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How Psd To Html Conversion Helps To Design A Business Website

In the present time, getting a business website is imperative for a business owner. The website provides an easy and immediate way to reach out to the customers and increase the business opportunities up to several naught. The utilization of internet as a medium has grown profoundly in the past few years and today internet has believed to be an indispensable part the lives of the people.

If you wish to to impress the online audience through your website and avail yourself a number of profitable opportunities, you are required to have a good website design. The design of the website plays an important role in inviting the user base to the website. You can avail unique looking and impressive websites by opting for PSD to HTML conversion.

Designing with the Photo Shop
Adobe photo shop is a blessing made available for the all the designers web or otherwise. By utilizing the services offered by Photo Shop, it is now possible to go in the depths of the creativity and develop an amazing image file. You can hire a professional web designer to do the same, who will assist you in developing the image which can be converted into the website.

PSD to HTML conversion for website development
HTML of the Hyper Text markup Language forms the basis of any web page. HTML is regarded as the language of the internet and the proper conversion allows the website solicitors to achieve a unique looking website. Care must be given while doing to convert PSD to HTML and it must be made sure that the entire process is manual. There are software available for the conversion but the web application developed by using software proves to be dysfunctional and sustains errors in the functioning.

PSD to HTML conversion An Overview
The process of converting a PSD file into HTML elements is a tedious and technically driven process. It requires the expertise of a professional web designer or developer to handle the process of skillfully. The entire process comprises of the following –

1. Slicing of the PSD file : to begin with, the PSD file is sliced through different slicing software. Slicing process basically divides the PSD file into various sections, i.e. header, footer, body and navigation menu etc. Slicing, when done effectively, lays down the foundation for an efficient web design, and plays an important role in ensuring that the website is pixel perfect.

2. PSD to HTML and PSD to CSS conversion : this is the web development or the coding part. You must ensure that the PSD is HAND CODED to HTML and CSS. Where HTML helps in making the website web dynamic and SEO semantic, CSS markup makes the website quick loading, pixel perfect and cross browser compatible.

3. Testing and verification : the codes are then tested across various browsers to ensure that the website is fully functional, compatible with different web browsers and efficient in it working. A tested website gets the W3C validation.

Thus for an efficient, quick loading and unique looking website, opt for PSD to HTML conversion.

About the Author:
Adam Parker is working as a content writer at HTMLFIRM. HTMLFirm is a professional PSD to HTML Conversion Company which converts your photoshop designs to high quality cross browser compatible, W3C valided and SEO semantic HTML/CSS markup. Get high quality PSD to CSS, PSD to WordPress and PSD to Magento Conversion services at HTMLFirm.


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  1. Good Business Website Design and Color Scheme?
    I am going to design a business website that target entire world specially USA. I do not know what color people like most?

    Please tell me some good business websites that has good color theme?

  2. I was thinking of starting up a website design business or an avertisment site.?
    im thinkin of startin an online business, i dont want one with too much work.. possibly 1-2 hours daily, i was thinking of a website design but that would be a lot of hassle, right? my other option woulb be an adverstisment site where people could pay for me to advertise theire company on a website, which do you think would be better, are there any other options ?

  3. My partner and I are creating a website design business. What’s an honest rate that can profit and be fair?
    It’s a student business because we’re in high school. We’ve coded a website or two, and we want to make a profit but not be some kind of incredibly expensive thing. What do you think?

  4. What is the best Program to design a business website?
    I am a graphic designer, I usually deal with print so I know Photoshop and Illustrator inside and out! I have to design a website for a company and I am trying to decide what program would be the best. I am debating between Fireworks and Dreamweaver. It needs to have dropdown menus, along with some animation that I will probably design in Flash. Just looking for some opinions let me know what you think! Thanks!

  5. hello dear,
    Both has their importance if you want to start with web site designing then you have to perfect in designing or you have to hire some one for designing and other thing is that for this designing you have to also find out the clients. In case of advertisement website you have to first developed your website and then you have to make it so much popular that people like to provide the paid ads on your website.
    I will suggest you to develop a website and then earning from Google adsence and affiliates.

  6. Who is the best business website design company?
    What company out there provide a website design service for business?

  7. Without being able to analyze the website or two that you have coded, I can only suggest that you compare your work and key features with competitive web design services, If you wish to share your work, I would give you my opinion of what your work is worth.


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