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Importance Of Ecommerce In Our Life

Now-a-days all peoples want to be self employ and earn sustainable money for their comfort. Due to lack of time we have no time to talk with each other so no more do people want to stand in long queues to buy travel tickets or movie tickets. No more do people have the time to buy gifts by visiting shops and stores. but there is no need to worry about this. To overcome this situation there is a best solution i.e e-commerce. The concept of e-commerce has evolved substantially in the last few years. With the concept of e-commerce, people can now conveniently and securely buy what they want on the Internet. With more and more customers going online to buy various products and commodities the demand for a dependable e-commerce web development company has grown considerably.

The success of e-commerce has opened doors to a wide spectrum of websites from where people can buy the latest product of any technology of any old as well as new brand. Buying from ecommerce is very easy, cost effective and the most important thing is we save our time. Many people have some misconception that buying from internet is very costly but that is not true. However, in order to ensure that your website is a perfect place where people can browse through your products and buy securely online.

Due to the popularity of ecommerce many ecommerce web development companies are establish. There are two types of service in ecommerce web development i.e B2B or B2C services.If your business has a well developed e-commerce website with eye catching images then more visitors would want to buy from your website.

In the past security has been a major problem for with most e-commerce websites. Knowledge of the latest technologies is the best idea to creating a successful e-commerce website. The Internet being one of the cheapest mediums of engaging with clients and customers doing online business. With an adept e-commerce web development company you can most certainly buy and sell products and services in a convenient way.

The beauty of the internet is that with the help of search engines we are easily looking for items of interest that consumers are ready to buy. Through a simple keyword search a person is given a list of available options to choose from when they are looking for a specific item to buy. Online retailers that are familiar with how search engines operate build their ecommerce websites so that they are optimized with descriptive tags and information that will lead consumers to their site through a search engine listed result.

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I am mayur shah. I am freelance php developer. Today Php is most popular language to develop dynamic websites. Many companies need php developers to develop dynamic websites. Companies are hire php developers who can develop their client business applications with in time limit.Companies are hire php developer who being highly experienced.

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  1. Help with e-commerce web design!!?
    Hi, i have been designing my own e-commerce website on Expressions Web 2. I have been using Pay Pal shopping cart so that it doesn’t get too complicated 🙂

    My website is to sell items such as mouse mats, watches, key rings with personalised photos.

    I want the customer to be able to upload a photo and Preview it on the item before adding to cart.

    Im really unsure how to do this. Do i need special shopping cart software etc..

    Thanks for any help – much appreciated

  2. Web Developer, Webmaster or Website Software Specialist?
    I’m interested in E-commerce and Web Design. I researched those professions listed above and they all seem to perform practically the same duties. I might be wrong, so I’m hoping to find some light here. Does anybody know the differences between the three professions? I would prefer facts rather than opinions.
    Thank you in advance!

  3. How can I advance in WEB design? (beyond basic HTML and static pages) What skills and what software do I need?
    I have created a couple of WEB sites using Microsoft Office Publisher (!). I think it is OK for static WEB pages. But now, I want to advance. I ‘d like to handle databases, to create e-commerce sites, stuff like this. I understand Front Page is no good. I know basic HTML,CSS and MySQL. So what should I do? What is the best way to go from here? I do not want to become a prof WEB developer or en expert, just I need to craft some nice looking, advanced pages. Should I learn Dreamweaver? Is PERLor PHP a must? Whata about APACHE? ASP.net covers everything?
    To rephrase my question: which are the best tools one needs to pass from elementary WEB design to a little more advanced WEB developing?

  4. you need some form of image manipulation software.. that probably means you need to use something like PHP and the GD library

  5. I would recommend that you learn CSS, some PHP and mySQL to begin with. There are lots of great books on these topics, and I would recommend starting at the library to save some money.

    If you don’t own dreamweaver, you can get a good text editor such as Notepad++, it is free.

    PHP, MySQL, and CSS are all easily available to find sources that are free online to help you out.

    Let me know if you would like some more resources and help as this was the delima I was in a year or two ago.

  6. A web software specialist will create software in web languages like PHP, Perl, or Rails to later be deployed on one or more sites.

    A web developer builds a website’s coding, but unlike a software writer his work is exclusive to one site.

    A web master often does the work of a web developer, but is the overall head of the website, and oversees all of everything else too (web design, server setup, etc.),

  7. Is there an e- commerce web design software for Macintosh?
    Hi, I need to do some professional web designing for some e-commerce sites and am looking for a MAC based software package – like Dreamweaver, but that allows me to add e-commerce apps (paypal, shopping cart,..etc). I am not versed in JavaScript, PHP and the like because I am mainly a graphic designer. Can anyone help me please> Thanks you!

  8. e-commerce web design?
    I run a web design company and i regularly get clients asking about e-commerce sites, i’m not sure how to do them yet so i have come here to ask.

    do web designers out there just get an open source ecommerce software and edit the themes to integrate into a clients website or do they build their own?

    how should i go about offering ecommerce, and what should i use software wise


  9. tell you what… you need to learn a scripting language or you will have a very hard time making websites!!!

  10. As said above, but free e-commerce scripts are usually full of bugs.
    Large systems, like Joomla, Drupal, Miva or Os-commerce are very complex to use and have HUUUGE amount of stuff you will never need (install 26mb!).
    I personally find them a total waste of time.
    Here are the basic specs of simple e-commerce:
    E-Commerce basic specs

    Home page:
    6 areas:
    – Banner
    – Navbar (or menu)
    – Main
    – Footer
    – Login
    – basket/cashier buttons
    Any area can be horizontal or vertical
    login and basket can be included in any other area.
    All area contents can be changed through AJAX.
    Navbar leads to separate pages or catalogue items.

    – Items referenced by
    – Categories
    – Itemno
    – Subinfo (ie size, colours)
    – Each item has two images:
    – small
    – large
    – Catalogue menu extracted from categories in DB (autolist)
    – in NAVBAR area
    – Select category shows thumbnails of all items of that category
    – in “main” area
    – Select thumbnail to bring Item full details with
    – in “main” area
    – add to basket

    – Enter Username/password and login button
    – Register button
    – Password Recovery button
    – My details button (edit or delete account)

    – Show/edit basket content in session
    – Cashier button

    – View basket, confirm.
    – If not logged in, register form
    – Go to PayPal.
    – On return, email with order details to user

    – Cashier payments through PayPal

    – Users:
    Browse, search users
    alter data, access levels
    create new users
    – Items:
    Add, delete, edit items
    Browse and search items, to view/edit
    – Orders:
    Browse orders
    – Accounts:
    list of bank transactions
    list of accounts and status

    You can the whole of it in less than 200kb of code! (Not if you use Dreamweaver, of course: you’ll never make it. Use Notepad++ to edit your code.)

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