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It is extremely important to have a custom web design for your website. Do you want to know whyc Well if the web design of your website is customized then it will automatically stand out as a unique one. This will indeed be of great help top you in terms of grabbing attention of people and drawing web traffic. More web traffic will automatically mean that your web site will rank high and better which is indeed the ultimate goal of a company. So make sure that you carefully choose a company for the same. Here are certain things that you will have to keep in your mind at the time of choosing a provider for the custom website provider.

To start with you will have to make sure that you have a look at the portfolio of the provider. When you start hunting for the websites that offer you web designing service you will surely short list some of the companies. Make it appoint to note down all the kind of services that those providers offer you. This list is generally called a portfolio and it will have the details of all the services that a company offers you apart from the web design. Even in the service of web design you will get to know the types of web designs and the ways of designing the providers has mastered. It is really important for you to know this.

Then the location of the company also matters a lot. Just in case you get in touch with a provider who is of you same country, then getting in touch with them will become way easier. But still there is no hard and fast rule to choose a provider of same country. If the provider is good enough then you can surely take a step forward,. Also with the technologies of today it is no more difficult to get in touch with any one in any corner of the world.

Do ask for the fees that they are going to charge you for the purpose of making a custom website design. This will help you know whether the company is in your budget or not. So make sure that you carefully ponder on this thing and then only take a step forward. Also reading the comments and reviews about the provider of custom website design will help you conclude to a decision.

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  1. What is the difference between ready to go ecommerce sites and a custom website?
    What is the difference between ready to go ecommerce sites and a custom website?
    I m trying to compare those online stores that you can create, like at x a site built with joomla, magento, etc…
    Im going to create my online store and i dont know which way to go. I know the online ready to go store would be cheaper, but what are other differences??
    Thank You.

  2. Where can I get a good custom website created? how much can I expect to pay within reason?
    I want a website with about 8 pages adn some flash (if it doesnt interefere with Search engine ranking)

    Its a travel website so I dont want boring text, I want pics, embedded you tube videos, basically something that will keep a visitor interested.

    Let me know.

  3. What is the going rate for a custom website?
    What is the going rate per hour or per project for a custom website including SEO and design?

  4. You can build something like that with Ultimate Web Builder –

    Or, ask the programmers there if you don’t want to build it yourself. The software is very easy to use. And you can create photo slideshows and galleries with it – it codes it with javascript so that it is better for search engine ranking, instead of flash – also it works on ipad/smart phones. You can also embed youtube videos, and easily update it using the Admin Panel.

  5. The first one is usually free, but usually never bring any business.
    The second is NOT free, usually has a much better presentation, usually is well promoted, and, usually, BRINGS Business!
    (I will NEVER trust a business based on a template or an open source script library: it shows a lack of confidence, lazyness and a spirit of misplaced economy)

  6. What is a fair price to pay for a custom website?
    Let’s say you wanted a full featured website custom made for you or your business. What would you be willing to pay? How much extra would you pay for the ability to sell items or manage a blog?

  7. Anyone willing to build me a free custom website template for my rainbow six vegas clan website i want to make?
    Hi, my name is Chris and i was looking to see if anyone would be kind enough to build me a custom clan template for a clan website i want to make for free i have no money or else i would pay for one but i cannot find anyone who would do it.. My clan is a rainbow six vegas 1 clan.

  8. Mostly per project depending on what is required. Basic web-sites run in the hundreds, while sophisticated / well-designed web-sites with Flash/graphics can cost thousands. e-Commerce sites with shopping cards, and credit card processing start in the thousands and just go up from there.

  9. Depends on the site, number of pages & type of info, flash, etc…
    It can range form $1000 to over $10,000
    to sell on-line you need a merchant account to take CC or go with paypal.
    as for managing the blog etc.. again is daily are you providing the info or does the person do it them self.
    So a range from $500-$1000/month but that would include all aspects of the site.
    I do this as a consultant, but do not use Yahoo to advertise if you want specific info send me a direct message & I will be glad to help, even if you do not use me I will give you all the info you need. But I need to know what type of site # of pages & type of product. Do you have photos etc.. it is a long list you will have to do no matter where you go.

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