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How To Make Money Online Designing Websites

Another name for the internet could be taken as an information centre, and that is the essence of websites. You can make money online from home designing websites since the search for information cannot be outdone as long as the internet is concerned. As a web designer, you can make money at home online, offering website design services to individuals and corporate bodies, and here we provide you with the steps you’ll need.

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1. You can make money online from home designing websites. Ensure that the websites you build for your clients are keyword-rich based on their area of services or industry, though they will have to pay some fees for your SEO services.

2. You have to first understand that there are basically two ways to offer your expertise for sale. You could bid for jobs at freelance sites or you create a website to promote your skills. Nonetheless, you should work towards the two options.
Register for a freelance account at elance(dot)com, freelancer(dot)com, scriptlance(dot)com or any other freelance site. Make your profile attractive. Add your real photo to it.

2. Whenever you bid for a job at any freelance site, make reference to your site as a proof of your expertise. Ensure that your photo, contact information and profile are in the about me page of the site.

3. You can also include the URLs of some sites you have designed in recent times. It is however worth stating that you can start out as a freelancer. When you make some money, set up your own site and incorporate the business, thereby adding to your worth in the site of a potential client.

4. Ask for recommendation from clients who are satisfied about your service. Your clients are in the best position to tell others about you. Tell them to write a review on your service delivery at the freelance sites. You will get more stars with time. By the time you begin to get more recommendations and sales, you will see the need to outsource some of the jobs to other website designers.

5. Another vital thing you have to do if you want to more jobs is to consider promoting your site offline. Find businesses and stores in your locality that do not have a website. Submit a proposal to the owner about the benefits of increasing sales through the internet.

6. Also, speak with the person one-on-one. If you want to increase your chance to make money online from home, get a webhosting reseller account at This amounts to extra income from your clients since they will have to renew their domain names and webhosting account every month. Reseller package gives you some discount compared to buying a webhost account for individual client.


You can make fortunes with your knowledge if you design SEO sites and sell them as ready-made sites since there are lots of people who are buying completed sites on the internet. Website design is lucrative.


Designing websites is a little bit time-consuming and requires at least basic knowledge of some programming codes, even if you use templates or other software.

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  1. Can you tell me the name of a specific program for designing flow charts and websites for tablet PC?
    A few years ago, I found a link on Metafilter to a free program for quickly designing websites. The user would sketch rough pages and draw in some connections, and the program would dynamically generate a working version of that page. I remember that it was designed specifically to work on tablet computers and that it was free; I think its name might have started with a D and was one fairly short word. I uninstalled it by mistake and have been regretting it ever since. Do you know the program I’m talking about? And if not, do you know of a similar one, hopefully also free?

  2. What are some house designing websites?
    What are some architectural websites or websites for designing houses that include no downloading or anything?

  3. Designing Websites??
    My mother loves to design rooms and gardens. I told her id find her a cool site she could do it in. Does anyone know any websites like that. Find of what they do on HGTV..??

  4. I want to start building and designing websites .Where do I start?
    I have been designing my website for myself ,and I really want to turn it around and start designing and building websites for others.Where do I start ? How much should I charge ? Here is my website .I would really appreciate any help right now .
    I just finished my website .I really need feedback in how I am doing.

  5. make sure you have all the needed skills; visit any college’s IT dept and ask to take a test.

    then, get books on small biz and entrepreneurship to match your web skills with
    the needed business skills

    happy new year

    [if you wish tutoring on the biz end, I will swap services]

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