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5 qualities a good website should possess

Websites today are fashioned to portray the products and services of a company. It also increases the brand visibility. A good website must not satisfy a customer for his first visit, but should invite him for all his further business plans.

Here are a few qualities a website should possess irrespective of their domain and core industry.
Template Design
The look of a website must be vibrant and attractive. Avoid using free template designs available on other sites as there are chances of those designs being repeated on different websites. This creates a bad impression and the company loses its unique identity.
Content Development
Content is the most important aspect of any website. There can be no websites without content. It should be made clear that the content on a website should be maintained and updated frequently. Most importantly, the originality of content makes a big difference. The content also has to be related to the theme of the website. Content attracts customers.
Captions and Meta Tags
The title in the content also plays a very important role. Each page should appropriate titles and they have to be supported by Meta tags. This helps major search engines crawl over your websites and drive traffic.
A lot of sites do not perform well because the navigation is complicated. The website has to be user friendly. The visitor should find what he wants without any problem. If the navigation does not follow a good standard, the visitors will be driven away from the website.
Broken Links
The websites must undergo a testing process after development. The occurrence of broken links is very common. This gives a bad impression to the website and the search engine rankings get disturbed.

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  1. How can I get local E-commerce designers to contact me?
    About creating a website for me?

  2. I’m not local, I’m from tampa, but. My company has a simple web design builder. All you have to do is choose a template ad your content. They are all in flash too. You can change the layout or the content at anytime and its really easy for anyone with out without html knowledge to update. It has over 250 flash templates alone to choose from. Plus you can add any theme you want to change the look of your site.

    If you are interested in an e-commerce store, we offer that as well. If you want a store sample, just email me on my profile.

    Also, we do offer website management. If you don’t have the time or inclination to build your own site our Website Management service is the solution for you! Provide us the material and we will do the rest! We can upload your entire store for you, updates and everything.

    My samples are below
    If you like what you see, just contact me and we can move forward.

  3. Looking for an affordable e-commerce website designer?
    What is the best place to find an affordable custom website designer? I need the site to be able to sell video clips. Any recommendations?

  4. Looking for E-commerce Website designers?
    Hi im looking for a really good and proffesional web designing company which can make me a fully customisible e-commerce website. I have a clothing company and need to sell my products on line, i want an e-commerce website built and designed, with a really good content management system, where i can, once its been designed add my own stuff on to there if i want to, and if i want to change pictures and stuff i can do without having to pay the company who designed it to change it for me. Im also want it to be in the price range of £2500 as the maximum price. Does any one know of any realy good ones? and if so what experience have you had with them and websites to show.


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  6. Looking for quality but cheap e-commerce web designer. any suggestions ??
    E-commerce site wanted for approx 30 products. Looking for budget web designers any ideas out there ??

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