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Internet is more than a decade old and over the years, it has evolved many folds. It has grown from an experimental channel to the most prominent communication channel. Along with the Internet, everything related to it has also changed. The most important partner in the growth is the core of Internet i.e. websites.

Websites started as mere information media. There was no other use of these virtual catalogues. Things today have changed and how. Now people do not use websites to read text and view images over the Internet. They use the web to play online games, interact to other people and social media. They can now even find life partners via matrimonial websites.

With the role redefined, the trends in website development have also seen see change. The most obvious change is the upgrade in screen resolutions. Now you will not find small fourteen-inch desktops rather big LCD screens. The supported screen sizes have gone bigger year by year from 800 pixels to 1400 pixels. It has given the developers a larger playing field and the results are tremendous.

Of course, the technology has evolved beyond expectation. The richness of colors and text is something that was unimaginable when it all started. From basic 256 colors, we have gone to 265millions. Is it not amazing for a designer to create blends of thousands of similar shadesc From the coding perspective, also the functionalities now possible on a web portal are overwhelming.

Another important factor is the speed that todays systems are capable of handling. With the transfer speed in mega bytes there is no hitch for website designers to load their websites with heavy images and videos. Again, this has increased the possibilities many folds. The speed of Internet complimented by the speed of systems is the perfect mix for website designers. Now as a web designer, you need not worry about loading time and kilobytes. Load your website with images and videos and forget the worry that it will load or not.

Mobile websites have slowly but surely stamped their presence as a redefining factor for the websites. Earlier there was a tendency to replicate the system website for mobile versions but now the developers are realizing the potential of portable websites and the restructuring of information it requires. Ironically, this advent has also increased the design trends in system websites as people are learning from mobile versions. XHTML MP (Mobile Profile) is a growing language that designers are employing in web design. Today, mobile websites are capable of supporting similar functionalities like the desktop website.

Now the latest buzzword is tablets, soon the websites will shift focus to them. As the technology evolves and the minds sharpen, the websites world is bound to get better and better.

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