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Drupal Ubercart Your One Stop E-commerce Solution

A boost in the growth of online trading can be credited to an increase in purchasing power and a growing interest in varied categories including electronic items, books, consumer durables, automobiles, apparel etc. On the other hand, there arises a need to have e-commerce solutions which are result-focused and cost effective to tap the unlimited and vast potential that e-commerce offers. Currently, one of the exciting e-commerce solutions available in the market is Ubercart.

Including the fact that it is a free to use utility, Ubercart is exciting for a wide variety of reasons. It is designed to fully integrate your online store with Drupal which is one of the top technologies behind many popular websites of today as well as it is based on the robust open-source platform. The amalgamation of Ubercart and Drupal web development company is an excellent choice which offers a great online shopping experience for the end user. Developers working with Drupal Ubercart have the power to add or alter to any of its exciting features. The need seldom arises, as for all online business needs Drupal Ubercart has proven to be a comprehensive, one-stop e-commerce solution.

Ubercart is a free, open-source e-commerce suite developed for Drupal, focusing on usability in three key areas: store configuration, product and catalogue creation, and order administration. It makes sense to power your websites with Drupal and integrate Ubercart as the chosen e-commerce suite, if you are planning to launch e commerce solutions or revamp the existing ones. For many popular websites, this exciting combination is working and they are getting best results out of the process.

For online application development Drupal Ubercart has all the features needed. Flexible product creation system with product classes; multiple product image support out of the box; Flexible product attributes system; Customer and administrator checkout notifications; The configurable product catalog includes catalog pages and a block to display product categories; Basic product stock level tracking and notification; Single page checkout; Shipping quotes and fulfillment, including integration with UPS, FedEx, USPS; Integrated payment system that acts as a bridge between acceptable payment methods (check, credit card, purchase order, etc.); Automatic account generation (anonymous checkout); Activity logging; Simple order processing; Simple order creation and editing; Payment gateways (Cyber Source, Authorize.net, PayPal, etc.); Sales, product, and customer reports; etc.

Drupal Ubercart is PayPal certified and listed in PayPal’s solutions directory as an e-commerce solution that integrates PayPal Website Payments Standard, Website Payments Pro, and Express Checkout.

So, get in touch with a Drupal web development company like Srijan who could help your website implement Drupal and then integrate it with Ubercart.

About the Author:
Srijan Drupal, a Drupal web development company in India organized a Drupal training camp on September 25, 2011 at Mcleodganj, Dharamshala. It was a Hello camp where Drupal was introduced to the developers community in Dhramsala by Shashank, one of the senior Drupal developers working with Srijan.Srijan has some of the best professionals in Drupal Ubercart.

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  1. What are the best e-commerce solution sites?
    I am looking to hire some service to build (and host) an e-commerce site, replete with shopping cart and SEO. It will be just like one of those stock sites, IStock, Shutterstock, etc, featuring cartoons available for download.

    Any recommendations out there? (Affordable, good services that also have 24/7 tech support) Thanks!

  2. What is the best free open source E-commerce solution for me?
    Well, I can program on ASP.NET, so I need to know what the best and free open source packages for me to build my E-commerce website are.
    Appreciate your kind answers in advance.

  3. What is the best e-commerce solution that calculates shipping using dimensions?
    We are looking for a shopping cart solution that has UPS shipping available, but it also must calculate shipping based on dimensions. We have a number of products that are odd sized, so the price for shipping changes when you apply dimensions. We have been looking for quite a while, with no luck. Any suggestions?

  4. You can use Joomla and use the VirtueMart plugin. It’s actually written in php but it’s easy to setup. You just need to know php if you want to create a custom templates. Otherwise, no programming required.

    Another good open source for e-commerce is osCommerce. It is also written in php.

    Niche Blueprint is also a great e-commerce solutions. It also came with the guides on market research, branding, drop shipping, and complete promotion plan and there’s a lot of templates selection but it’s not free.

    There’s a lot of best free e-commerce software written in php and not in ASP.NET but I think it doesn’t matter anyway.

  5. Your problem possibly arises because shipping costs in most situations are based on weight rather than on dimensions.
    Imagine a DVD player sized box – if occupied by a DVD player it would be much lighter in weight than if the exact same box were filled with sugar

  6. Which companies can offer me a whole e-commerce solution in the USA without living in or being a citizen?
    Which companies can offer me a whole, front to end e-commerce solution in the United States (USA) that is online store, SEO/SEM, payment gateway (a debit card should be great too) without the need of living in or being a citizen of the USA?

    Any experience here about that?

    I am asking that, meaning for example, that I will sell mainly services as freelancer, or some digital content

  7. Can’t do it without establishing a US Company with a US presence
    The US presence can be as simple as the address of someone you know

    You incorporate or form an LLC as a foreign national, hire a US-based manager with the authority to establish bank accounts with a payment gateway

    Even with this, the merchant account provider will review the credit risk associated with the new account, considering such things as the nature of the business, average transaction size, where customers are located, refund policy, etc etc

  8. Is a merchant account included in Yahoo small business’s e-commerce solution?
    I am trying to start a business using yahoo small business e-commerce solution. Does that include a merchant account with the program, or do i have to get one another way?

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