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Starting An Online Business – No Technical Skills Required

You might be wondering whether it is possible to start an internet business with no knowledge of HTML and programming. Just the thought of having to learn a new set of skills, can be very off putting when you think of setting up a website of your own.

In today’s age with all the competition around, you have no choice but to run your online business in a professional manner. In order to have a successful business online you should have the following;

1. A complete website.

2. The website should be user-friendly.

3. The website should contain functional and automated features.

4. It should provide solutions to customer problems.

5. The costs of the product or service must not be excessive.

If you think that it is not possible for you to meet all of the above criteria when starting an online business, then you should review your options. There is no necessity that you have to know everything, as there are many freelancers and outsourcing companies that can assist you.

All you have to do is to be very clear as to the type of product, service, payment processors and support systems that you need. The various solutions that are easily accessible, will include;

a – Complete website design services that are done by professionals.

b – HTML coding services, especially when it comes to updating a website with new products, adding new content or changing the look and feel of the site.

c – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that will ensure that you have the right content and descriptions in order to rank high in the search engines. The main aim is to rank on the first page of the search engines.

d – Gadgets that can enhance your customer experience when coming to your site, like flash videos, pop up screens and drop down menus.

e – A complete turnkey service including all of the above, and run by an individual or company, with a maintenance contract in place. The site will come with products and services of their own. Make sure that you sign a performance contract clearly detailing what you are paying for.

An outsourcing service can take lots of time and effort off your shoulders, allowing you to work on the strategic part of your online marketing campaign as opposed to worrying about technical details.

It is therefore possible to start your online business without any knowledge of programming or other advanced technical skills, as long as you manage what needs to be done, because it is your online business after all.

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10 thoughts on “Complete Website Design”

  1. is it possible that i design a website with complete picture and mask the picture as parts such that each ?
    layer can be linked to new web link and each layer become a web link on screen. How?

  2. Does Media903 web design offer complete website design?
    Media 903 is a saskatchewan based webdesign firm offering low cost complete packages. They offer twice as good a product as the competition at half the price.

  3. Hello there. Where could I get the complete list of website design laws if possible? Thanks in advance.?
    Because you know, its my first time desining my web I need to be careful not to make copyright infrigement. I also forgot what are the Website Design laws that I needed…. Thanks in advance.

  4. What do “Template”,”web development”,”Site design ” mean by website developer?Is complete complete website?
    comes up with Content management system?What thing i need to consider first before ordering cms?Isthere any classification of e-commerse site?

  5. Lot of questions in one sentence!
    – A “template” is a pre-designed website to which you have “just” to change the contents. Reserved to amateurs who do not have any graphic skills.
    – “Web Development” is “making the design to work”, that is CODING.
    – “Site Design” or “Web Design”: is an artist work to prepare a page/website, the way it will “look”… but does not work! You need the developer (above) to make it work.
    – CMS: Content Management System. A kind of Integrated Development Environment that allows unskilled people to chancge the contents of their site themselves. Unfortunately, all CMS are written in complex languages such as Php, ASP, and require that knowledge to be used properly – which means that if you have the skills, you don’t need them!!!
    These CMS are often offered to “clients” as a website feature (so the client can update his website without the need of the coder. The problem? They are way TOO complex for the clients and are (nearly) never used by the client (or used the first month and then forgotten)
    A waste of time, really!
    A proper CMS is developped by professionals to fullfill the requirements of the client… and nothing else!
    – e-commerce: many scripts available, but ALL too complex: they contain too many features that you do not need. Some of them are 20Meg in size, and the user only makes calls to a few functions. A HUGE overhead for nothing.
    A proper e-commerce can be written in a few Kb of code by any professional (and that will be EXACTLY what the client needs).

  6. Not really since the web/internet is worldwide. Each country/state/county will all have different laws.

    If you want to avoid copyright infringement, try following these.

    1. if it’s not yours (pictures, text, etc), ask permission.

    2. if you do decide to use something without permission, provide a source or link to the owner.

  7. It is, but it shouldn’t be done, for many obvious reasons.

    You need to create an image map for it to work.

  8. Media 903 is the best web design I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Quick, professional and great, unique design every time.
    Lorne Ryz/Lorne Murray Ryz

  9. Are there any certifications I can complete for website design?
    Excluding university/college courses please.

  10. “Design” is ART and Marketing. You seem, like many, to confuse “Design” with “Development”. Two WORLDS apart!
    Any advertising course will give you the basics, and, if you have the artisitic gift, you can go a long way.
    If you are talking about “Development” (that is, “making the site working”), only EXPERIENCE in programming will do. I have employed many programmers, but NEVER found ANY certification of any kind of value… Not worth the paper it is written on.
    I have taken the certifications from w3schools, for fun. A month learning Javascript and you can pass the test and get your certif. That is plain bull: it just costs you money, but in reality, you know nothing.
    If you come to me with at least three years of proven experience in C, C++, Php, I MIGHT consider looking at you… even if you have a ton of certificates.

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