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An Overview Of Ecommerce Website Design!

Are you looking to build an attractive and attention grabbing eCommerce website, but have no relevant experiencec In such circumstances it is always the right decision to hire eCommerce website design professionals . They will consult with you, understand what your needs are, and present you with eCommerce solutions that can increase your web traffic.

A well designed e-Commerce website addresses many online challenges and gives practical solutions for them. Effective e-Commerce web development proves to be an excellent revenue generating tool. For more details visit www.video-web-wizards.com E-Commerce models incorporate various revenue generating channels into your e-Commerce website design for maximum effectiveness.

The e-Commerce solutions providers go through your competitors websites and note down their strengthens and weaknesses. Based on their analysis, they develop a relevant web design. ECommerce sites are online shopping destinations; therefore it is critical to have reliable and proper shopping cart software in order to provide a better shopping experience for your customers.

Although an e-Commerce website design is a little more expensive in comparison to a static web design, the benefits in added profits more than cover the additional costs. Initially in the development stages, you will incur large expenses. However, once the eCommerce design and development is complete, the advantages are tremendous.

Shopping cart software makes the process of order placement safe and fast. It provides many beneficial functions including the ability to purchase several products/services at the same time and a facility for automatic totaling of tax and shipping charges. If you have an eCommerce website design, you can send a confirmation e-mail to your customers and also update your online database after an order is placed. Additionally, your customers can keep track of their order status.

An e-Commerce website design automates the sales procedure and helps to build a better rapport with customers. You can log on www.web-audios-plus.com It can significantly boost up sales and saves you time in supply chain operational aspects like inventory tracking, order processing and follow-ups.

The success e-Commerce website design and development and shopping cart software is evident, as we see all large and established online retailers using it. If you have an existing website, many web designing companies will update it with modern e-Commerce web designs. They are quite different from the typical websites and are an instant attention grabber. Choose a reliable and trusted e-Commerce designing company that has a skilled and experienced team of web advisors and designers to serve you. Look out for places were you can get the maximum ROI.

Todays shoppers want a pleasant and smooth shopping experience, with clear information on your products and an easy checkout system. They expect professional treatment and a polished look and functionality for an online shopping site. Web experts also advise to have trusted and secured payment options for both you and your customers protection.

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  1. WEB DESIGN GURUS: Can someone recommend an simple e-commerce template that can edited and uploaded quickly?
    Our budget for for webdesign has been reduced to almost nothing because of production costs.

    Can someone recommend a simple template along the lines of this:>


    That we can edit and rebrand with our stuff/photos etc[,

    Thanks in advance.

  2. How much does a good e-commerce store cost?
    I would like to know how much a well designed, easy to navigate e-commerce store would cost if I was to assign a web design company to do it for me.

    I currently have my own domain and use cubecart but to be honest cubecart is pretty basic and seems unprofessional for my brand image.

    I would like to make a site to the same standard as some of my competition. e.g http://www.footballsouvenirs.net

    This is my current site http://www.3pmstore.co.uk

    Would appreciate some ideas and referrals if possible.



  3. e-commerce payment options?
    what are my options for taking payment from my online store. The web design company have recommended i choose ‘Paypal’, which charges 3.9% per transaction. I will be trading from the UK, are there other less expensive alternatives?

    cheers all.

  4. We’ve used Paypal for some time now but found that they do not accept payments in excess of £650 unless the customer has a Paypal account. As a business, this is not satisfactory for us. We’re now in the process of switching to Netbanx. Their transaction fee is less than Paypal’s but they have a minimum rate per month of £20 so, if your transactions are low you have to pay that whatever happens.

    If your customers are unlikely to be spending over £650 at a time, Paypal is a good solution. There are other providers who make you wait a long time for your money. With Paypal, your money is moved to your own/business bank account within 5-7 working days. Netbanz is within 14 days, I think, and some of the others take over a month.

    Good luck!

  5. There are a few, like os-commerce, but they won’t be fast, nor easy to adapt.
    You would probably write it faster from scratch: a simple e-commerce is not a complex task.
    Same for shopping carts: you can write a full shopping cart in less than a day, while trying to use, say, the PayPal shopping cart will take you a week or two, just to understand how to use it: their manual is 600 pages… (ludicrous!)

  6. You can do it really cheap these days by using the WordPress script.I now use it for most of my online stores. Setting up a WordPress blog is fairly easy and there’s lots of free info available on installing and configuring WordPress – just google for it.

    I use the paid ecommerce plugin WP-eStore from http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com which can handle both physical and digital products. They also have a complementary plugin for affiliate management that’s also easy to set up plus they have a very helpful support forum when you need some assistance.

    I do use the free version of WP-eCommerce plugin on one site but I much prefer using WP-eStore.

    Overall, WordPress with an online store plugin is easy and relatively quick to set up and being WordPress changes are easy to implement as against a static site.

  7. UK business employment and TAX advice?
    I am currently unemployed, I’m interesting in becoming on online reseller of computer components, personally sourcing and holding stock and reselling them online by all means, personal E-commerce store, Ebay etc and shipping items in the UK.

    I was wondering what I am obligated to do in regards to employment status and TAX, in all honesty I do not wish to become a registered LTD company or even a sole-trader, VAT taxes etc etc.

    I would like to do my own thing, obtaining stock from my own pocket and reselling online, I specialize in IT hardware & software, self taught over 7 years learning programming / languages, web development, graphic design as well as hardware, not a single drop of my knowledge has been provided by government so I would prefer to keep the fingers of the government well out of my personal business pie.

    On the other hand I am committed to running my personal business completely legal and wish to maintain a positive reputation with potential customers, thus I am wondering exactly what I need to do in regards to the complicated soso’s of doing business in the UK.

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