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Tricks To Search In Google For Exact Information

Use of internet is very popular as well as vital nowadays. Today millions of people surfing internet and spend their time in collecting information. There are millions of websites available on World Wide Web. WWW is becomes the biggest library from which one can get any type of information just by entering correct word for search.

It is not difficult to search on net using particular keywords, but it is necessary that one should know the right way to surf internet. For any particular keyword you can find thousands of website and you have to decide from which website you will get right information for your search.

Generally people used major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and many other to find the information. Major search engine such as Google used precise search method to provide exact search results to the internet users. Google display results on search engine result pages (SERP) based on the keyword you enter for search. It shows list of websites which suits best to your search criteria. Google SERP gives top ranking to SEO friendly websites (design and optimize using natural Search Engine Optimization methods, SEO copy writing).

People search on net for different purpose for example

Businessman surf net for the product or service related to his business or find information about his competitors site, expected global market for his business, availability of raw material at most competitive rate and many more.
Housewife search net to find cooking recipes, online shopping , or to read articles for knowledge or for time-pass
Student search net for their study related information.
Graduates for job / employment purpose
Some people are fascinated for downloading latest music, video, actress photographs from the internet regularly for entertainment and there are uncountable usage of internet.
Google always guides internet users to provide most precise result of their search.

Following are some tips to find most relevant results in Google using right search methods.

Choosing Search Terms for Google

Choosing the right search terms is the key to finding the information you need. You need to use specific word for your search.

For example if you are planning for trip and need information about that place

For Travel in India – use keywords such as

Travel in India
Tourist destination in India
Tours and Travels in India
Best tourist location in India

Capitalization No Case Sensitive

In Google search box, you can enter keyword in any case as Google searches are NOT case sensitive. Google consider all word in lower case whatever you type.

For example if you type,

WEB DESIGN or Web Design or WEB design

Google search word as web design for all three searches.

Automatic “and” queries

When you search for some specific word than and is not required in your keyword. In SERP Google returns most relevant websites for your search terms. The order in which the terms are typed will affect the search results. To restrict a search further, just include more terms.

For example if you are searching web design and optimization company in India then just type

Web Design, Search Engine Optimization Company, India

Exclusion of Common Words

While searching, Google ignores some common words as follows

Some single digit or character
Google ignores such words as it slow down your search without improving the results.

Put a + sign if the word is essential for your search. (Make sure to put a space before the “+” sign.)

Second method for specific phrase search enter the word in quotation marks

for example

“find top seo company india”

Word Variations

Google always adopts latest technology for searching websites and provides the most appropriate pages for your search. It uses stemming technology that means it also search for similar words and other related variations of your terms.

Phrase Searches

Put quotation mark if you want result that include an exact phrase.

Use phrase searches if you want to search for particular person name [proper name], for example “sachin tendulkar” or “sania mirza”, or other famous phrases.

Negative Terms

In English language, some words are such they it has more than one meaning.

For such word type -> keyword, – sign , space and meaning of word,

Keyword meaning

For example, meaning of image (reputation of person or representation of object or picture)

For search image

Image – picture

Note: when you include a negative term in your search, be sure to include a space before the minus sign.

Advanced Search in Google

Click on advanced search option with search box in Google for most advance and specific keyword search

Using advance search, you can search only for pages:

that contain ALL the search terms you type in
that contain the exact phrase you type in
that contain at least one of the words you type in
that do NOT contain any of the words you type in
Written in a certain language such as English, French, German etc.
Created in a certain file format such as PDF, DOC, SWF, XLS etc.
That have been updated within a certain period of time
that contain numbers within a certain range
Within a certain domain, or website (search only a specific website, or exclude that site from your search)
that are available for anyone to use, share or modify, even commercially
that don’t contain “adult” material

Advanced Search “operators”

Add operator in your search to improve search result

Advanced search operators include:

Include Search: You can include it by putting a “+” sign in front of word.
Synonym Search: Put the tilde sign (“~”) immediately in front of your search term to get search with similar words.
Domain Search: You can use Google for domain search within one specific website by entering the search terms you are looking for, followed by the word “site” and a colon followed by the domain name. There can be no space between the “site:” and the domain.

For example

web design

Numrange Search: The numrange operator searches for results containing numbers in a given range. You can set ranges for everything from dates for some specific period (June 2001..2007) to weights (5000…10000 kg).

Just add two numbers, separated by two periods, with no spaces, into the search box along with your search terms, and specify a unit of measurement or some other indicator of what the number range represents.

For example if you want to buy computer then enter in Google search box

Buy Computer 0..0

Fill in the blanks “*” search: If you dont know specific term for your search than you can do this by adding an asterisk “*” in the part of the sentence or question that you want filled in by Google.
Other Advanced Search Features:

Occurrences: specify where your search terms occur on the page – anywhere on the page, in the title, or in the URL.

Usage rights: specify the rights of usage you’d like in your results

SafeSearch: Eliminates adult sites from search results.

Page-specific: Specify pages that are similar or link to your page

Technology Search: find information related to latest technology for computer software, hardware etc.
If you are a businessman or individual, and you have your own website then it is very essential to design search engine friendly website to make your site more popular and easily reachable to the viewer across the globe. When people search for your website using different keywords; it is necessary that your website should appear on first or second page to get benefit for your business.

It is only possible if your website is search engine friendly and optimized using ethical SEO method. Google gives good listing to the websites that are SEO friendly and properly optimized.

Contact Search Engine Optimization Company in India for SEO friendly web design, Search Engine Optimization using most ethical method

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  1. Does anyone know of a good website design company to design a property management website?
    Does anyone know of a good website design company to design a property management website?

  2. Does anyone know of a website Design company that is inexpensive?
    I’m looking for a web design company that is inexpensive, but will design a website for me that is really high quality. Does anyone know of one?

  3. Can anyone suggest a website design company in Costa Rica?
    Hi, I am looking to redesign my website and am looking to hire a local Costa Rica website design company. I need a company that is affordable $1,000 or less and that will actually do the work in a timely manner.

    I need a company that can actually provide references as I have been ripped off a few times in by companies in Costa Rica.
    Also, I am looking for website design companies in Costa Rica, not hosting companies in Costa Rica. So please do not suggest hosting companies.

  4. Whatever may be the site .the design and development of a site are almost same .just you have to check for a good website design company based on there experience and the number of sites they have designed and have a look up of all samples and references.

  5. The problem is that you are looking for quality without paying for it. Instead of looking for a company that will make you a template website that looks cheap and that doesn’t suit your needs, hire a student designer. They are more willing to work for little money while producing a high-quality product. Seek them out at your local design school. Here is a step-by-step process to create your website for cheap:

    1.) Hire a college student in design.
    2.) Have the student create PhotoShop mockups of your pages
    3.) Send these files to a service that codes the website for you (you just have to provide the psd files). I have not had experience working with these services, but here are a few that I know of:
    Here is a list of 10 (don’t know how reliable these are):

    4.) Then get your domain and hosting through a provider, I would recommend GoDaddy for their ease-of-use/customer care.

    That is probably the cheapest way to get a website made that is customized, yet not too expensive.

    Now, on the other hand, if you are looking to sell products from your website, have any sort of social networking components added in there, then you will need the assistance of a company or hire another college student experienced in programming.

  6. Can anyone suggest a website design company in melbourne?
    Hi, I am looking to redesign my website and am looking to hire a local melbourne website design company. I need a company that is affordable $1,000 or less and that will actually do the work in a timely manner.

  7. How much does it cost to remove a company logo/”designed by” from your website design?
    A company designed a website for me and have “designed by. . .” at the bottom of the page. I feel this makes the website seem a little amateur, they’ve done other websites without putting this why mine? What’s the best way to go about having it removed?

    Will it cost?

  8. You may have copyright issues if you try to modify the page design. You may own the site, but the designer may own the layout.

    If you don’t have a contract specifying who owns the rights, then it is practically automatic that the designer owns the copyrights and he can actually sue YOU if you attempt to modify it without his permission.

    I can’t say for sure, but one of the reasons his “credit” is displayed on your site and not others is that you didn’t get charged as much as he charged those other sites. In other words, in exchange for a discount on the design, he gave himself some “advertisement” space.

    By the way, designer’s credit is pretty common on websites, ESPECIALLY on sites that owners hire other designers to create.

  9. expensive or inexpensive depends on whether they design a web site or do they build a web site?
    So u first need to decide if u want your site to be designed or developed.

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