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Simple Guidelines For Developing A Website

Three General Questions To Answer Before You Begin Creating Your Website

Join the world of digital communication and gain profit from the World Wide Web. In today’s society competition in the business world is higher than ever. Many companies get left behind while few fly to great heights. A major asset that heightens success is an easy, direct, and informative website. Being a part of the World Wide Web creates a market beyond any other communication means. The opportunities are endless and the benefits are immensely rewarding. Ask yourself these three questions to begin the business website process.

Why Do I Want To Create A Websitec

Do not be frightened or overwhelmed by the World Wide Web. This futuristic means of communication is here to profit your business. If you are a small local business why not make your business available to the rest of the nation or the worldc With a website you can connect to wide rage of clients by publishing your unique information and knowledge to millions. Websites enable you to promote your businesses services and products. In addition, websites back up your other forms of advertising, such as: business cards, yellow page ads, brochures, and billboards. A positive to web address is that they are easier to remember than phone numbers and postal addresses.

Who Is Your Audiencec

The first question to ask yourself before building your website is: who is your audiencec By answering this question you define who you want to target with your website. With a direct target you draw your audience in further, as opposed to a general site that will confuse and trouble viewers. This defined focus will lead to the future construction of your site. Also, keep in mind everyone may use the web, but not everyone will use your site.

Why Must I Have A Objectivesc

Once you know who your audience is describe your purpose and objectives. Give your audience balance and structure by providing them with your specialized information. You do not want to have information that is not interconnected. Provide your audience with the concepts they want and need. Through your objectives you will show them that you are the right business for their requests. Remember this is your creation – be colorful, honest, and simple.

About the author: Malerie Giaimo is a PR intern at Kinetica Media. Kinetica Media is an Internet marketing company that works to harness the power of the Internet for businesses of all sizes. Visit to see how they can help you create a successful website.


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  1. What can you do with the website developing program Joomla?
    Hello, I’m not very experienced with Joomla, but I was just curious what all you can do with it? Can you have your own domain name? Is it a webhost, or does it just help you create/develop your website?

    Any information is useful, thank you!

  2. I am developing a website to display daily share markets results?
    I am developing a website to display daily share market results derived from the my country stock exchange. Currently, the results are published daily in major newspapers. Am I doing a FREE publicity for all the public listed companies by showing their daily performance to the world wide investing business community? Is it wrong to accept notices (AGM, EGM etc) from public listed companies if they approach me to advertise their financial results at this website?

  3. Best options available for developing a dynamic website?
    I want to start developing dynamic websites. I am reasonably good in programming and can build professional desktop applications using Java.

    However, I know practically nothing about website development. I don’t know where to start out. I particularly want to know which technology/framework/language to use to develop a website.

    Please let me know what are the best options available for developing a website in respect to my query in the preceding paragraph.

  4. I’d suggest PHP (not all servers handle ASP). You’ll need HTML, Javascript (similar syntax to Java, but a totally different language), CSS and PHP. To make it a nicer experience for the user, use AJAX. (You could do it in Java servlets, but not everyone has Java installed. Anyone using a web browser has HTML and Javascript “installed”.)

    You’ll also have to learn how a website works (the client/server interaction) and the document object model.

    There are tutorials for all of this all over the web. (W3Schools is a great reference site, but there are better tutorials for someone still at the starting line. Try )

  5. There is nothing wrong in it.
    Just make sure the market data you are providing is true to your knowledge. Any discrepency in actual data (daily prices and financial results) and published data under your site may attract you -ve publicity and in major cases it may also cause you penalty by law.

    Be aware of the possible risks in such activity. Even if you are providing free publicity, you may make loss in face of penalty.

    In such business, it is advisable to get your business activity insured under “Cyber Law and activity Insurance”. Enquire about such insurance to any CS or legal adviser.

  6. Developing website and I want to market in China. What is best method to accomplish this?
    I am looking for best online representation and marketing – should I build a separate page on my website in Chinese?

  7. a lot of websites have multiples of that site in other languages. for example they might have, which would be english, and, which would be dutch. they connect these websites with links that ask you which language you would like to view it in. making another page that has it in a different language works just as well, i think. just keep in mind that all the links to other parts of your website have to be in that language,too.

  8. Joomla is a CMS (Content Management System), think of it as a Lego set. What can you make with Lego blocks? – anything at all. It is for building Web sites, pretty much any kind of a Web site, check out Joomla showcase with a list of sites created by Joomla –
    You will see government sites, community sites, online shopping sites, etc. And best of all – it’s free.
    Yes, you can use it with your own domain, which you have to purchase and you also need Web hosting too.
    Youtube has a few nice tutorials which show you visually step-by-step how to install it, set it up and use it.
    Good luck.

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