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Choosing The Best Colors To Use When Designing Website

Website design software can assist you when it comes to designing a website but it may not be of much help when it comes to deciding the color scheme of your site. Colour has a strong influence on the behaviour of a net visitor to your website in terms of if they will stay on your site and look around or skip to another website and thus colour choice is imported when designing a website. Thus, you should make it a point to consider your color choices and their possible effects on your target niche.

The topic of your website is an important factor and should play a part in the colour choice decision making process when designing a website. If you are making a dating site for women, for example, black and purple may not be appropriate color choices. In the same way a bad choice of colours for a gothic themed website would be bright pink and orange. Since thinking of a color scheme is not that easy, what you can do is to look at website templates provided by the website design software that you are using. XSitePro provides a large number of templates for websites and should be considered when you are thinking of designing a website.

What colour scheme is best for your websitec By now, you already know that the answer depends on what your website is all about. It is important that the colour scheme of your website does not affect the ability of visitors to read the content. You should choose a light coloured text if you have a dark coloured background for example. Be sure to preview your website using the tool provided on yout web deisgn software before you upload your site to the internet.

Lastly, you also need to know the meaning of the major colors that you will be picking for your website. Colour choice has to be a careful process as some internet users especially those from other countries can be quite sensitive with colours. Popular color choices for websites are red, which is used to grab attention or to signify luck, love, fire and passion; green, which is commonly used by earth friendly sites; yellow, which symbolizes warmth, light and energy; and blue, which is a color used for professional sites and to represent the sea and the sky. A colour picker tool is ofren used by some website design sofware like XSite Pro which helps you to choose the right colour for your webiste.

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Mary Johnson has had extensive experience in many business marketing roles. Her interests are business strategy, Internet marketing, motivation and self-development. With a passion for passing on her knowledge many years, she enjoys using XSitePro website design software for developing her websites. You can find out more about Mary at Recommended Resources.


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  1. Designing website, is there a course you can take in college that specifically teaches you this?
    Designing, making it on your own etc etc. What course will teach me that? For example those big company usually they hire someone to make a good website for them. So what do I need to take in college to be able to qualify to make good websites for people.

  2. Is there good website designing comapny in india providong SEO services , data processing services ?
    I want to know any website designing company in India which provides all IT services like designing website pages , designing graphics , providing affordable search engine optimization (SEO services) and also data processing service preferably in West Delhi.

  3. designing website…?
    so im designing a layout for my VIRB°. imm using photoshop to make everything, but when i go to publish it, does anyone have, like, an ftp username and password they wouldnt mind sharing….if you do, but don’t wanna post it up here. PLEASE just tell me here as a reply and then email me—–—that way i can give you the points. :]
    wow, yall are stupid. i wanted to know if someone had an account they didnt need for the time being. w.e

  4. Check to see if any web-design courses are offered through your university library. Oftentimes Dreamweaver and other web-design courses will be given by the librarians.

    Also, look at the classes required of marketing majors… they might be required to take web-design courses. (At the university I attended marketing majors were required to take courses in web-design and non-majors could audit the class.)

  5. Does anyone know of a good virtual room designing website?
    I’m looking for a website i can create my own dream room because i’m wanting to maybe redo my room and i want to create a virtual room design of what i want it to look like and i’m having trouble finding such a site. Please does anyone know of a free virtual room designing website?

  6. Designing website.?
    I want to export items handicraft items…..
    I want to open a website where ppl can come n buy my stuffs through credit card, i am opening my first bank account so i dont know how to design these type of sites where i can do online transaction………….HELP!!!!

  7. To make it simple, you might want to apply for a paypal account. When your account has approved, you could follow the step to setup your payment code.
    After that, you can just copy this code and put it into your product page. However, this is just for a single item or products.

    You need to generate more code for other of your products.

    Otherwise, you could engage a companies to help you to setup a shopping cart in your website.

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