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Cost of Website Design | Website Design Costs

Building An Effective Online Presence From The Ground Up

An Introduction to the Series

An online presence can serve as a shop window, a sales force and a checkout – with seamless transition from one stage to the next.Once a functional and effective website is in place it can almost automatically convert leads into prospects and prospects into sales without the need for much (if any) human intervention on the part of the company.

With the Building an Effective Online Presence from the Ground Up series I hope to provide an overview of the major stages and processes involved in evolving an existing business into a successful online brand. Although this series will undoubtedly help those looking to establish a purely online business from scratch – my focus is upon two different types of company:

1 – Established businesses who presently operate in a purely offline capacity but are looking to build an online presence.

2 – Businesses who already operate online but who are not experiencing the results they would hope for (and are willing to make radical changes to remedy this).

Having established my aims with this series it’s time to get started:

Establishing Viability

Before jumping headfirst into website creation it is essential to thoroughly consider the reasons why you’re building an online presence and what you intend to gain from it.

Establish Aims

If you’re a retailer then your primary aim will likely be revenue generation through e-commerce sales – for some industries however, the goals are not quite so clear-cut. Those who operate in the B2B arena may wish to build a website which serves as a sales brochure to elicit enquiries from prospective clients, whilst other organisations could well create a website purely for increased brand exposure.

Specific goals and aims must be established before anything else is done to ensure that all aspects of your website and online marketing are tailored to best serve the business and achieve your stipulated goals.

Establish Market

With goals and aims freshly established there remains the vital task of assessing whether the market exists for you to achieve a high enough volume of conversion (completions of established aims) to justify the cost of entering the online arena. Examination of competitor websites and use of tools such as the Google Adwords Keyword Research tool will help you to understand the demand for your product, service or offering. Essentially, the more people using search engines to search for terms (referred to as ‘keywords’) which are relevant to your industry: the more of a pre-existing market there is.

If there does not appear to be a significant pre-existing market, then you will have to be especially ruthless during the course of the next stage.

Establish Budgets, ROI + KPIs

Unless you have web design, web development and web marketing specialists in-house (in which case this whole series of blogs is unlikely to be of much use!) the creation and development of a website and the subsequent digital marketing services will require capital. How much capital is dependent upon a vast number of variables; not to mention your available budget. At this stage the services of a digital marketing agency are likely to be incredibly useful. Digital marketing specialists are able to outline the website functionality you’ll require to achieve your goals, the cost of website design, development and maintenance and the cost of SEO and other online marketing services to ensure success.

By consulting closely with a digital marketing agency – or indeed utilising your own experience you will be able to establish two vital acronyms: ROI and KPIs. The Return On Investment is essential – if you can’t foresee an ROI which offers definite benefit to your company then it may be necessary to re-think your aims and market. Key Performance Indicators serve as benchmarks – basically a series of targets which demonstrate that you are on course to achieve (or better) your desired ROI. Any digital marketing company worth their salt should be able to assist you in formulating and ultimately facilitate the attainment of KPIs spanning from website development through to 12 months from launch.

If the figures add up so far then it’s time to move on to the next step – Getting Online.

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About the Author:
Written by Jamie Rock Lyons of Web Vitality Digital Marketing Manchester in conjunction with DG Office Supplies


10 thoughts on “Cost Of Website Design”

  1. What is the average cost to have a social networking website design for us, like Facebook/MySpace?
    We are looking to start a business for a social networking website, similar to Facebook/Myspace. We want to get an idea of how much it would cost to get the website design, hosting, and any other costs associated with running an online company. Thank you.

  2. Average cost of website design?
    I am the editor in charge of my law journal’s website, and the editor in chief and I are meeting with several site design companies next week to discuss a complete overhaul of the current site. I want to go into these meetings with a ballpark idea what’s reasonable to pay a small company to design a law journal’s website. The site will be pretty basic–we have several pages giving information about the journal and its members; we post the current issue of the journal; we sell pdfs of archived issues; and we accept subscription and contribution requests. Given the content I’ve just described, what’s a reasonable price to pay? I don’t know if this matters, but we’re not located in a big city, and we already have the domain name. Thanks in advance!

  3. how much does a website cost to design on average?
    Hi I was wondering what I should pay for website design. I’ve got a video home page, 3 pages of copy (done already), a blog page and forum, and a shopping cart page. The design would need to be a Professional corporate Site.

    My hosting company has the tools so it’s just the design and expertise to put it together.

    What would be a reasonable ball park price for this? How many days work might it take?

  4. not a whole lot,,,
    $100-120 for hosting service per year
    free-$250 for ‘Facebook/Myspace’ script, depending on what you website you want to look like, one time fee
    $$$$-lot of money for advertising…your biggest expense
    trust me that’s about it.

  5. WordPress website design cost estimate?
    How much typically does it cost to get some professional customzation done to an already existing theme? I basically just want to add some color to the background and change the size of the header, footer, and content areas. I also would like to add a favicon. Basically, I like the way that some themes are already, I just want to add some basic customization- maybe change the fonts too. Any idea of a ballpark figure of what that could cost?

  6. these all sound like very simple customizations that can be done in under an hour. I would suggest you go to and post a job for someone to do this for you. Always check out the persons feedback before hiring them. This will give you some good experience for getting other jobs done later.

    You can also go to and

    That would probably cost you $10..but you need to have the favicon ready and so on..

  7. It depends on even more factors than you’re giving, but for:

    – a well-made simple and clean business design
    – accessible pages (screen reader friendly, etc)
    – good search engine optimization
    – 10 static pages with no changing content

    I would charge at least $500. The PDF thing sounds like something you might want automated, but that would cost you much more because of the server-side scripting involved.

  8. Help with estimating the cost of Website Design?
    I am attempting to contract someone to do a website design. Can someone please help me in estimating the cost of accomplishing this end? I looked around and found a design I really like this site( It is clean and (mostly) easy to navigate.

    So if I want to build a site like this, what should I be expecting to pay? Can you recommend someone who can assist?


  9. That website is built entirely in Flash. I currently do not build flash sites of that caliber at this time. I would think you are probably looking at the area of around $1,000 dollars for a site like that but you can probably get it far cheaper if you outsourced it at places like . The competition is pretty fierce there and people will bid on the job from all over the world some developers charge very little for their time when they live in third world countries.

  10. When I do web design for people there’s a lot of factors I consider. For example, your site may be pretty basic, but you also want a forum and blog, things that will need to be implemented in other ways (to make the updating easy on you). I normally start with some basic layouts in Photoshop and continually run things by the client back and forth until we come to a final design. If the client responds quickly to my emails (and that’s honestly pretty rare—people are slow), the entire thing can be done within 2 weeks or less. For a site of your proportions I may charge $500 or so, but price is completely dependent on the person doing the designing.

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