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Your Guide for An Impressive E-Commerce Website

E-commerce is a widely known name for electronic commerce. This is also known as e-business. This kind of business involves companies to buy and sell several products and services through different electronic media like the internet or computer networks. There are three kinds of E-commerce activities which are known as B2B (business to business buying and selling), B2C (business to consumer buying and selling) and C2C (consumer to consumer buying and selling). A large number of e-commerce websites are available these days where e-tailers sell their products and services with the best strategies and techniques. Therefore, for bringing success to your business it is very important that your website is highly interactive and impressive which can gain the attention of your target market and ultimately bring in traffic.

Recently, if you have observed you will find thousands of people who completely rely on online shopping. From clothes to shoes, from electronics to cutlery they place an online order for any sort of product or service they require and this trend continues to grow. In order to make your e commerce web site successful, get to know your customers in an up-close way. You can use any social network site for collecting user information and communicating with your current as well as potential customers. Develop a design that is appealing to the customers and makes them return to your site over and over again. Just like in traditional retail store you get to see many aspects of customer orientation similarly, make sure that your website is an impressive retail store in the cyber world which provides the customers with the best services and purchase policies. Your e commerce web site should not contain any sort of ambiguities and should provide a simple yet interesting pathway for the customers to browse and select a product of their own choice. In doing so they should not feel any kind of hassle while looking through the products, in simple words keep the navigation easy. Your site should make your customers feel welcomed and important. You can offer them sale discounts or return policies. Another important factor that makes up an effective site is the comprehensive and well planned work done at the back end of the website. Make sure that you have a committed and dedicated team of individuals who are ever enthusiastic to fulfill customer demands. This will enable you to deliver what you promise. Timely deliveries and packaging is also important. Securing the supply and distribution is planned and carried out at the back end. Both the backend as well as the frontend will build your brand image and goodwill of your company among your customers. Your web hosting site should be an effective one which gives you higher ranking in the search engine optimization (SEO), this will give maximum visibility to your e-commerce website. In this way your target customers will have more chances of finding you at the time when they wish to make their purchase.

One of the major elements of a successful e commerce web site design is the consistent 24/7 availability for the consumers. Keep enhancing the content of your website from time to time such that it does not get boring, however, do not over do it and complicate your site. You might end up losing your customers if you do that. Also pay attention to the easy usability of your website. For more assistance in making an effective website and development you can visit grantcom.us.

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9 thoughts on “E-commerce Web Site Design”

  1. How much does it cost to build an e-commerce Web site with two or three dynamic content areas?
    We already have a flash designer who has laid out the specific pages. But we’re hiring a design firm to actually build the site. I was quoted $10,000. Does that seem high to you?

  2. Can you recommend an online company that provides domain registration, web site design and hosting all in one?
    I am looking to open a small volunteer tourism website and need a company with reasonable prices and good service to register to my domain name and provide web design and hosting with some e-commerce as well.

  3. Design is essential for an e-commerce website.

    Looks & accessibility sell 95% of all products whether online or “supermarket”. It’s not necessarely about the “wow” factor to draw customers, but the ability to offer a pleasant navigation experience that will allow visitors to find exactly what they want with as few clicks and scrolls as possible.

    Offering the visual incentive is important for the “comeback factor” (the % of people coming back to buy again). If a buyer has to choose between a site where it takes two clicks to find what he wants and a site where it takes one click, they will go to the one with the 1 click.

  4. No that is about the standard price a firm would charge for an ecommerce site. That is because they usually have a team working on it and each member of the team is getting like 25-35 US an hour. It also depends what kind of content is on those pages. Things which are heavy programming required (custom shopping carts, credit card processing, logins etc) do take a bit of time.

    If you have a site that is only like 10 pages or less (which most ecommerce sites are NOT) then you could go with a single developer, but ecommerce sites do run a bit of cash because it is dealing with business logic, transactions, and critical information. For example if you lose data, you could lose a sale of thousands of dollars.

    In short, I would say they are not certainly hosing you, but you might shop around and shave a thousand or two off that price. Again, it depends on what your site will do in those areas, but that is standard price for a firm.

  5. Is there an e- commerce web design software for Macintosh?
    Hi, I need to do some professional web designing for some e-commerce sites and am looking for a MAC based software package – like Dreamweaver, but that allows me to add e-commerce apps (paypal, shopping cart,..etc). I am not versed in JavaScript, PHP and the like because I am mainly a graphic designer. Can anyone help me please> Thanks you!

  6. tell you what… you need to learn a scripting language or you will have a very hard time making websites!!!

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  8. Can you use WYSIWYG for an e commerce web site?
    Hello everyone

    Is it a good idea to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
    program to design a full functioning e commerce web site?

    Or would you be better to hire proffessional web designers to build you a robust fabulous looking web site?

    I know a little mark up but not enough to create a brilliant web site.

    Thanks anyone.

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