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Company logo design


Logo defines what a company or a business is all about; acorporate logo design is a graphical representation of business through whichit represents the image of an organization. It is what customers and the publicwill associate with the particular name and product. Logo is recognized andknown more readily than a name or slogan, a logo depicts the vision, values andmission of the business.
Changing company logo design is mostly done to revitalize astruggling business or to present a fresh, unique and modern look for theconsumer market. Most often modification in companys logo results in the firstfew years of their business establishment. There are several reasons associatedwith changing the current business logo design, of which one is when corporation re-brand itself and second is when the business enters into an agreement, mergeror an acquisition. Company should change their logo once after every twenty ormore years.
Further reasons which are associated for changing thecompany logo are when the current logo no longer depicts the business imagewhich could have resulted as a change in companys products or services andhence the logo becomes outdated. Second factor for changing company logo is to emphasizea new direction the company is heading, for which the original logo can nolonger support that activity. At times company also plan to change its currenttarget customers hence changing the company logo is an exciting time in the lifeof company at that time which indicates forward thinking and mobility.
Changing a company logo is a crucial and delicate step whichmust be executed in a manner without losing the identity of the involvedcompany. First modifications must be performed by a professional designer orsome help could be taken from the specialized tools available in the market forchanging business logo design which includes Online Logo creation and logomaker applications. Online Logo Creation and Logo Maker applications aredeveloped with a purpose to bring free professional logo design tool toeveryone focusing on usability and quality. Online Logos and Logo Makerapplications include hundreds of categories in their databases and these toolsare ideal for business and personal use and last but not the least they savetime and money.
Second step is making a decision for updating the old logoinstead of redoing it completely from scratch. Third step is making graduallogo changes over time such as different coloring or other minute changes whichwill avoid the risk of alienating customers and will not be as much of a shockfor them. Fourth step is making modifications as simple as possible which istimeless and can be updated with minor changes when occasion demands. No matterhow diverse the reasons business has for changing logo designs but key point isto keep focus on the identity the logo is projecting to people and to all keystakeholders.

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  1. Does anyone know of a logo designing company that makes your original design look better?
    Does anyone out there know of any specific companies that will take a sketch of a logo or design that you are wanting for a company, event, etc.. and take the sketch that you send them and turn it into a professional looking logo by using your basic outline design for the finished product?

  2. Where to find logo contest for my company logo design?
    I want to run a logo contest for my new business. Looking for corporate logo design by professional logo designer. You know of any good logo company that run logo contest?

  3. That’s how they normally work! You could try one of these high street design shops-we had a logo which included a picture of the world and wanted it simplified. The art shop came up with three different ideas and we simplified theirs further to come up with our final choice. I think it was arond £100.
    You need to keep the logo simple if it is is going to be used on website and stationary. See site below.
    You could try

  4. You can always go to logo company website which offers custom logo design packages. But one disadvantage in doing that is you only get up to 3-5 revision and only 1 idea by a particular logo designer.

    Why don’t you go for logo contest? You will see more logo designers designing your company logo and on top of that you receive different ideas from different designers. This will help you understand what other people interpret your business to be. Since we are dealing with online logo design, you’ll receive design entries from designers all over the world.

    I know one good website which runs logo contest and has many good designers. serve the platform for you to run logo contest. You can interact with designers and give suggestion on how they can improve their design entry for your corporate logos. Nowadays logo contest is the way to go. Not to say that hiring one designer is bad thing but as someone who are looking for a logo for their new business, they seek variety. And the only way to do that is crowd sourcing.

  5. Here is a perfect solution for you. On Craigslist, post an ad saying that you need a logo done and that it will be a contest amongst submitters (Winner gets $150 or so). Since so many great designers are out of work these days, you’ll get a lot of replies. Now, instead of hiring a designer that may give you 4-5 different ideas / variations, you can get 200+ different ideas to choose from, and you only need to pay for one of them. If you don’t like any of them (doubtful) then you don’t have to pay a penny, so you have nothing to lose.

  6. A website where people from all the world can compete to design your company logo?
    You can add your company details and a prize for the winning logo design. I saw an article about this in a magazine. Name is similar to “crowdingtree” “crowdingreen”..I need to find out this website.

  7. I’m looking for an online logo design company which are professional,creative yet affordable.Any suggestions?
    I’m running a small business on my own which is starting to grow and I wanted a professional looking logo to be used for my blog and merchandise to give it a much more memorable feel. I’m looking for an online logo design company which are prompt, professional, creative yet affordable. Any suggestions?

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