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Popular Tools Used For Designing a Website

There are many popular tools used by different web designers to help them in their efforts to create and design a website. However, unlike the kinds of tools used by developers, most tools used by designers intend to give them the inspiration they needed to create a website which can deliver the idea that they, or their clients, wanted to convey to their visitors. Here are some tools popularly used by designers to create websites:

Adobe Photoshop

Considered as the mother of all web designing tools, Adobe Photoshop is used by web designers, as well as graphic artists, to design a mock-up of a website which can then be used converted as the website itself.

With the use of Adobe Photoshop, web designers can easily layout and create the design of the website with relative ease, particularly now with the many new updates that Adobe Systems had done with Adobe Photoshop.

A very popular and reliable tool used by web designers, IconFinder is a search engine primarily used for searching different icons, logos, and other images which can be used as icons for a website without having to waste more time in creating or customizing their own website. And according to many web design Philippines experts, the best thing about this tool is that its free.

Adobe Kuler

A popular add-on in Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Kuler is used to create different sets of color themes or schemes making it easier for them to design a website, particularly in branding. However, there is also a web-based Adobe Kuler which can be easily accessed through Adobe Systems.

The best about its web-based counterpart is that it allows its users to share their own works to other users, making it a lot more easier to choose which color scheme can best suit their website, allowing them to save more time in conceptualizing.

Adobe BrowserLab

Adobe BrowserLab is the latest tool introduced by Adobe Systems which is primarily used for testing purposes. This tool enables cross-browser testing by producing screenshots of websites from various web browsers across different platforms (Windows and OS X are currently supported). According to many web design Philippines experts, it allows to compare screenshots side-by-side or overlaid upon one another, and utilize diagnostic tools to help discover cross-browser differences from SEO services Philippines. For more information visit to our site at

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10 thoughts on “Designing A Website”

  1. Does anyone know of a good virtual room designing website?
    I’m looking for a website i can create my own dream room because i’m wanting to maybe redo my room and i want to create a virtual room design of what i want it to look like and i’m having trouble finding such a site. Please does anyone know of a free virtual room designing website?

  2. What is Drupal how can i use it for developing and designing website?
    i like to develop a news portal but i don’t have knowledge about web developing. I heard drupal cms what is the purpose of it and can i design my website using drupal plz explain

  3. Designing website, is there a course you can take in college that specifically teaches you this?
    Designing, making it on your own etc etc. What course will teach me that? For example those big company usually they hire someone to make a good website for them. So what do I need to take in college to be able to qualify to make good websites for people.

  4. Drupal is a great choice for developing news portal. Prior you start making your site with Drupal, plan well what features you’ll need. Probably to implement all you want you’ll need to use a lot of additional modules. I said plan well before you start because one of the first questions will be whether to use Drupal 6 or 7. 7 is new so would be a better choice, but the problem is so many important third party modules aren’t ported to version 7 or are full of bugs.
    You can find them on Drupal can be hard to learn in the beginning, but in the end it pays off because it is really flexible and powerful solution.

  5. Where can I find an online dress designing website?
    I imagined this really neat costume I want t make for halloween and I want an online dress design website to re-create it. It’s a haloween costume so it as ripped shoulders and a jagged end. Please help! Thanks.

  6. what is a fashion designing website for young girls that is not polyvore but similar?
    my little sister and her two friends want to grow up to be fashion designers and they have there own studio name and everything. but i thought it would be cool to have them take pictures from other sights and make their own fashions on a website. i’ve tried polyvore and it didn’t work out. i hope you can help me! thank you 🙂 -bailey

  7. Check to see if any web-design courses are offered through your university library. Oftentimes Dreamweaver and other web-design courses will be given by the librarians.

    Also, look at the classes required of marketing majors… they might be required to take web-design courses. (At the university I attended marketing majors were required to take courses in web-design and non-majors could audit the class.)

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