Custom Web Development

Why Custom Web Development Services Are Necessary?

Custom Web Development – The Principle Objective Of The Intranet/extranet Applications

What is required is a team of professional expertise, with cross-industry experience and technical capabilities. The main aim is to find the way out of excessive drainage of money and thereby the best means of reducing costs, streamlining business processes and gaining business advantages. The main aim of the intranet/extranet applications is to streamline and automate workflow, gather information on-line, report on data from manifold systems and manage content and documents for numerous departments with central data management. Companies strategic advantage depends on the capability to find critical information from anywhere, at anytime. This helps the company to shift its policy when it finds that it is mandatory for proper management. What Intranet and Extranet provides are enlisted below:

Robust Information Management System: Through information management system one can find out that information which are necessary for proper management of an organization. Information management system is also essential for documentation of valid information about the employees, their absentees, their present work status and the projects that they are handling. Therefore, information management system is a part and parcel of every big to small enterprise. Information can be managed in the following fields:

Project or Document Management: It is a way to manage the documents and projects which are handled by the employees. This helps to keep a track of the various projects that are managed by the employees. It offers the opportunity to the management to find out the employee who is handling a particular project when there is any problem.

Business to Business: Information from one business organization to another can be obtained easily. Information is mainly required for the purpose of communication; communication makes way for better business deals and transactions. Therefore, it is extremely important to communicate with various business personnel.

Corporate Portals: It provides enterprise knowledge organization and distribution with tailored access and appearance.
Collaboration Tools: It consist of forums and discussion boards, even calendars, internal or/and external messaging systems which are essentially meant for communication with clients, partners and employees

Enterprise Data Repositories: It offers the opportunity for organized and secure storage and recovery tools for corporate document and digital quality management.

Workflow Automation Tools: It helps in the process of business process automation systems facilitating and reorganization of the management of day-to-day business operations.

Custom web development has revolutionized the entire system of corporate management and has brought in a new wave of reformation for the entire IT Industry.

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  1. Do you know of a web development company in the Tampa Bay area that builds custom websites in WordPress?
    Do you know of a web development company in the Tampa Bay area that builds custom websites in WordPress specifically?

  2. what does Custom web application development stands for?
    what does Custom web application development stands for?

  3. Will open source make a dead end to web developers?
    I see the open source usage is rising very quickly in the field of web development
    many so called web development companies do nothing than installing an open source script just like joomla, drupal, word press, etc .. and just configuring it and selling it as their own developed software

    this make the real web developers hard to compete cause open source CMS are full of feature can’t be developed easily

    and the real custom web development is declining

    is this the end of real web programming and development?

  4. Does anyone have any leads for custom development web-projects in Belgium?
    I run a software development company in Belgium and we have good references for custom development web projects. Projects are typically done using open source (mySQL, RubyOnRails) and on low cost internet providers. Main development activities are outsourced on RentACoder, however all customer contact for definition, detailed analysis, training and support is done locally. This outsourcing is transparent for the customer, however it allows us to cut traditional prices by 30% on average.

    Our projects are targeted at the SME market in the area of sales automation, admin support, extranets, planning, and so on.

    We are willing to discuss fair rates for serious leads. If you’d like to hear from us, send your number to


  5. I also own a software company here in India…

    We are a group of young talented professionals who have been working inside webprojects since 1999 and have gained experience by working with the leading brand names in the industry. Now we have all come under one roof to share our expertise on the various outlets of the industry.

    all our main works are done with PHP and MySQL.

    if you are intrested to out source your projects please contact me at

    We never compromise quality !!!


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  7. No. Joomla, Drupal, RoR, Miva, Dreamweaver, WordPress and so-on are for amateurs who don’t know (and don’t want to learn) how to code properly. SERIOUS clients want serious coding, not 30 Mb of crap code no-one understands, full of features they don’t use.
    As far as “developing easily”, I tend to disagree: it takes a LONG time to master these open source, as long as to learn to code in php, and a professional will have, after a while, hundreds of small “modules” or “functions” that can be re-used over and over again, so developing a new applications is a matter of adapting what has already been written (and is well understood), and adding a little extra!
    Finally, superficial clients who demand to have a CMS, soon realise that using the CMS is pretty hard as well… and after a short time, stop using it.
    I have removed these from sites quite a few times, providing clean, easy maintainable sites.
    If anything, we will get business in REMOVING these open sources!!

  8. Your work is really cool!! Maybe I might contact you for some of my web projects. Keep up the good work guys!!!

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