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Things that Everyone Should Know About Natural Hair Growth

Long, beautiful hair is a sign of ultimate beauty in most areas of the world so, it is only natural that everyone, especially women, strive to improve the rate their natural hair growth. There are many homemade tonics and mixtures that have shown to improve the rate at which a person can grow their own hair. It can be as simple as opening your cupboard or refrigerator so that you can find some kind of natural hair growth supplement you probably didn’t even know you had in the first place.
In other words, you can basically choose between edible items that improve hair growth or you can look to other, more unique, homemade ways of growing hair. Items that are able to be eaten are considered to be all-natural. These items are usually packed with proteins such as eggs.
Eggs are by far one of the oldest remedies for natural hair growth that has been used by women and men all over the world for centuries. Another item that is closely related to eggs and promotes fast growth is called mayonnaise. Yes, mayonnaise is one of the best household items that not only helps your hair to grow but also conditions each and every strand giving it a beautiful shine.
Mayonnaise contains eggs and vinegar as well as oil, which is the sole reason that it is beneficial towards natural hair growth. When using mayonnaise for a hair growth supplement you should remain aware of the oil and its effects. In other words, try not to leave anything behind when washing it out because the oil from the mayo tends to stay where it is put.
The basis of the eggs’ effects is due to its natural amount of protein. The yolk of the egg is where the bulk of the protein is found and if you use this remedy often you will see a wonderful shine develop as well as increased hair growth. Avocados have also been shown to be great for conditioning and a great way to improve your ability to grow your hair.
Cocoa-butter and coconut oil are known to improve the look and quality of your hair as well as how fast it grows. Olive and castor oil are both known to do the same as well. These oils work better when you wash your hair thoroughly before using them. Sometimes people who want to improve their natural hair growth will either use the oils during the washing process or they will let the oils sit and soak into the hair after it has been washed.
Those who use the oils during the washing process will need to make sure that they massage the scalp and follicles in a vigorous motion. This will immediately stimulate the hair growth follicles allowing them the ability to increase the hair growth rate. The same massaging should be put to regular use every time you wash your hair so that you are sure to improve your ability for natural hair growth.

About the author: Angel bragg is known for her versatility and invention as a writer. She is the author of more than thirty blogs for natural hair growth.


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  1. how much does a website cost to design on average?
    Hi I was wondering what I should pay for website design. I’ve got a video home page, 3 pages of copy (done already), a blog page and forum, and a shopping cart page. The design would need to be a Professional corporate Site.

    My hosting company has the tools so it’s just the design and expertise to put it together.

    What would be a reasonable ball park price for this? How many days work might it take?

  2. how much does an average website cost to design?
    Looking to find a reasonable cost to quote customers but not sure what the running average is for a moderate website (no flash) custom photoshop, CSS and html work.

  3. Depends on how much your time is worth and what you think your clients can afford. When I started my design firm 5 years ago, I charged $30/hr and $25/hr for maintenance but usually just gave a quote which put me around $20/hr.

    If you really need to build some skill, you can set your price lower to lure some low-budget clients but you won’t get much attention from bigger leads if your price is too low.

    My quotes ran between $500 for a simple site and $1500 for a much larger site when I was starting. That can go up considerably once you learn more and develop more talent in graphic design and server-side development.

    It’s a good idea to offer something in addition to the design – if you can learn about reselling domains and hosting you will be able to provide your clients with a more valuable service and draw a residual income from those services. I only need 3 hosting clients to cover the costs of my reseller hosting account, so there is a lot of profit, you just have to know what you’re doing and give good support.

    If you do a good job and your clients think you are affordable enough, your business can spread quite quickly by word of mouth. If it goes well you will be able to turn down jobs that won’t pay enough. Good luck!

  4. What is the average cost to have a social networking website design for us, like Facebook/MySpace?
    We are looking to start a business for a social networking website, similar to Facebook/Myspace. We want to get an idea of how much it would cost to get the website design, hosting, and any other costs associated with running an online company. Thank you.

  5. how much it would cost to design a website for online super market?
    i would like to start an online retail business.i need a good website for how much it would cost to design and develop?

  6. Good server will cost you 10 USD per month, domain name 10USD per year, and good shop I can design you for almost free, fully funcional PHP. contact me on skype my name is arturas_f and we will talk.

  7. When I do web design for people there’s a lot of factors I consider. For example, your site may be pretty basic, but you also want a forum and blog, things that will need to be implemented in other ways (to make the updating easy on you). I normally start with some basic layouts in Photoshop and continually run things by the client back and forth until we come to a final design. If the client responds quickly to my emails (and that’s honestly pretty rare—people are slow), the entire thing can be done within 2 weeks or less. For a site of your proportions I may charge $500 or so, but price is completely dependent on the person doing the designing.

  8. not a whole lot,,,
    $100-120 for hosting service per year
    free-$250 for ‘Facebook/Myspace’ script, depending on what you website you want to look like, one time fee
    $$$$-lot of money for advertising…your biggest expense
    trust me that’s about it.

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