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Website Design And Development Outsourcing From Manila, Philippines Is Cost Effective

The professional website design and development outsourcing services with custom WordPress development and WP themes provided by the WordPress designers and developers of website design and development outsourcing companies from Manila, Philippines are cost effective. This has been proven extensively by a wide range of international clients who continue to trust these website design and development outsourcing companies from Manila, Philippines.

First of all, a website is no longer a luxury or a just a status symbol for any small or medium sized business or professional individual these days. In fact, having a website is practically compulsory to be able to stay in competition. This is not just in the local area of the business or professional practice, either. Having a website enables any small or medium sized business or professional individual to infiltrate the world market in line with all other major players. This is because the website provides a direct connection to the same market that the major players reach that market includes all areas of the world where an internet connection exists. For these markets, the website can serve as a virtual showroom, store or office, or all three. New e-commerce solutions make secure online ordering and payments possible.

A website can only be effective, however, if it is professionally designed, developed and maintained and therefore has aesthetic value, is user friendly, is completely informative and is responsive to the needs of its audience. Information has to be clearly presented and grammatically correct. Professional website design and development outsourcing services from Manila, Philippines can take care of this.

Outsourcing is cost effective while establishing an in house website design and development department just for the company website is a waste of resources. It costs too much money to hire experts or retrain existing staff and procure equipment and software. It is also not advisable if this is not among the core competencies of the business.

Website design and development outsourcing companies from Manila, Philippines, like Web Dot Com, provide basic and advanced website development with multimedia components, content management systems through customized WordPress development, web design including the design of WordPress themes, graphic design, e-commerce solutions, advanced portal development and other custom programming, web based database programming, website maintenance and support, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

The efficient and cost effective services offered by a reputable website design and development outsourcing company from Manila, Philippines are nothing to scoff at and should never be taken for granted by any small or medium sized business or professional individual. The efficiency and high standards upheld by WordPress designers and developers who provide custom WordPress development, WP themes and other services to international clients are widely acknowledged. Those small or medium sized businesses and professional individuals who have tried professional website design and development outsourcing services from Manila, Philippines swear by their effectiveness in expanding their reach throughout the world through the internet, thereby accelerating growth and increasing profitability. A most respected and well established website design and development outsourcing company in Manila, Philippines is Web Dot Com.

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  1. Which are the 10 best website development/design companies in the world?
    Hi I am looking for a list of the best web site developement / design companies in the world…

    with a portofolio of sucesfull and known client websites…regardless the cost that they charge to make a website .. i looked in google and didnt find much .. please serious answers only..


  2. Wow! That’s a tall order… there are oodles. Now, I can’t give you a list, mostly because what I think is genius you might think is absolute dreck.

    What I will do, though, is give you a couple of really good resources:

    For starters, there’s There, you’ll find hundreds of websites, their links, and, best of all, it’s all categorized by industry, i.e. travel and tourism. Once you find a site you like, you can typically find the firm who designed it.

    Two more resources are The One Show and Communication Arts magazines. They both have interactive awards books that feature the best of web design. So, in lots of ways, the judges already found the gems for you. (The One Show currently has their 2007 winners online and ready for viewing, by the way.)

    At the very least, you’ll be able to decide for yourself what’s good and what’s rubbish.

    Have fun!

  3. How much would it cost to design/develop a 20 to 30 page website in Boston, MA?
    I operate a small consignment store (men’s/women’s/children’s clothing) in Boston, Massachusetts and want to expand my sales to the internet and therefore require the creation of a website.

    The site would require someone that has knowledge of html, css, php and maybe javascript. How much would this project cost?

    And what would it cost for hourly assistance if I want to add product pages as my sales increase?

    Also I have a friend who is a graphic design that said he could design the website however would need someone to do the development work – coding of it I guess. Would this affect the cost of the project? And if so, how much would it cost for a 20 to 30 page website if I needed someone to do the development only?

    I’m trying to come up with a budget as I run a small shop. How do I pay the web developer? Do I give them all the money up front?

    And how long would a project like this take? One month? Two?

  4. How much does it cost to design a website with the following especifications?
    A physician who has weekly surgeries has asked me to develop a website which he can hold an archive of videos of his surgeries , also enabling commenting feature with biography and photo gallery , how much should i ask him for the website development ? then how much should i get if he wants me to update his website monthly , thanks in advance

  5. How much should I charge for website design/development?
    I am starting a website design/development business on the side, and I am trying to come up with some fair pricing criteria. Here is what I have so far. I would really appreciate it if someone could look it over and advise me! Thanks!


    $25 per page

    $125 minimum for basic website package:
    •5 pages (example: HOME | ABOUT | GALLERY | SERVICES | CONTACT)
    •Original design and content
    •Domain registration and hosting services assistance
    oAdditional cost for domain name purchase and/or hosting service subscription
    •20 hours work time included
    •Time in excess of 20 hours +$20 per hour
    •Meta tags and keywords included
    •No charge for copy provided by client
    oCopy writing +$15 per page


    Logo design + $40
    Custom graphic design +$40
    1 background image included
    Photo editing and optimization:
    •2 photos per page included
    •+$15 per each additional photo edit/optimization
    Headers, title banners included

    1 video file included
    1 audio file included
    Additional multimedia +$15 per file

    Database design, photography, photo restoration, print collateral design, tech writing, video editing, Multimedia integration, DHTML, FLASH, XML, Java Applets.

    *Upon project completion at final invoice, any additional site updates, editing, and/or site maintenance will be provided at $30 per hour

  6. Assuming you want a storefront that uses something like and are not too fussy about design, I would estimate a design cost of about $1,500 to $2,000.

    Domain, security certificate and payment gateway startup fees (e.g., a credit card processor) will likely run about another $150. Hosting should only cost about $150 per year. Transaction and other bank fees depend on how much you sell and who handles your credit card payments.

    You can always spec your project and post it at or and get a price.

  7. It’s just my opinion but I think it’s too low. You need to figure out how long this will take you to do and how much you want to make per hour. If it’s going to take you 15-20 hours to do, then $125 doesn’t seem too good. If you can knock it out in about 5 hours, then it’s pretty good.

  8. depends on your skill level. Are you looking to bill by hour or by the entire project.

    If hourly, go for $15-$30 an hour depending on your skill set. I normally charge $30 an hour but I get a lot done in that time so.. Personally I would probably charge like $500-$1000. Some may charge more and some less but either way.. if you are using prefabbed photogallery and forums.. it doesn’t take that long to install and hack it to match his needs.

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