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Simple step-by-step mahjog tutorial on how to create a web site banner and logo in Photoshop. The sample .psd and completed website are also included.

A banner or a header is a graphic that is found at the top of a web site which usually displays the company name and the logo. It is often the first thing a mahjog person sees when they open the website. The blending of colors should be attractive, informative, comfortable for the eye and help to convince the viewer to stay on your site.

Let’s start with our banner. Here we have a mahjog general banner and the colors used are soothing to the eyes. It can be used for a fashion and beauty banner or a personal mahjog or holiday banner as well.

Rollovers are another mahjog favorite. We try to use rollovers whenever possible – they are extremely simple and add a bit of class to a web site. If you don’t want to use too many images that will result in a slower load time make sure mahjog you use text rollovers (Our menu on the right is an example of simple text rollovers). Examples of rollover images we have designed mahjog can be seen in Business

If you have sub menus or complex navigation systems, use DHTML. They look neat and are again very simple to use. Many sites offer free DHTML scripts for menus, navigation systems, tip boxes and more. They give you detailed instructions on how to use these scripts so it is really very easy to install.

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  1. When creating a web banner for a company do you need to put any type of legal line in the banner itself?
    Web Banner legal and copyright, is it necessary?

  2. How do you set up a hyperlink for a macromedia flash web banner?
    this is the first web banner that i’ve ever created. it’s a web banner for my rock band. i’ve already created the web banner, i just don’t know how to hyperlink the banner to our web site. How do you do it?

  3. How to create a company web advertising banner?
    I want to know how to make an advertising web banner with logos of company.

  4. You can actually make a picture with the size of a banner, usually I do so, on the pages I work with. I create banners with Fireworks, Paint or even Photoshop. The only thing you need to do when using the programs i mentioned, is to make sure you tell the program the size of your banner, to know the sizes of a banner you can refer to: for banners sizes. Then create a simple picture or complex depending in the banner you want to create, and save it as a common jpeg, or gif as these formats are easy to read for web servers. Upload them to your server and make sure you use the appropiate html code to put it where you want it. In my opinion banner softwares are only different because the provide the sizes right away, instead of having to indicate the program the size desired.

  5. How can I create a web banner with several links in it?
    I need to create a banner that will link to several different locations depending on what part of the banner you click. Is it possible to do this?

    i use Adobe Photoshop primarily.

  6. If you use Html you could use a image map, when you use a image map in your code you r telling the browser that if they click on certain pixels of the image to link them to a specified page its hard to explain so ill post for you an example;

    where it says rect that is the shape of the picture you can choose from rect (rectangle), circle, and polygon.
    where it says “0,0” those are the pixels that the link sits in

    if this confuses you there is a detailed tutorial here

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