started visiting Delhi, cheapest flight fares to the city are easily available.

Current projections of present estimates of the overall expenditure for the Commonwealth Games 2010 operations are counting up to Rs.7907 crore. Dr. M.S.Gill, the minister of State for Youth Affairs & Sports stated in the Rajya Sabha with the following details under

Serial No.

Project Details

Estimated Amount (in Crores)


Sports Authority of India (for development/renovation of its stadium)



Organizing Committee for conducting Games



Government of NCT of Delhi for Civic Infrastructure



Preparation of Teams



Delhi Development Authority (DDA) for international zone etc. Game Village & Sports Infrastructure



For Host Broadcaster, International Broadcasting Center, Main Press Center etc






Upgradation /Development of Competition/Training Venues at Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia, DPS, RK Puram Delhi



Security arrangement for CWG



Sports infrastructure for Commonwealth Youth Games, Pune, a Sub event of CWG



Civic Infrastructure for CWYG, Pune



For Operationalization of Sports injury centre at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi



All India Tennis Association (AITA) for tennis venue



Refurbishment of Monuments in Delhi



Construction of Big Bore Shooting Range at Kadarpur, Gurgaon (Haryana)



Security for Commonwealth Youth Games, Pune




An amount of Rs.678 crore has been approved by the Government towards training for domestic/international competitions in India and also for foreign exposure; equipments and scientific back-up for the sportspersons. Apart from the above, Security will be on high alert, around 80,000 Delhi police personnel, over 17,500 paramilitary personnel, 3,000 commandos and 100 anti-sabotage check teams will be deployed across the city. The Army has been asked to be alert. IGI Airport New Delhi Terminal T3 all set for enduring the welcome from tourist all around the world, as most of the airlines are taking care to provide cheap air domestic tickets for their new travelers who would be traveling on board.

About the author: Vivek, is a free lens writer and loves to write about travel, adventure, day to day happenings. Tourists these days from india and abroad are coming by cheapest flight fares to experience the majestic beauty in coming CWG 2010; travelers today are frequently searching cheap air domestic tickets on internet.


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