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Architecture as a Profession

Architectureis creativity personified as it is the most visual form of artistry and design.It is one of the creative professions like fashion designing, interiordesigning, jewelry designing, copywriting, content writing, animation, etc. Youmay say architecture is structure designing though it is much more than that.
Architectureis a very unique field as compared to other fields of design. Here, you need aperfect mix of knowledge, expertise and creativity whereas an artistic mind maysuffice for other professions. Creativity can only be seen in various forms ofart and craft and architecture is definitely one of them.
Jobs in Architecture provide a wide base for the peoplewith a good expressional value. An architect is the person responsible for thelayout of the enormous structures- be it a temple or a residential complex or ashopping mall or a parliamentary building or a corporate office or anything atall. This profession brings with it a lot of responsibility and accountability asdesign and execution are your key duties. You can even attain popularity andset benchmarks for the coming generation of architects.
A career inarchitecture is very promising and lucrative as it opens many doors ofopportunities towards a successful professional life. One of the greatestbenefits of pursuing an architectural job is that an individual gets to exerthis creative prowess while being resourceful and innovative. Another veryinteresting feature about pursuing architecture as a profession is that it is avast field with various branches. It includes landscape designing, townshipplanning, interior designing, naval architecture and construction management.
The factthat construction industry is so dynamic in itself and is touching new heightseveryday adequately explains the craze of architecture jobs among the youth. Architectureis an exciting and glamorous industry that asks for lot of patience,intelligence and of course, creativity. It needs hard work, awareness of thearchitectures on world platform as well as right analytical and mathematicalabilities. It includes the designs of integrated townships, commercialbuildings, house designs and many more structures.
Some of theskills required to enter the profession of architecture include physicalstamina, high degree of concentration level, flexibility, team spirit,originality, conceptual skills, aesthetic values, a holistic perception ofpeople, places, objects and events.
Jobs in architecturecan be found in different fields like the Department of the Railways, NationalInstitutes of Urban Affairs, Town and Country Planning Organization etc. Youcan also apply in Government and developing agencies like Public WorksDepartment (PWD), Post and Telegraph, National Building Organization andHousing and Urban Development Corporations. In addition to this, architecturejobs can be looked for with architecture and building development firms orprivate construction organizations. Some of the vacancies related toarchitecture are:
-Interior designers
-Integratedarchitecture developers
-Leadtechnical architect
Jobs inarchitecture are not associated only with designing building but also withmaking them secure and economical. Voluminous investments in the real estatesector are being recorded year after year, increasing the demand forconstruction and architecture experts. Earlier, the scope of architecture in India seemedlimited but it has grown substantially due to the boom in constructionindustry. But, the number of architects have not grown as much as they areneeded, thus, creating a huge gap between their demand and supply.
Architectureis a highly competitive field and has optimistic prospects in coming future.Jobs in architecture are available both in residential and commercial sectorand in private as well as government companies.

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