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What is Typo3c

TYPO3 is a free development framework for Web sites, which was originally developed by Kasper. TYPO3 is based on the PHP scripting language. As a MySQL database, but can also be used as PostgreSQL or Oracle. The system is powered by two teams, one for each version 4 and one for version 5, developed.

Many functions can be integrated with the extensions of its own programming without writing code. Currently over 4000 extensions are for the most part from other providers, and are available for free. Available include news, shop systems or discussion forums. The system for different languages and is used by a user and developer community care in the world. TYPO3 belongs together with Drupal and Joomla! of the most popular content management systems in the field of free software.

It is estimated that more than 300,000 copies worldwide TYPO3 is used. TYPO3 puts high demands on the performance and configuration capability of the server used. The training period for a website developer is several weeks to months, for an author or editor, usually a few hours. A developer who wants to set up a TYPO3 India website has become intensely involved in the rule with the configuration language, TypoScript.
Unlike commercial software, there is no support for TYPO3 by the manufacturer or developer, but by the user community (issue tracker, forums, News-/Mailing system) and a large number of web agencies. Some companies in India also specialize in creating websites in TYPO3, or hosting services will offer pre-loaded with TYPO3.0

TYPO3 is installed on a Web server and accessed with a Web browser. Apart from a browser is required to use any additional software. The use of TYPO3 is divided into three major areas: the creation of website designs, the configuration of TYPO3 and TypoScript by entering the site where the content can be done via drag and drop.

TYPO3 contains a so-called back end, which serves to maintain the website and a front end that serves as the home itself.

In TYPO3 “backend” maintained the website. Where content is created and edited. A text editor in which content, such as in a word processor (can be formatted eg Word), it just allows users without HTML knowledge to do editorial work. Alternatively, the process can also be directly displayed on the website (be the “front end”). This option provides a faster entry into the system.
Design and programming with TYPO3 can be made through the following elements:

* Page tree: Changes in the structure and properties of the pages of a site
* TYPO3 constants: Universally valid parameters
* HTML template: HTML frame with known markers (for example, “# # # MARKER ###”) and subpart (eg “<!– # # # CONTENT # # # start -> … <! — – # # # CONTENT # # # –>”), the end of TYPO3 by various contents (site navigation, text, graphics, etc.) are replaced.
* TypoScript template (see “template” – “setup”): This describes the internal configuration language is how to output TYPO3 content.
* The output of pages without HTML templates – with pure TypoScript code – possible.
* Extensions: creation of additional modules
* PHP: The TYPO3 functions are written in PHP and can be realized by users who want additional special features, be amended or supplemented.

It should be emphasized that XCLASS functionality which allows developers to, each class has its own functions to override. There are, however, preferred hooks.

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  1. What is the best free CMS for designing a Newspaper / Magazine website?
    I intend to design a website for a Newspaper/Magazine. Can any one suggest the best free CMS package that can do the job easily? I am looking for a CMS that is sophisticated as well as easy to use for the design of a Newspaper website.

    I would also appreciate suggestions on low cost CMS that would also do the job easily

  2. I want to design a used car website, is there a good CMS to do this?
    I am looking to design a small used car website where people can register, then sign in and post their car for sale.

    I’d like to be able to have a way for them to post a photo and fill out a form with info about the car. I would also like to have the database searchable by users of the site so they can find what they’re looking for.

    I am very familiar with open source CMS systems such as PHP Fusion. Is there a CMS system (free or otherwise) that would be fairly simple to turn into this type of site? I have extensive HTML knowledge but not much in PHP, so I’m looking to have something that wouldn’t take much modifying.

    If a CMS system isn’t the way to go, what is? What programs do I need to use to create a site that can do all of this? It doesn’t have to be anything really fancy.

    Any help would be most appreciated. And please, don’t post answers about your website design services. I’m not interested. I’m just looking for info on how to create this site myself. Thanks!
    I’m looking for something VERY close to one or more of these sites:

  3. CMS ?? Website design problem — HELP!!?
    I’m primarily a graphic designer, with a fairly good knowledge of website coding for static websites…


    A potential customer is seeking to get a website designed by me which she is able to edit herself…

    I’m thinking : “IS THIS WHERE CMS COMES IN??!!”

    She cannot code at all, doesn’t know any packages such as Dreamweaver… So I couldn’t really design a template in that way….

    — Can I design it the ‘usual static way’ then get some kind of CMS thing happening later?

    — Or do I need to design it to suit the way the CMS will fit in??

    Actually, I don’t know if i’m even asking the right questions here, but I’m hoping someone out there will have some idea of where I’m coming from!! 🙂


    Where can I get CMS for my client?

    Is CMS something I have to purchase for my business and then just use it / set it up for clients where needed ?

    Any help on this would be much appreciated !!!

    Is there a cheaper option for my client ? She is a small business.

    Any related links in Australia would be much appreciated too…!!

  4. I would start by picking up a CMS. Joomla, Mambo and WordPress (which is mainly for blogging) come free. You can also check out CMS watch for a better search (
    Note that all the above require PHP and MySQL in order to run.
    Then pick up the template. Many templates come free. Pick up the layout you like and edit a screenshot it in Photoshop. When you are done you can replace the images and the colours (in the css) of your new template.

  5. Five page website design costs – Would you build a cms into it or leave it?
    Okay I know html and css pretty well but when it comes to creating a website for a client for example. Would you make the website and then build a Content Management System so they can edit it. If so how would you go about doing it. I would imagine it would be quite hard once you have built the site

  6. Best is to use Ultimate Web Builder. It is very dynamic and flexible and very easy to use. You can create your own design with it. It has a built-in SEO tool to build traffic to your website and a lot more features, including a photos app to create slideshows and photo galleries, integrated blog, and e-commerce/shopping cart. You can get your domain name and web hosting there too.

  7. I want to design a website with the help of Joomla CMS on PHP?
    I have a website to be designed in Joomla. My questions are
    1. Can we customize the web design themes created by us(instead of default joomla templates)
    2. Can we use non CMS dynamic pages, for ex. a shopping cart page.
    3. Can we put our own database also.

  8. 1. Can we customize the web design themes created by us(instead of default joomla templates)
    Yes absolutely. You can create a custom design and use that, customize an existing design, or purchase a pre made template and customize that.

    2. Can we use non CMS dynamic pages, for ex. a shopping cart page.
    Yes, there are literally thousands of extensions, both free and commercial

    3. Can we put our own database also.
    Absolutely. If you create a new extension and need additional database tables, you could add them to the joomla database or create a separate database.

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