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Construction Website Templates: How to Jumpstart Social Marketing

With more than 200 million blogs chattering away attracting readers 24/7 to glean tips and helpful info, you bet this is a great social media marketing strategy for contractors who use construction website templates to jumpstart their lead generation strategy. 

Web 2.0 technology has made such quantum leaps that anyone who doesn’t know computer code can now start their own weblog (a contraction of “website” and “blog” which originated 10 years ago when passionate writers shared their views and opinions online by blogging). Costs are minimal, to say the least, when you don’t need to hire expensive web programmers and graphic designers.

You may have heard of WordPress and TypePad, two of the more popular blog hosting services. Today, you can set up a highly affordable WordPress weblog for a few hundred dollars. Just compare this to Web 1.0’s static and traditional websites that require over ,000 to get started.

Once your construction website design is up and running, start blogging on how your services have the edge over competition within your specialty. Make sure you’re not selling at this point. 

Remember, it’s better for your articles to offer helpful advice on pain points that homeowners face. This will position you as an expert offering workable solutions, and an authoritative resource they can count on. Your article will of course have a link and email to your main websitewhere you’ll list your services and products.

Blogging is simply writing articleslike I’m doing writing this article. The key here is to write SEO (Search Engine Optimized) blog posts. This way, search engine spiders can locate and index your pieces.

Once you’re satisfied with the draft you’ve authored, you publish it officially on your weblog. (Yes, this also makes you both an Internet author and a publisher. If you’ve always wanted to write your heart out and share your contractor expertise, right here is the opportunity!)

Your article will be “pinged” to search engine spiders to add to the vast universe of article archives. And, the more often you publish an article, the more hits you get with search spiders to increase your ranking. Some even “ping” short pieces and recommend other people’s articles 2-3 times daily a surefire way to get noticed quickly.

While it may sound daunting to get up to speed, you can jumpstart your social media marketing with a construction website design by clicking SUREFIRE SOCIAL for Contractors, which has a complimentary resource on getting started. 

SEO articles that are useful and offer good advice will gain you free Internet publicity and recognitionwhile showing off your contracting marketing expertise in towering above competition!

About the author: Chris Marentis is founder & CEO of GenNext Media, LLC and author of Surefire Social Contractor Edition, DIY Guide to Social Media Marketing Success. Scott Siegal is president of Certified Contractors Network (CCN) and a roofing contractor.


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  1. Construction Website?
    So I’m looking for a website where i can post things about my abilities related to construction. I’ve heard of the website for babysitters called “SitterCity” and I was looking for something like that but in the construction industry. If anyone knows about anything like this please let me know. Thanks!

  2. Go to Craig’ List, pick your State and City and post for FREE, no B.S. Click on the first link in the source box below and you can see how I do my ads. The other two links are for my Company Sites. Good luck.

  3. Looking for a good website on construction tools.?
    I’m interested in going into a trade and I am used to using tools in general but I have no clue where to find info on proper safety and there names. When I search online, all I comme up with are website and software devolopment tools. Any sugestions?

    By the way, I tried using keywords like workshop, construction, hammer etc. Didn’t work since they are all software related too.
    I’m not looking for a place that sells tools. I need a GUIDE on tools.

  4. What are your opinions on website construction?
    What are your opinions on website construction?
    I.e, navigability, aesthetics, how to find info, etc.?

  5. What can I write on the “service” link on my construction website?
    I am designing my own website and I have all the links but the service one, i kind of need fancy wording for it. I have 2 licenses: License B for General Construction and License C-54 for Tile, Marble, Stone, Granite, etc… I specialize in new constructions and additions, new bathrooms and kitchens, bathrooms and kitchens remodeling, General remodeling, and Designing. Tile, Stone, Granite, Cabintes, etc… Thanks.

  6. Check Hilti for drills, stiletto for hammers most everything else is just throw away tools you can pick up anywhere. Just remember to buy the best and it will break the least ( hard lesson learned)

    You are looking for a guide about tools? Like what a hammer is etc..?

    Possibly check building trades code books. I am not sure if they have anything online.

  7. First select your keywords which are more related to your service by using google adwords tool. you then use those keywords as service link.

    Notes: Don’t forget to select your region on Google keywords tool.

  8. What are website construction features?
    I have this assignment in college on website development.

    I must choose 4 websites and research on them.

    I have these points i must do…

    Explain how designers use different construction features to help the user access information on websites.

    and this point i don’t understand.

    Describe the use of interactive websites and what techniques can be used to provide interactivity.

    One of the websites i am doing it on is YouTube because that’s interactive.

    Justify the use of different construction features in the design of a website?

    Any help is grateful.

    Thank you.

  9. As any website uses multi-media (vision,sounds and graphics) the public need interesting objects to click on and investigate to keep attention from waning and going to a different website. This is called ‘stickability’ and it is the job of the website designer to try and build in this stickability into a customers website and keep material fresh.
    Obvious links disguised as photographs, live links to other pages and sound bites (music for instance) to keep the attention of customer is paramount to keep attention.
    Hope some of this helps.

  10. If you’re new to website design than you might want to think about setting up a blog. It’s a lot easier for someone new to utilize a content management system (CMS) such as wordpress than design a site from scratch. Knowing who’s your target audience will greatly help you in the design of your website, and determine which route you should approach.

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